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19 Angry Birds Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Angry Birds Cookies
  2. 2. Angry Birds Cake Pops Tutorial
  3. 3. Angry Birds Cake
  4. 4. Angry Birds Pig Oreo Cookies
  5. 5. Angry Birds Pop the Pig Party Game
  6. 6. Angry Birds Pigs Dessert
  7. 7. Angry Birds Marshmallow Pops
  8. 8. DIY Live Action Angry Birds Game
  9. 9. Angry Birds Fruit Tray
  10. 10. Angry Birds Bean Bag Toss
  11. 11. Angry Birds Pin the Beak on the Bird Game
  12. 12. Angry Birds Plinko Board Game
  13. 13. Angry Birds Cupcakes
  14. 14. Angry Birds Can Toss Game
  15. 15. Angry Birds Bean Bag Toss
  16. 16. Angry Bird’s Party
  17. 17. Angry Birds Oreo Pops Tutorial
  18. 18. DIY Angry Birds Balloons
  19. 19. TNT Popcorn Favor Boxes
  20. Plan a perfect Angry Birds party with these party supplies:
  21. More birthday party ideas:
  22. Don't miss Now Launching: An Angry Birds Inspired Birthday Party...

Join your favorite feathered friends and their piggy counterparts and fly through these 19 fun Angry Birds party ideas.

From party decorations to yummy treat ideas to party games and more, you’re sure to have an “eggstra” good time. Throwing a high-flying, action-packed party inspired by Angry Birds just got easier!

Angry Bird Birthday Party Ideas

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Angry Bird Cookies

1. Angry Birds Cookies

From Living Chic Mom

If you are throwing an Angry Bird birthday party or know of any serious Angry Bird fans, these Angry Bird Cookies are absolutely perfect! They are so much fun to make, look incredible displayed on the dessert table, and make the kids go wild. Check out this extremely detailed instructional post that will tell you exactly how to make these cookies yourself. You will never believe just how easy they are to make yourself.

Angry Birds Cake Pops

2. Angry Birds Cake Pops Tutorial

From Baking in Saskatoon

When asked by a friend to make cake pops for her son’s birthday party, this blogger went all out with cake pops that look just like those crazy Angry Birds and pigs. Made with vanilla cake stuffed with sweet M&M’s, these cake pops look cute and taste delicious! The amount of detail in these little guys is seriously impressive. Also be sure to check out this bloggers expert tips for making cake pops that turn out every single time.

Angry Birds Cake

3. Angry Birds Cake

From Arte da Ka, as seen on Between the Pages

Every great birthday celebration needs an equally great birthday cake. This terrific Angry Birds Cake features three tiers decorated to look like a separate Angry Birds character. Bright colors and bold shapes make for a design that will be the center of attention on your dessert table. I thought it was super fun that the King Green Pig was on top!

Angry Birds Pig Cookies

4. Angry Birds Pig Oreo Cookies

From Anders Ruff

Learn how to make these Angry Birds Cookies right at home with a simple tutorial and a few simple ingredients. These cookies are so easy to make that you don’t even have to turn on the oven! Oreo cookies are coated with melted green chocolates in a circular mold and then decorated with the sweetest little faces. They would add a whole lot of fun to your party’s dessert table or make great party favors for your guests.

Angry Birds Pop the Pigs

5. Angry Birds Pop the Pig Party Game

From Banner Events, as seen on Kara’s Party Ideas

Take a fun twist on a classic carnival game with this fun Pig Pop activity! Balloon darts are always popular with older kids, making this a great game for any gathering where there will be a range of kids in attendance. Add some pig faces to lime green balloons to recreate this game at your party. You can purchase a cheap set of steel tipped darts from Walmart for less than five dollars. Fun and budget friendly!

Angry Birds Pig Desserts

6. Angry Birds Pigs Dessert

From The Cookie Fairy

Cake and cupcakes are classic party desserts, but why not take your party up a notch with delicious themed Macaron treats? These After Eight Angry Birds Pig macarons are all kinds of adorable and bring some sophisticated flavors to your dessert table. Sweet and chewy macaron cookies flavored with a hint of mint extract are perfectly filled with a luxurious chocolate ganache. It is a flavor combination everyone will love.

Angry Birds Marshallow Treats

7. Angry Birds Marshmallow Pops

From Anders Ruff

I am in love with these adorable homemade Angry Birds Marshmallow Pops! Make them yourself with this easy no-bake recipe and few creative touches. Giant marshmallows are coated with red melted chocolate then decorated with some chocolate covered sunflower seeds and red Starburst candies. Wouldn’t these marshmallows be so cute to serve your guests? I love how they are displayed in a glass jar with M&M’s and faux grass.

DIY Live Action Angry Birds Game

8. DIY Live Action Angry Birds Game

From Banner Events, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

Feathers were flying at this birthday party filled with fantastic Angry Birds inspired games. Not only was the party atmosphere colorful and fun, but the guests felt like they had been flung into the game with a life-size slingshot! A giant slingshot was made from PVC pipes and a few other simple building materials, then set up across from a cardboard box tower. Line up your guests to take turns shooting Angry Birds dodgeballs.

Angry Birds Fruit Tray

9. Angry Birds Fruit Tray

From Ziploc via Christy Hale

Angry Birds Bean Bag Toss Game

10. Angry Birds Bean Bag Toss

From The Sewer the Caker the Copycat Maker

Nothing is more fun than a fun themed twist on a classic party game. This handmade Angry Birds Bean Bag Toss is a great project for your Angry Birds birthday party. A plywood board is painted to look just like the Angry Birds background, then marked with five circular cut outs. Cut out pigs hang from each hole making the perfect targets! Create your own Angry Bird character bean bags or use regular bean bags with coordinating colors.

Angry Birds Pin the Beak On Game

11. Angry Birds Pin the Beak on the Bird Game

From Built By Wisdom

Another classic party game with an Angry Birds twist. Make your own game board and then have your guests take turns trying to pin the beak on the bird! The Angry Birds have a pretty simple design so it is easy to make one yourself for the game with a piece of Bristol board and a permanent marker. Cut out a bunch of yellow beaks, pull out a blindfold, and let your party guests try their hand at this fun party game.

Angry Birds Plinko Board Game

12. Angry Birds Plinko Board Game

From The Sewer the Caker the Copycat Maker

If you can’t tell by now, around here we love a good homemade classic game and Angry Birds Plinko definitely fits the bill. Plinko is one of the best party games around because it is equally fun for kids (and adults) of all ages. Slip your coin down the board to find which prize you will win. Making the board is pretty simple too. Paint the board in whichever colors you prefer, then add rows of nails to create the Plinko board.

Angry Birds Cupcakes

13. Angry Birds Cupcakes

From Banner Events, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

A well designed dessert table is a highlight of every party, and this blogger designed their dessert table to look just like a screenshot of the game. Nesting among the wide array of sweet treats were these incredible fondant topped cupcakes! Top your favorite flavored cupcakes with a swirl of vanilla frosting and then place a fondant Angry Birds character on each one. Which character would you choose?

Angry Birds Can Toss Game

14. Angry Birds Can Toss Game

From Homemade Beauties by Heidi, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

Whether you have a boy’s Angry Birds themed birthday party on the horizon or just want a fun game idea to keep the kids busy, you will appreciate this knock down and get ‘em game. You can also use the pig decorated cans for a party decorations on a dessert table or fill them up with treats to serve as take-home favors! They are easy to make, look adorable, and you’ll feel good about recycling the cans.

Angry Birds Bean Bag Toss Game

15. Angry Birds Bean Bag Toss

From Built By Wisdom

This Angry Birds Bean Bag Toss game is a great activity for party guests of any age. Make a brand new bean bag toss board with simple materials from the hardware store or decorate one you already own with some fun Angry Birds cut outs! Angry Birds-alize the board with pig face targets, labelled points, and fun colors.

Angry Birds Birthday Party

16. Angry Bird’s Party

From Olivia’s Kitchen and Little Sweet Styling, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

Who would have ever thought a game combo with birds and pigs would become a favorite? Two party experts teamed up to prepare a first-rate Angry Birds dessert table and children’s celebration. Cookie favors, cupcakes, and a cake all carried the Angry Birds colors and images to the delight of the birthday boy. Some of my favorite parts of this part include the green pig and yellow bird drink dispensers, birds nest cookies, and fun tablescape!

Angry Birds Oreo Pops

17. Angry Birds Oreo Pops Tutorial

From Ashlee Marie

The first of five fun themed treats for their Angry Birds themed eighth birthday party, these Red Angry Birds Oreo Pops are a great addition to the dessert table. These are super simple to make too! Start with double stuffed Oreo cookies, shove a lollipop inside, add licorice lace hair, coat the whole thing with red melting candies, and use some candies to create the face. Your Angry Birds loving birthday boy will love these cookies.

DIY Angry Birds Balloon

18. DIY Angry Birds Balloons

From Sears Family Adventures

Every great party needs some themed party balloons! Get a couple dozen balloons from the grocery store or dollar store, and then use this blogger’s free printable templates to transform them into Angry Birds and King Green Pigs. Who knew that themed party decorations could be so adorable and so affordable. You could also send kids home with these balloons as party favors.

TNT Angry Birds Favor Ideas

19. TNT Popcorn Favor Boxes

From Banner Events, as seen on Kara’s Party Ideas

Guests definitely have to be thanked for “crashing” your kid’s birthday party. These awesome TNT boxes are the perfect way to serve snacks on your dessert table or offer kids a thank you treat. Set up a colorful table with a smorgasbord of fun items to take home. Let the party guests fill their own TNT boxes or have them pre-stocked with a bunch of Angry Bird themed goodies.

Plan a perfect Angry Birds party with these party supplies:

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More birthday party ideas:

Don’t miss Now Launching: An Angry Birds Inspired Birthday Party

Angry Birds Birthday Party

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