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12 Inexpensive DIY Graduation Gift Ideas

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I need a DIY graduation gift idea!  Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about what gift I should give my little boy, Sam, for his graduation this year. He’s leaving senior kindergarten and his school makes a big deal of his move to grade one. It’s adorable. Because he’s an only child, he receives a lot of toys and gifts already, so my first inclination is that I want to craft him a little present and not buy it (we’ll see). I’ve been doing research and have found some wonderful do-it-yourself graduation ideas for all ages – from kindergarten to high school. They include unique ways to give money, keepsake ideas like a quilt made from t-shirts, and survival kits for students attending college. There’re also a lot of ideas centered around travel and adventure such as a beautiful chalkboard globe and a diary covered with maps.


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Here are some of my favorite DIY graduation gift ideas I’ve found so far:


1. The Tassel was Worth the Hassle Free Printable :: Birds and Soap
Perfect sentiments for every grad–and a perfect design too. Almost 17 years after my own university graduation, I want one for myself as well!
2. Dollar Bill Diplomas Graduation Gift :: NoBIGGIE
It’s the details that set this creative way to give money apart. While the container itself is adorable, it’s the ribbons wrapped around the individual bills diploma style that really puts a personal touch on a (cash) gift that can seem impersonal.
graduation gift idea-money-holder
3. Paint Can Graduation Gift Holder :: Eighteen25
I love this idea because you can use it to creatively give money or any little gift you choose. Download the tag for free and top a mini paint can.
4. ConGRADuations Gift Box :: Crafts Unleashed
When a DIY can be easy and look great, it’s the perfect combination! This cap box looks simple to construct and would be great for holding money, jewelry or gift cards.
5. Free Printable Graduation Cap Card :: Hip & Simple via Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke
A recreation of a card from her youth, with double sided cardstock and this free printable, you’ll have your very own version for your grad.
6. Chalkboard Globe :: Fresh Style Mag
A travel themed graduation gift is certainly inspirational but this one is downright adorable. It really proves that chalkboard paint can go on anything.
7. Adventure Awaits Gift Card Envelope :: Lime Doodle Design
Speaking of travel themes, this sweet little gift card envelope takes a practical gift and turns it into something special for the grad.
8. DIY Journal :: Lily the Wandering Gypsy
If you’re itching to DIY a graduation gift, this daily journal is perfect because it is so easy. I love how whimsical, and yet sophisticated, it looks. And I can’t believe it was done for under $10!
9. Student Survival Kit :: Mother’s Niche
With vouchers, money, snacks and cleaning supplies, this college student survival kit is one of the coolest I’ve seen. They can even use the hanging organizer in their dorm room when it’s emptied of its treasures (or send it home for mom to refill).
10. Handmade Memory Quilts Made from T-Shirts :: Maiden Jane
It would be so special to make a quilt from old t-shirts from sporting events and other key moments the grad experienced growing up. They could wrap themselves in memories every time they needed comfort.
11. Event Tickets :: The Gold Jelly Bean
Who needs a boring envelope? This is one of the most celebratory ways I’ve seen to give event tickets. She filled a balloon with homemade confetti and also put the tickets inside. The recipient had to pop the balloon to get their gift!
12. Graduation Shadow Box :: Clarks Condensed
A graduation shadow box is probably something I will do regardless of what Sam receives as a gift. We have several in our house already and I love walking by them every day. This particular display has the clean lines I adore.

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