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19 DIY Tire Projects

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We’ve heard those three words over and over.  Wondering what to do with those old tires you’ve been holding on to?  Check out these 19 DIY tire project ideas, and put those worn treads to good use.  From teeter-totters to planters to swings and more, you’ll be so happy you hung on to those tires! Bonus: you’ll feel great about not adding more to the landfill!

19 Projects made from Tires

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DIY Tetherball Set

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DIY Tire Seating

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DIY Tire Ottoman

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Swing Set Tire Ladder

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Tire Valance

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Half Tire Hammock


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Tire Bike Stand Project Idea

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Tire Tread Stairs

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DIY Tire Toy Shelves

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