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23 Enchanting Under the Sea Party Ideas

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Explore these enchanting under the sea party birthday ideas, party supplies, decorations, cupcakes, birthday cakes, favors, food ideas and more!

Ocean life and sea creatures are fascinating and make an amazing birthday party theme. Don’t miss DIY paper lantern fish and jelly fish decorations. Try your hand at making sea creature candy pops, jelly fish Oreo balls or octopus cupcakes. Entertain party guests with a homemade fishing pond game. It really is better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea!


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DIY Paper Lantern Fish

1. DIY Paper Lantern Fish 

From Make Life Lovely

Add these adorable DIY paper lantern fish to any ocean inspired or under-the-sea themed party! You’ll just need round paper lanterns, assorted tissue paper, cardstock, string and some basic craft tools like scissors, tape and glue. You’ll have your own cute school of fish in no time.

Under the Sea Party Ideas

2. Under the Sea Party Ideas

From Stunning Parties, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

Whether you’re looking for DIY decoration ideas for planning your own under the sea party or ocean inspired dessert ideas, this party is overflowing with inspiration. You’ll find everything from shark fin cupcakes to seahorse lollipops and sea creature décor suspended from the ceiling.

Jelly Fish Hanging Lanterns

3. Jelly Fish Hanging Lanterns

From Party City

Did you know you can transform hanging party lanterns into awesome hanging jelly fish? You won’t believe how easy it is to use a combination of curling ribbon, iridescent ribbon, streamers and strips of plastic tablecloths to recreate this look. A little pinching and pulling of the strips of plastic tablecloth results in a ruffled tentacle look.

Sand Dollar Cookies

4. Sand Dollar Cookies

From Sally M, as seen on Catch My Party

Serve up a batch of sand dollar cookies on a bed of brown sugar “sand”. Lightly press a small star shaped cookie cutter into the center of freshly baked round sugar cookies and freehand some details with a knife.

Edible Seaweed

5. Edible Seaweed

From Sally M, as seen on Catch My Party

Kids may not enjoy eating real seaweed at an under the sea party, but these green sugared Sour Punch Straws makes a fun alternative. Display them in a clear glass vase with a creative sea inspired tag to create the clever connection.

Sea Turtle Cupcakes

6. Sea Turtle Cupcakes

From Sweet Things by Rianne

Creating these sea turtle cupcakes doesn’t require a whole lot of time or talent. Frost a batch of your favorite cupcakes and use gumdrops, peach rings, spearmint slices and mini chocolate chips to create the turtle.

fish Marshmallow Pops

7. Fish Marshmallow Pops

From The Party Starters Events, as seen on Kara’s Party Ideas

Kids will go crazy over these fish marshmallow pops. If marshmallows weren’t yummy enough already, coating them in an under the sea inspired layer of blue candy melts and dipping the bottom edge in brown sugar “sand” will definitely kick things up a notch. And to make things even more fun, adding a little goldfish cracker while the candy coating is still wet makes the pops even cuter.

Little Fishy Cupcakes

8. Little Fishy Cupcakes

From Two Sisters Crafting

Up to your eyeballs in under the sea party prep? These little fishy cupcakes are easy enough for kids to help prep. In addition to cupcakes, frosting, and food coloring, you just need some colored chocolate candies (M&Ms are great) and candy eyes.

Under the Sea Fishing Pond Game

9. Under the Sea Fishing Pond Game

From Sherry W, as seen on Catch My Party

A classic party game, DIYing your own under the sea fishing pond game is easy. Cover a trifold board with blue wrapping paper and add sea inspired paper pieced cutouts to create the feel of the ocean. Add string and a paper clip or clothespin to the end of a dowel rod for kid-friendly fishing.

Octopus Lollipops

10. Octopus Lollipops

From CupKate’s Event Design, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

Suckers, chenille stems, fabric scraps or tissue paper and googly eyes are all you need to craft up these adorable octopus lollipops. Insert them into a wrapped box or foam square for an easy under the sea themed treat.

Sea Creature Candy Pops

11. Sea Creature Candy Pops

From The Decorated Cookie, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

All you’ll need to create these sea creature candy pops is a variety of candy melts, disposable decorating bags, parchment or wax paper, sucker sticks and candy eyes! Some simple tips later and you’ll have a whole slew of under the sea candy pops ready to party.

Shark Attack Snack Mix

12. Shark Attack Snack Mix

From CupKate’s Event Design, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

Attaching a printable “shark attack snack mix” label to a clear snack bag makes snack time more exciting. Fill the bag with an assortment of gummy sharks and fish.

Under the Sea Search & Find Game

13. Under the Sea Search and Find Game

From Powerful Mothering

Colored rice and laminated sea life printables make this under the sea search and find game come to life! This is a fun twist to a traditional “I Spy” game.

Under the Sea Party Favor Buckets

14. Under the Sea Party Favor Buckets

From Life on the Mom List, as seen on Love the Day

Thank your party guests for “swimming by” with these under the sea party favor buckets. You can fill them with anything sea or ocean inspired—swim towel and goggles or fish themed toys and treats.

Splish Splash Party Tubes

15. Splish Splash Party Tubes

From SRM Stickers

Put together adorable splish splash party tubes using basic candy tubes! You can embellish them with under the sea inspired embellishments like cutouts, stickers and ribbon and fill them with gummy fish.

Under the Sea Snow Globe Aquariums

16. Under the Sea Snow Globe Aquariums

From Delia Creates, as seen on Chickabug

Need a quick and frugal under the sea party craft and favor idea? These under the sea snow globe aquariums upcycle baby food jars and use a few easy-to-find materials—glitter, spray paint, glycerin, food coloring and small toy sea animals.

Shark Watermelon Fruit Bowl

17. Shark Watermelon Fruit Bowl


Who knew that an ordinary watermelon could be carved into a ferocious under the sea party predator? This tutorial for carving your own shark watermelon fruit bowl will walk you through all of the steps.

Tropical Fish Jelly Cups

18. Tropical Fish Jelly Cups


You’ll definitely make a splash at your child’s under the sea party with these awesome tropical fish jelly cups. They are so easy, you probably have most of the ingredients at home—pudding, Jell-O and gummy candy fish.

Under the Sea Graham Cracker

19. Under the Sea Graham Cracker

From The First Year Blog

Because frosting and graham crackers are oh so good, you’ll definitely want to prep a bunch of these cute under the sea graham crackers for your party! Plus, it doesn’t get any easier than whipping up a batch of blue tinted buttercream (or buying some), adding some brown sugar sand and plopping on some goldfish crackers and candy sea life.

Octopus Cupcakes

20. Octopus Cupcakes

From The First Year Blog

Octopus cupcakes are perfect for an under the sea party! Whether you make or buy your cupcakes, creating that cute little edible octopus topper may just be easier than you think! Would you believe the little guy is just a marshmallow dipped in candy melts with candy eyes added?

Under the Sea Photo Booth Backdrop

21. Under the Sea Photo Booth Backdrop

From Lia Griffith

Foam balls, spray paint, tissue paper and fishing line are the main materials you’ll need to create this incredible under the sea photo booth backdrop. We think it would look pretty magical for a dessert table backdrop too!

 Jelly Fish Oreo Balls

22. Jelly Fish Oreo Balls

From The First Year Blog

Be prepared to have your mind blown when you discover how easy it is to take that standard Oreo ball recipe you’ve come to know and love and change the shape! A simple jelly fish cookie cutter paired with the same basic recipe results in these adorable under the sea party worthy treats!

Under the Sea Birthday Party

23. Under the Sea Birthday Party

From Delia Creates

Budget friendly doesn’t mean boring when it comes to decorating an under the sea birthday party. Less than $10 spent on inexpensive things like crepe paper, butcher paper, cardstock and plastic table cloths can still result in an amazing DIY’d party.

Planing an under the sea themed party? Check out these sources gathered by they Spaceships and Laser Beams Crew for great inspiration.

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