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33 Baby Shower Cake & Dessert Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Baby Shower Cake
  2. 2. County Garden Baby Shower
  3. 3. My Lil Man Baby Shower
  4. 4. Elegant Baby Shower
  5. 5. Proud Peacock Baby Shower
  6. 6. Chic Blue & Green Baby Shower
  7. 7. Blue & White Backyard Baby Shower
  8. 8. Up, Up and Away
  9. 9. Under The Sea Baby Shower
  10. 10. Elephants & Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower
  11. 11. Cowboy Baby Shower Cake
  12. 12. Little Gentleman Baby Shower
  13. 13. Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower
  14. 14. Rubber Duckie Cake
  15. 15. It's Time Baby
  16. 16. Moroccan Baby Shower
  17. 17. Chic Baby Shower Brunch
  18. 18. Zebra Baby Shower
  19. 19. Moroccan Elephant Themed Baby Shower
  20. 20. Vintage Baby Shower
  21. 21. Little Southern Charm Baby Shower
  22. 22. Birds & Bees Baby Shower
  23. 23. Finger Food For Your Baby Shower
  24. 24. Jellybean Baby Shower
  25. 25. Once In A Blue Moon Baby Shower
  26. 26. Easy Owl Cupcakes
  27. 27. Jungle Baby Shower
  28. 28. Sweet Little Cowboy Shower
  29. 29. Mad Hatter Baby Shower
  30. 30. Ombre Baby Shower Cake
  31. 31. Colorful Baby Shower
  32. 32. Book-Themed Baby Shower
  33. 33. Woodland Themed Baby Shower
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Baby shower cakes and desserts come in all shapes and colors just like babies. There are many cute theme ideas represented on these dessert and food tables so take a tour and be inspired to bake (or order) cakes, cupcakes, and more!

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1. Baby Shower Cake

Baby sleeps in the crib cake topper that rests on layers with baby shoes, a pacifier, a rattle, and more in aqua, white and brown. These colors go together perfectly for a little baby shower. All of the elements on this cake look lovely together as well. There are plenty of other ideas if you’re looking for further inspiration though!

2. County Garden Baby Shower

This garden-themed first birthday party is breathtakingly beautiful and the cake perfectly matches the rest of the décor. The shining star of the dessert table is a beautiful naked cake topped with fresh berries, a custom topper, and sugar cookies spelling out the birthday boy or girl’s name. We love the naked cake trend for baby showers- they are so simple yet so elegant.

3. My Lil Man Baby Shower

No little man-themed baby shower is complete without a mustache and a bow tie. A beautiful three-tiered cake features both, along with bright colors and bold patterns. Vibrant blue and lime green chevrons make wonderful decorations on a  fondant cake.

4. Elegant Baby Shower

A baby shower using soft blue and white damask is one of the loveliest ideas. Blue and white ribbon frosted cake and cupcakes are especially charming against the pale wood of the dessert table. Ribbon frosting always looks gorgeous on a cake because it adds a whole new level of texture. You can easily change the color to suit your party’s theme.

5. Proud Peacock Baby Shower

This elegant peacock baby shower theme is perfectly gender-neutral and filled with magical details. Bright jewel tones in green, blue, and purple were used to decorate the whole party, including the impressive two-tiered cake. The otherwise simple cake is topped with a perching peacock, with beautiful feathers cascading down the side of the dessert!

6. Chic Blue & Green Baby Shower

A sleek blue and green chevron cake with two tiers; elegant. This baby shower cake, and the entire party, look wonderful with clean lines and beautiful blues and greens. If you’re looking for chic and beautifully designed ones, definitely take notes from this shower.

Blue, yellow & white dessert table

7. Blue & White Backyard Baby Shower

Isn’t this blue and white backyard baby shower so fresh and beautiful? We love the relaxing summery feel of the baby blue linens, white florals, and pictures of mommy and daddy-to-be. Perched on the dessert table you will find adorable baby carriage shortbread cookies and a clean coconut cake with vanilla frosting. We love the dotted frosting decorations.

8. Up, Up and Away

A stunning dessert table displays a wide variety of sweet treats including chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cookies, and an incredible fruit meringue cake. Sweet, airy meringue is toasted until golden brown and topped with fresh sliced strawberries, apples, peaches, blueberries, and more. Don’t forget about the adorable printable graphics!

9. Under The Sea Baby Shower

Ocean life and sea creatures are fascinating to kids and make an amazing birthday party theme. Bring the theme to life with under-the-sea-inspired desserts. This list has so many wonderful ideas including sand dollar cookies, fish bowl marshmallow pops, and octopus cupcakes. They are all easy to recreate yourself even if you are on a budget.

10. Elephants & Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower

We love how elephants and hot air balloons are used together for this precious baby shower. The tall-tiered fondant cake is the focal point of the dessert table, using luxurious textures and soft muted colors to tie together the theme. You can also find cute hot air balloon cookies, polka dot cupcake toppers, and darling cake pops on the dessert table.

11. Cowboy Baby Shower Cake

This cowboy cake is the perfect dessert for your cowboy-themed baby shower. Inspired by all kinds of cowboy goodness, it will make your guest feel like they are in the wild west.

12. Little Gentleman Baby Shower

With a great color scheme, you can transform a classic theme into a wonderful little man’s baby shower. Greens and blues with adorable chevron accents make this party pop. We loved the idea of using neckties instead of the usual mustaches or bow ties. The homemade cake was perfectly topped with a DIY clothesline filled with onesies and neckties.

Hot Air Balloon Birthday Party Ideas

13. Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower

Dainty desserts, a light and lovely collection of decorations, and a whimsical hot air balloon cake create a fun atmosphere to get carried away with. The beautiful fondant cake is decorated with soft hues, polka-dotted hot air balloons, little birds, and a sweet bunting. Other treats included sugar cookie clouds and hot air balloons propped up in bowls of green pearl candies.

14. Rubber Duckie Cake

Rubber duckies are such a fun and friendly motif to use for a baby shower. You can just imagine bunches of white balloons, muted colors, and ducks everywhere. A fun cake is elegant, with soft hues of blue and yellow and an adorable fondant rubber duck on top. To add to the bath time feel, the base of the cake is filled with white fondant bubbles.

15. It’s Time Baby

A  modern cuckoo clock baby shower theme is perfectly executed with DIY projects and a beautiful dessert display. The dessert table features elegant clock-decorated sugar cookies, caramel popcorn loot bags, simple cupcakes in shiny gold wrappers, and a fabulous frosted cake topped with a cute personalized banner.

16. Moroccan Baby Shower

Baby showers are ordinarily done in pastel colors, but this stunning Moroccan baby shower is anything but ordinary. Deep hues of blue, purple, orange, and pink paired beautifully with gold accents for added flair. The dessert table features an impressive line-up of sweet treats with the focal piece being the fabulous jewel-toned cake.

17. Chic Baby Shower Brunch

Celebrate the upcoming arrival of the newest little one with a beautiful baby shower brunch. Elegant stroller silhouettes paired with silver and baby blue décor make for a wonderful color scheme. Macarons, Hershey’s kisses, and French toast dippers surrounded a clean and modern fondant cake decorated with simple colors and a beautiful graphic.

18. Zebra Baby Shower

Soft blues and browns with fun zebra print accents set the stage for a shower. Decorated with the same color scheme and topped with an adorable little fondant zebra, this cake will be the shining star of the dessert table. You will also want to add tasty vanilla cupcakes and sweet sugar cookies decorated with matching colors and zebra prints.

19. Moroccan Elephant Themed Baby Shower

This exquisite Moroccan elephant-themed baby shower has so many fabulous ideas to use for your baby shower dessert table. Perched upon elegant gold cake stands, this baby shower featured multiple small round cakes decorated with simple white frosting. Each cake features a different piping technique, showcasing different textures and appearances.

A glass display case, with Shower and Vintage

20. Vintage Baby Shower

A mile-high cake, fresh as a daisy cupcakes, baby bottle cookies plus a lovely table of treats and menu ideas.

21. Little Southern Charm Baby Shower

We chose Little Southern Gentleman for this baby shower because of the future daddy’s love for all things southern charm. The food spread included all kinds of southern treats as well as three smaller cakes topped matching the southern theme. All frosted with luxurious textures, the cakes are topped with fondant bowties, letters spelling baby, and a mustache.

A Bird and The Bees Themed Baby Shower - via

22. Birds & Bees Baby Shower

The birds and the bees make an adorable baby shower theme, decorated in an organic and whimsical style. The cake was designed to reflect the rest of the party décor with bright aqua blues and vibrant yellows. A baby is pushing its way right through the top of the cake for a seriously fun and sweet surprise.

23. Finger Food For Your Baby Shower

Finger foods are not just easy to eat, but mini anything is just plain cute. Offer a variety of finger foods at the baby shower to allow guests to try everything you are offering while chatting and catching up with the mom-to-be. From appetizers to sandwiches, to desserts, this list has plenty of options for creating the perfect baby shower menu.

24. Jellybean Baby Shower

Get a little creative for your next baby shower with this adorable jelly bean theme in honor of the future little jelly bean. Fun chevron patterns in orange, aqua, and yellow made the perfect backdrop for this baby bash. The philosophy is to entertain as simply as possible, with easy desserts that look great and taste even better.

Once in a blue Moon themed baby boy shower.

25. Once In A Blue Moon Baby Shower

We just adore this traditional baby blue shower decorated with a Once in a Blue Moon theme. The treat table is filled with sweet details coordinated with the table décor. The mini cupcakes with little onesie toppers are adorable and so are the shiny silver cupcake liners. What an easy way to dress up some simple homemade sweets.

owl cupcakes with buttercream

26. Easy Owl Cupcakes

If you are searching for inspiration for a woodland-themed baby shower, look no further. Try serving up some S’mores marshmallow pops, toadstool cupcakes, forest animal cake pops, and pinecone cheese and almond snacks. Take note of the beautiful displays too.

27. Jungle Baby Shower

Welcome to the jungle! This jungle-themed baby shower illustrates so many simple yet creative ways to top cupcakes and present party foods. We love printable giraffe graphics that are styled with simple homemade cupcakes for an adorable treat. Coconut crunch pops, mango and peach pie pops, and banana-shaped sugar cookies are among the other treats!

cowboy western baby shower theme

28. Sweet Little Cowboy Shower

This Backyard Barbecue Baby Shower is filled with all sorts of creative and inviting food ideas. The party hosts served up some Kansas City-style BBQ perfect for the theme and also budget-friendly. The desserts were perfectly on theme too. Each guest got to dig into a homemade miniature fruit pie.

29. Mad Hatter Baby Shower

Alice in Wonderland-styled cookies and cake pops in all the colors madness can bring. If you’re looking for something bright and bold, this is the way to go. Pick your favorite neon and bright colors for crazy fun desserts at your shower!

A birthday cake

30. Ombre Baby Shower Cake

If you are planning a baby shower this round-up of cute baby shower cookie ideas is something you don’t want to miss. Whether you want sugar cookies on your dessert table or for sweet baby shower favors, this is filled with all sorts of creative options. Choose from adorable ducklings, baby rattles, polka dot prints, and more.

31. Colorful Baby Shower

Baby showers should be showered in sweetness, so the food and drinks at this bash were sweet, sweet, and sweeter. Cupcakes, “Jell-O-tinis”, cookies, pudding shots, lollipops, and sorbet punch were among the sweet treats decorated with bright, summery colors. There were also fruit kabobs, little chicken sandwiches, and more.

32. Book-Themed Baby Shower

All of the details of this children’s book-themed baby shower are super sweet and delicious. The party menu was inspired by mom’s childhood favorites like Goodnight “Moon Pies”, Give a Dog a Donut Cakes, and Caramel Popcorn. These sweet treats would be a hit with guests of any age. Favors were chocolate chip cookies packaged up next to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!

33. Woodland Themed Baby Shower

Brittany of GreyGrey Designs worked her magic again to create this adorable woodland forest baby shower. Menu choices reflected the theme and the cake pops even matched the invitations! The dessert table featured s’mores bites and cake pops decorated to look like darling renditions of woodland creatures.

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