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Water Balloon Games

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. We're Going on a Water Balloon Hunt
  2. 2. Splash Art!
  3. 3. Water Balloon Pinatas
  4. 4. Water Balloon Games for Kids
  5. 5. Backyard Water Games
  6. 6. Water Balloon Phonics
  7. 7. Water Balloon Painting
  8. 8. Balloon Battle
  9. 9. Water Obstacle Course
  10. 10. Dinosaur Egg Ice Smash
  11. Check out these great resource ideas perfect for summer fun gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  12. For more water fun don't miss out on these great ideas.
  13. Plus, don't miss 23 Outdoor Party Games...

Looking for something fun to cool off the kids in the dog days of summer? Water balloons are already kid and mom approved!

The only thing is, from a mom perspective, they break too fast. I’ve filled buckets with enough water balloons that I thought would last for an hour, only to see them disappear within ten minutes!

What else can be done with these cool objects of desire?

Give the kids some fun AND give yourself a break: here are a few water balloon games and activities you’ll definitely want to test out before summer disappears.

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1. We’re Going on a Water Balloon Hunt

From Mess for Less

Let the balloon hunt begin! This wildly fun activity is perfect for hot summer days and is sure to draw up some competition between your kids. Mark regular water balloons with different shapes and hide them around your yard is safe hiding spots. Give each kid one shape to look for and a bucket to collect them in. Once they find all of their balloons start a water fight or play another game!

2. Splash Art!

From One Creative Mommy

Take some inspiration from abstract artist Jackson Pollock and create this wonderfully creative splash art with your kids this summer. Place a canvas somewhere it’s okay to get messy then let the kids pick a paint-filled balloon and fire away! Let them experiment to see what method pops the balloon the best and what it looks like if colors get mixed up. Splash art is a fun way to keep the kids busy for hours.

3. Water Balloon Pinatas

From The Kennedy Adventures

Grab a ladder and some string because we are about to set up a piñata, water play style. A hot summer day is the perfect time to combine water balloons and piñata for some messy and active fun. To get this activity ready for your kids all you have to do is fill the water balloons and string them up on a low branch. Kids of all ages will love the chance to swing at the balloons and try to pop them.

4. Water Balloon Games for Kids

From Artsy Momma

This list of water balloon games for kids is a treasure trove of backyard fun. Summer is the perfect time to head to the dollar store and pick up some water balloons, then spend some quality outside time with the whole family. Play Froggy Toss, tennis, baseball, towel toss, and several other fun and exciting games. They don’t always pop which only adds to the excitement!

A person holding a sign
5. Backyard Water Games

From BuzzFeed

When the weather starts to warm up our kids are ready to start playing in the water. Beat the summertime boredom blues at your house this summer by getting your kids outside to play these wildly fun backyard water games! Let your little engineers build a water balloon catapult and use it to launch water balloons at targets on your backyard fence or a plain wall. Check out the other water game ideas, too!

6. Water Balloon Phonics

From Mess for Less

Help your kids practice their phonics skills in a fun and hands-on way with this awesome water balloons phonics game. It’s easy to set up and all you need is a pack or two of water balloons, a permanent marker, some index cards, and a roll of tape. Kids match the word endings to different letters to make a word. If they can make and read the word, they get the chance to throw the balloon at the latter to pop it!

7. Water Balloon Painting

From Parenting Chaos

Learn about the primary colors and experiment mixing colors with water balloon painting. Add a few drops of food coloring to the water in your water balloons and they transform into art tools! A roll of easel paper or a few big pieces of Bristol board make the perfect canvas, and are so easy to set up. Just make sure you set this up somewhere that can get messy, like a patch of grass or concrete in your backyard!

8. Balloon Battle

From Stockpiling Moms

We are in love with this idea for a surprise balloon battle! Leave a sticky note or text message for the last one home, then wait for them to walk into the backyard for the ultimate water balloon fight. The kids will have a blast, you will have a blast, and you will make so many fun memories. Summer is all about fun, and this water balloon battle is definitely all about the fun.

9. Water Obstacle Course

From Meaningful Mama

Be the coolest parent on the block this summer and set up this amazing water obstacle course! Set up a challenge with water balloon piñatas, a homemade waterslide, a do it yourself slip and slide, and more. Your kids and their friends will run the course over and over again all summer long. This water obstacle course would also be a super fun activity for a big family picnic or summertime birthday party.

10. Dinosaur Egg Ice Smash

From A House Full of Sunshine

Impress your dinosaur loving kids and keep them busy in the summer with this dinosaur egg ice smash activity. Fill some balloons with water tinted with food coloring and freeze to make brightly colored dinosaur eggs. Lay them in a plastic container or pool in the yard for a fun afternoon filled with sensory play. It would also be a lot of fun to hide a plastic dinosaur or other treasures inside!

Check out these great resource ideas perfect for summer fun gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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For more water fun don’t miss out on these great ideas.

Plus, don’t miss 23 Outdoor Party Games

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