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18 LEGO Hacks We Are Obsessed With

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Kids LOVE LEGO, and I’ll admit, I have some fun with them. When you see these LEGO hacks we are obsessed with you might want to play with them too!

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These fun ideas all begin with LEGO: a key holder, a mini figure cord holder, a pencil, utensil holder, magnets, Mason jar LEGO guy, chess game, marble run, wall art, LEGO travel cases, a maze, a LEGO purse (is this my favorite?), LEGO book, frame, a LEGO kitchen island (or is this my favorite?), a play table, LEGO storage container, and a LEGO soap dispenser. It’s time to raid the toy box!

Lego Hacks Key Hold Ideas for Kids

1. DIY LEGO Key Holder ::  Minie.Co, inspired by Technabob

Give everyone in the family a different color, and this DIY LEGO Key Holder will save you a whole lotta hassle. Plus, it looks pretty fabulous too!
Lego Hack Wire Holder Ideas
2. LEGO Mini Figure Cord Holder :: Modernistic Design, Inspired by 2Spinout

This is a hilarious way to keep cords and cables organized and tangle free. This LEGO Mini Figure Cord Holder is definitely a LEGO hack that I’ll be trying sooner rather than later.
Lego Hacks We Love for Kids
3. DIY LEGO Pencil :: Spaceships and Laser Beams

Choose the LEGO head for your DIY LEGO Pencil to suit your mood or your passion, like a set of Stormtrooper pencils for the Star Wars fan in your life.
Lego Ideas Untencil Holder Ideas
4. DIY LEGO Utensil Holder :: Anna and Richard Wright via Houzz

This is LEGO hack is for the grownup geeks among us. Give your kitchen some quirky style and get playful with this DIY LEGO Utensil Holder. You know you’ll have the best time building it!
Lego Ideas for Kids
5. DIY LEGO Magnets :: Drew’s Directions

These DIY LEGO Magnets would be great to stick kids’ art or photos to the fridge, and they’re really simple to make.
Lego Man Head Hack Ideas
6. DIY Mason Jar LEGO Guy :: Spaceships and Laser Beams, inspired by Candy Galaxy

This DIY mason Jar LEGO Guy would be great for a LEGO themed party, for a piggy bank or even for LEGO storage… It’s really useful, and cheap and easy to DIY.
Lego Hacks for Kids Chess
7. DIY LEGO Chess Game :: 100 Directions

Now I don’t play chess, but I may just start if it means I can get something like this awesome DIY LEGO Chess Game to play with. Isn’t it a great idea? It would make the perfect present for a LEGO fan!
Lego Marble Run Ideas for Kids
8. DIY LEGO Marble Run :: The Crafty Mummy, Inspired by Create, Celebrate, Explore.

This DIY LEGO Marble Run would be a fun holiday craft for kids to do themselves, and it leaves you with a game that will entertain you all for far longer than you’d expect.
Lego Hacks for Kids
9. DIY LEGO Wall Art :: Hello Ben Teoh

DIY LEGO Wall Art like this is a nice DIY way to bring a little bit of colorful nerdy style into a space, but it would also make great decor for a lego obsessed kid’s bedroom.
Lego Hacks Idea for Kids
10. DIY LEGO Travel Cases :: Mommy Testers

This is a lifesaver if you have a kid to entertain, but are stuck waiting for an appointment, traveling or sitting in the car. DIY LEGO Travel cases keep LEGO contained (so it doesn’t get lost and cause heartache), and offer a surface to play on.
Lego Maze Kids Idea
11. DIY LEGO Maze :: Controlling Craziness

This DIY LEGO Maze is another holiday craft that kids can quietly get on with themselves, and would actually be great on snow days or days when you’re stuck inside, as it’s still entertaining after it’s been built.
Lego Bag Ideas for Kids
12. DIY LEGO Purse :: I Love to Create

This one’s for the really hardcore LEGO lovers. It’ll take some time and dedication, but if you really like LEGO, then you’ll LOVE this.
Lego Book Ideas for Kids
13. DIY LEGO Book :: Moonlight Bindery on Etsy

Ever seen a LEGO book? Nope, me neither. But after seeing this, I’m surprised they’re not more common! This is a great way to get LEGO fiends into writing and drawing, and you can change the design whenever you want.
Lego Frame Hack Ideas for Kids
14. DIY LEGO Picture Frame :: Speedy Creativa

This is actually a useful craft for kids and adults alike (though lots of crafts are fun, not all leave you with a useful/usable product!). This DIY LEGO Picture Frame would be great for kids rooms, and you could even tailor the LEGO figures to match the theme of the photo.
Kitchen Island Lego Ideas
15. DIY LEGO Kitchen Island :: Munchausen Design via Dwell

OK, so this is one is not for the faint of heart, but isn’t it awesome?! Actually, I’m kind of obsessed — this is a major LEGO hack. Kitchen remodel, anyone?
Lego Ideas
16. DIY LEGO Play Table :: Centsational Girl

The one problem with a LEGO obsession is the clutter that it brings. Control the chaos with the DIY Lego Play Table — such a useful LEGO hack!
Kids Lego Storage Ideas
17. DIY LEGO Storage Container :: ObSEUSSed

I absolutely love these DIY LEGO Storage Containers — they’d be great for a LEGO themed party, or as general storage for bits and bobs (including little bits of LEGO) in kids’ rooms.
Lego Soap Ideas
18. DIY LEGO Soap :: The Rockin Boys Club

Do your kids need a little encouragement to wash their hands? To be honest, what kid doesn’t? Try this DIY LEGO Soap — it actually looks pretty great, and might just get your kids washing their hands without you needing to nag!

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