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15 DIY Halloween Costumes Perfect for Boys

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Has your boy decided what he wants to be this Halloween? Halloween is a favorite holiday in this household because we all get to be someone we are not for a day (and let’s face it, any excuse to eat candy and cupcakes is a good one!). Some of the most fun Halloween costumes are the ones you can make at home with easy-to-find supplies. What themed costumes can you make? Well, anything from a Toy Army Man,  Indiana Jones, an Astronaut, a cowboy, a train, a Viking, Peter Pan, and a Marshmallow man, to Clark Kent, Charlie Brown, Up characters, a Lego piece, a Strongman, Dwight Schrute (from The Office) or a Stick Figure! Here are some of the best DIY Halloween Costumes for Boys from around the web.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Boys

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DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas for Boy Lego Costume

1. A Lego Costume :: Country Living

Boy DIY Lego Indiana Jones Halloween Costume Idea
2. Lego Indiana Jones Costume :: Instructables

DIY Boy Halloween Astronaut Costume Idea

3. Astronaut Costume :: Stitch Craft
UP DIY Boy Halloween Costume Idea
4. Up Costumes :: More than Words can Describe
Boy DIY Train Halloween Costume Idea

5. Train Costume :: The Ophoffs
DIY Boy Viking Halloween Costume Idea

6. Viking Costume :: I am Momma Hear me Roar
Toy Army Man Boy DIY Halloween Costume Idea

7. Toy Army Man :: Wild Ink
Boy Peter Pan DIY Halloween Costume Idea

8. Peter Pan :: Make It & Love It
DIY Boy Marshmallow Man Halloween Costume Idea

9. Marshmallow Man :: Costume Works
Boy DIY Clark Kent Superman Halloween Costume Idea

10. Clark Kent :: Costume Works
DIY Boy Strongman Halloween Costume Idea

11. Strongman Costume :: Oh Amanda  via Tip Junkie
Charlie Brown Boy DIY Halloween Costume Idea

12. Charlie Brown :: Mommy Steps

Boy DIY Stick Figure Halloween Costume Idea

13. Stick Figure Costume :: All for the Boys
Boy DIY Halloween Costume Cowboy Western Horse Idea

14. Cowboy Costume :: the book, Cute and Easy Costumes by Emma Hardy via Made for Mums

Boy Dwight Schrute Halloween DIY Costume Idea

15. Dwight Schrute (The Office) :: a Modern Day Ricky and Lucy

Keep kids busy this Halloween with these great DIY craft ideas, gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams, that are perfect to create something extra spooky!

Don’t miss out on these great ideas for more Halloween Costume inspiration!


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