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A Vintage School Themed Boy’s 3rd Birthday Party

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  1. Planning an old school birthday party,  check out these party supplies:
  2. Be sure to check out some more school party inspired birthday party ideas here:
  3. Plus, check out A Colorful Back-To-School Party...

If you hear the words “classic” or “vintage” and excitement starts to build within you, chances are you will love the charming details in this old school boy’s 3rd birthday party that Abbey, of Aesthetic Outburst, threw for her son.

Abbey chose a few key party elements to focus on and really made them special. Pay close attention to the purposefully chosen decorations, incredible invitations and darling handmade favors.

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All great parties start out with an amazing invitation! Abbey clearly already knows this party planning basic because her invitations are amazing (with a capital A).

While her son may not remember the custom details, I’m sure recipients won’t forget the unique presentation. Abbey created printed invitations on graph paper which she rolled up into scrolls and sealed with foil stars.

Each invitation was placed in a brown paper, shred-filled, aqua-colored tin found at the local dollar store. I love the addition of the orange ceramic number 3, a darling custom accent.






Using vintage chalkboards discovered at her parent’s home, Abbey dressed up the party space. Cheery aqua, white, and yellow felt pennant banners added a festive, handmade feel to the décor. After the party, that bunting was moved to the playroom.

Abbey used the same colored felt and chopsticks to make party favor flags just the right size for little guests to take home. Such a fun reminder of EZ E’s special day!

Another of the flags tops the birthday boy’s giant cupcake birthday cake.

One of my favorite details from Abbey’s old school styling was her use of classic pink erasers as place card holders!

Abbey added names and foil stars to pieces of graph paper and inserted them into slits in the erasers (made with an Exacto knife).

So simple, but so cute.

Custom clothing or accessories for the guest of honor are a popular party trend. Abbey made a custom “”E”” ribbon out of coordinating felt for her son to wear on the day of his celebration.

Although EZ E didn’’t want anything to do with “that thing”, it was a sweet gesture by mom. What a classic boy reaction!

What a great way to celebrate a birthday — kicking it old school!

If you love the classic, old school styling featured here, be sure to pop over and see more photos from Abbey’s blog here.

Planning an old school birthday party,  check out these party supplies:

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  • Multicolor Pennant Banner
  • Pink Pearl Premium Erasers
  • Sheet Graph Paper
  • Square Plastic Serving Tray
  • Candle with Balloon
  • Gold Stars Foil Stickers
  • Gold Star Cutout
  • Giant Cupcake Pan
  • Blackboard with Eraser
  • DIY Blank Mint Tins
  • Rainbow Nonpareil Decorative Tools
  • Wood Letters
  • Crinkle Cut Paper Shred
  • Baby Blue Striped Paper Straws
  • Powder Blue Flags Cupcake Toppers
  • Spanish Tile Cupcake Wrappers
  • Mason Jar Beverage Dispenser
  • Wooden Cutlery
  • Chalkboard Labels

Be sure to check out some more school party inspired birthday party ideas here:

Plus, check out A Colorful Back-To-School Party

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