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Elmo Themed Birthday Party

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Perhaps the most famous street of childhood is Sesame Street, which makes it THE place to be for a little boy’s first birthday party! This fun themed rendition by Alicia Johnson, of Centre of Attention, is full of ideas that star Elmo and delightful decorations. Alicia worked with her client to present the fabulous birthday cake, character-inspired cupcakes and dessert table as a visual invitation for birthday party fun. Zoom in for a celebration with blue skies, a sunny day and sweet Elmo, as captured by Melissa Artifex.


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Elmo and Friends Party

A decorated canvas displayed on an easel is a great idea for guests to pen their best wishes for the birthday boy. Can somebody say “keepsake”? The welcome station includes a first year photo collage for guests to enjoy, while a balloon tower looking like a giant exclamation point hints at the fun just inside.

Elmo and Friends Party

The Christchurch Gondola venue with lovely views of a cloud-filled sky was the perfect spot for celebrating sky-high hopes. Suspended swathes of white fabric and cut-out clouds added to the light-hearted celebration. Don’t you feel happy just looking at the set-up?!

Elmo and Friends Dessert Table

A soaring, sky-writing Elmo contributes to the welcoming vibe of the dessert table. Always a party magnet, the dessert table continues the sky illusion in a sky blue table covering. Giant balloons, hanging tassels and honeycomb tissue balls are definitely party speak.

Elmo and Friends Party

Elmo Birthday Party Table Ideas

Guests of all ages would be enticed by the interesting display on this table! Look closely for several unique ideas. Popular apothecary jars filled with color-coordinated treats stand next to that fabulous cake like benign sentries.

Elmo Themed Birthday party Dessert Table

Elmo Party Theme Candy Lollipops

Polka dots hide treats while candy tubes and lollipops wear red bows.

Elmo Birthday Themed Cupcakes Elmo Birthday Party Cupcake ideas

Which cupcake would you choose—one with a dollop of red or aqua frosting or Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo, or Oscar the Grouch?

Elmo Birthday Party Candy Wrapper Ideas Elmo Themed Birthday Party Candy Wrapper Ideas

Love the graphics on the treats! The backside ingredient list on the personalized chocolate bars reads like a favorite son description for sure—fun!

Elmo Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Happy polka dots punctuate favor boxes ready to be filled and taken home with chosen treats.

Elmo Themed BIrthday Party Guest Table Ideas

Guest tables dressed in cloud white are a great choice for this theme. Pint-sized guest tables differ from the adult versions with red, just-right-for-me chairs and sky blue table coverings. Clever birthday hats reminiscent of favorite Sesame Street characters add to the fun and décor. And how cute are the personalized street signs used as centerpieces?

Elmo Themed Birthday party photo booth

A cascading rainbow is a perfect backdrop for a photo op with life-sized Elmo.

Ready to celebrate on Sesame Street? This party definitely inspires!

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