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12 Inexpensive DIY Graduation Gift Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. The Tassel was Worth the Hassle Free Printable
  2. 2. Dollar Bill Diplomas Gift
  3. 3. Paint Can Graduation Gift Holder
  4. 4. ConGRADuations Gift Box
  5. 5. Free Printable Graduation Cap Card
  6. 6. Chalkboard Globe
  7. 7. Adventure Awaits Gift Card Envelope
  8. 8. DIY Journal
  9. 9. Student Survival Kit
  10. 10. Handmade Memory Quilts Made from T-Shirts
  11. 11. Event Tickets
  12. 12. Graduation Shadow Box
  13. Plan the perfect graduation party with these great school themed ideas:
  14. Check out more great graduation and end of year ideas kids will love.

I need a DIY graduation gift idea! Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about what gift I should give my little boy, Sam, for his graduation this year.

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Because he’s an only child, he receives a lot of toys and gifts already, so my first inclination is that I want to craft him a little present and not buy it (we’ll see). I’ve been doing research and have found some wonderful do-it-yourself graduation ideas for all ages – from kindergarten to high school.

They include unique ways to give money, keepsake ideas like a quilt made from t-shirts, and survival kits for students attending college.

There are also a lot of ideas centered around travel and adventure such as a beautiful chalkboard globe and a diary covered with maps.

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Here are some of my favorite DIY graduation gift ideas I’ve found so far:

1. The Tassel was Worth the Hassle Free Printable

From Birds and Soap

Paired with a fun and funky frame, this free graduation printable makes a sweet gift or piece of party décor. Choose from two wonderful color schemes to perfectly suit your grad – pink and turquoise or green and blue. The graphic is also available in three different sizes to suit any gifting need. Almost 17 years after my own university graduation, I want one for myself as well.

2. Dollar Bill Diplomas Gift

Give your graduate the gift they want and need the most… money! Gift money with a little more creativity and flair with the little details in this easy DIY. The container itself is adorable, with a cardstock paper graduation cap topping a regular mason jar. Inside, each individual bill is wrapped with a ribbon to look like a diploma. This DIY puts gives a personal touch to a cash gift.

3. Paint Can Graduation Gift Holder

From Eighteen25

Download this free printable tag to top a mini paint can for a graduation gift with a fun personal touch. The tag graphic is bold and colorful, with a fun message to congratulate your graduate. I love this gifting idea because you can use it to creatively give money or any little gift you choose. If you are gifting money, try rolling up each bill and tying them with twine!

4. ConGRADuations Gift Box

From Crafts Unleashed

When a DIY project is super easy to recreate and looks great, it is the perfect combination! This graduation cap gift box is simple to construct using cardstock paper, embroidery floss, and a jewellery box from the dollar store. Add some tissue paper to the bottom of the box and lay your gift on top. It is perfect for gifting money, jewellery, or gift cards.

5. Free Printable Graduation Cap Card

Leave a lasting impression on your graduate with free printable double-sided graduation cards that are printed on cardstock paper, cut the edges where instructed, and follow a few fold marks. The card also houses a secret money pocket perfect for gifting some much-needed cash. There is also plenty of room for a little note or some words of wisdom.

6. Chalkboard Globe

From Fresh Style Mag

Embrace your graduate’s sense of wanderlust by gifting this ordinary globe turned into a beautiful message board. A travel themed graduation gift is certainly inspirations, plus this one is downright adorable. Tape off the stand of a thrifted globe, and then cover evenly with several coats of blackboard paint to create an original art station. A vibrant color painted on the stand completes the look, and is totally passport approved.

7. Adventure Awaits Gift Card Envelope

From Lime Doodle Design

Speaking of travel themed gifts, this sweet little gift card envelope takes a practical gift and turns it into a wanderlust inspired something special for the graduate. It is the perfect way to gift travel fund for someone planning on exploring for a little bit after graduation. The beautiful “Adventure Awaits” tag is the perfect finishing touch.

8. DIY Journal

From Lily the Wandering Gypsy

If you are itching to DIY a graduation gift, look no further. This crafty daily planner is whimsical yet sophisticated, and will help any graduate stay organized for their next adventure. Designer planners can run you anywhere from fifty to a hundred dollars, but you can make this amazing substitute for under ten! Mini binders, mini binder paper, and a little creativity can go a long way.

9. Student Survival Kit

From Mother’s Niche

This college student survival kit is the perfect way to celebrate a high school graduation and send your future college student off with the basic necessities. The practical hanging organizer is stuffed with all sorts of treasure that can be emptied into their new dorm room. The survival kit includes fun snacks, cleaning samples, toiletries, school supplies, and Groupon Vouchers. The odd pocket also houses some cash, for a fun night out.

10. Handmade Memory Quilts Made from T-Shirts

From Maiden Jane

Lots of parents save their children’s t-shirts from sporting events, childhood schools, and other important moments as keepsakes. Turn those t-shirt keepsakes into a beautiful and heartwarming quilt to gift to the graduate in your life. It is a special reminder of their experiences growing up, and a great reminder of home if they are moving away for college. They can wrap themselves in memories every time they need a bit of comfort.

11. Event Tickets

From The Gold Jelly Bean

Who needs a boring envelope? This is one of the most celebratory ways I have seen to send a congratulations message and gift event tickets or money! Inside a plain cardboard box is a balloon filled with homemade confetti and the tickets or cash. When the recipient opens up the box the helium balloon floats out and then they get to pop the balloon to find their gift. I absolutely love this fun idea.

12. Graduation Shadow Box

From Clarks Condensed

This graduation shadow box is filled with memorabilia to remind your graduate about their special graduation day and their high school friends. It is an easy and memorable do it yourself gift that will be cherished for years to come. Include a picture of the graduate, the program from their graduation ceremony, and the tassel from their graduation cap. Regardless of the gifts Sam receives on his graduation day, I am definitely going to make this.

Plan the perfect graduation party with these great school themed ideas:

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Check out more great graduation and end of year ideas kids will love.

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