The Partying Zombies Boy’s Birthday

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If you are a Walking Dead or World War Z fan, you’re gonna love this adorable zombie birthday party.

Can I say the word adorable when talking about a zombie themed party? It’s certainly not scary. Courtney of Buttercream Bling threw this event for her son’s birthday. For the occasion, she created special zombie deserts that will send everybody at the party into a feeding frenzy.

Zombie Birthday Party

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What is better for little zombies than a couple of eye ball cake pops and a brain cupcake or two? This party is not your average bash. Courtney tried to create a great balance of zombie gore that boys with love with the amount of restraint the other parents would expect. And I think she was very successful. One of the reasons for this is the use of humor (think a la Sean of the Dead). Elements like the I Heart Zombie decals and the zombie marshmallows heads make this party super fun.

Zombie Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Zombie Themed Birthday Party Food IDeas Zombie Themed Birthday Party Ideas Zombie Themed Birthday Party Ideas Zombie Themed Birthday Party Ideas Zombie Themed Birthday Party Ideas

As an aside, Mike and I have a bit of a game we play where we decide what we will do when the zombie apocalypse comes. They have grand plans about surviving in the wilderness and staving off the zombies but Mike and I are completely useless in that regard. If anyone has options for us, I would love to hear them, haha.

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Vendor Credit: Courtney Miller, Operator of Buttercream Bling Cupcake Boutique and Picture Perfect Party Designs

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