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20 Awesome Pool Noodle Hacks

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Want to solve the world’s problems and do it economically? Stock up on pool noodles. Maybe you won’t solve all the problems but you will feel virtuous for saving so much money.  And clever. You’ll feel clever! This list of pool noodle hacks will get you started.

Some of the ideas are especially for kids: a racquet ball game, water wall, nunchucks, kicking croquet, glowing ninja stars and water blasters. Party ideas include floating luminaries, napkin rings and postal popsicles. There’s also a wreath, an idea to fill garden pots, a door stop, a beverage boat. And don’t miss the column—it is amazing!  Check ‘em all out and then rush to the store to buy a truckload of these wonders.


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1. DIY Trampoline Safety Pad :: A Thrifty Mom – Worn out safety pad? No problem-pool noodles to the rescue!

pool noodle hacks Popsicle postcards
2. Postal Popsicles :: She Knows – These would make awesome invites for a pool party.

pool noodle hacks-racquet ball
3. Racquet Ball Game :: Ziggity Zoom – What a clever and inexpensive way to create a new game.

pool noodle game idea
4. Water Wall :: Growing a Jeweled Rose – This idea works inside or outside.

5. Pool Noodle Boats :: Paging Supermom – No worries if this idea will float–built-in success!

DIY Pool Noodle Nunchucks
6. DIY Nunchucks :: Capital B – Boys will be boys and this hack lets them play rough without hurting each other.

pool noodle outdoor game idea
7. Kickin’ Croquet :: Inner Child Fun – Let ’em burn up energy with this fun game that gets them kicking and running.

8. Letter Match Game :: Heidi Songs – Pool noodles can even be used for educational purposes.

pool noodle hacks sprinkler
9. Sprinkler :: Ziggity Zoom – Playing in the sprinkler would be even more fun with one of these.

10. Water Blasters :: Mom Endeavors – These pool noodles can shoot water over 30 feet. Yeah, this would be a boy favorite.

11. Foam Noodle Chains :: Teach Preschool – Little ones would enjoy stacking and joining the pool noodle slices.

pool noodle hacks - glowing ninja stars
12. Glowing Ninja Stars :: A Little Pinch of Perfect – Pool noodles + glow sticks = awesome summer fun!

pool noodle hacks-boot idea
13. Noodle Your Boots :: Angie’s Lookbook – No more slouchy boots taking up more floor space than they need.

pool noodle hacks-flower pots
14. Garden Pot Filler :: Premeditated Leftovers – Fill the bottom of garden pots with old noodles. It’s economical and it makes the pots easier to use.

pool noodle hacks-beverage boat
15. Beverage Boat :: Instructables – Who wants to get out of the pool for a drink? No one. Keep those drinks nearby and keep them cold.

pool noodle luminaries
16. Pool Noodle Luminaries :: Create Craft Love – How cool would these look floating on a pool?

pool noodle door stop
17. Door Stop :: Muslin and Merlot – No more waking up the baby with slamming doors!

dollar tree pool noodle wreath
18. Wreath :: Fox Hollow Cottage – Pool noodle disguised as a wreath.

pool noodle hacks - column
19. Decorative Column :: EPBOT – I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw how this couple elevated the lowly pool noodle!

pool noodle napkin ring
20. Napkin Ring :: Sew Many Ways – Fancy up poolside meals or picnics with this hack.

Get ready for lots of summer fun with these great sources gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beam.

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