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Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Party Theme

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  1. More hot air balloon party ideas:
  2. Plus, don't miss 19 Hot Air Balloon Party Ideas:

Go up, up, and away with a hot air balloon baby shower theme. We’ve seen plenty of hot air balloon parties pop up in recent months but Carol, from Partylicious, offers a refreshing take on this popular baby shower theme. Dainty desserts, a light, and lovely decoration scheme, and a whimsical hot air balloon cake create a fun atmosphere to get carried away with.

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Hot Air Balloon Birthday Party Ideas

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Boys Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Well Wishes

After a busy party, the mom-to-be will enjoy reading comments and best wishes guests add to the sign-in book.

Boys Hot Air Balloon Guest Book ideas

Carol chose one that even baby will one day appreciate—a darling storybook with a hot air balloon theme.

Boys Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Guest book ideas

The dessert table is the focal point of this hot air balloon-themed party. The backdrop creates a feeling of floating in the clouds, thanks to a long, sheer blue curtain that mimics a bright blue sky.

Boys Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Clusters of white balloon clouds hold up a banner that can read “baby boy”, “baby girl”—or for a first birthday party it could say “happy birthday”.

Hot Air Balloon Party Dessert Table Decorations

Just like billowy clouds, the dessert station’s white tablecloth is delicate and textured, making it a perfect display choice.

Hot Air Balloon Themed Baby Shower Party Dessert Table

A refreshing green, blue and white color scheme is carried throughout. Dashes of yellow and peach add energy.

Boys Hot Air Balloon Party Food Ideas

Crisp, white plates add elegance and display decadent brownies, mini peach and cream parfaits, mini cheesecakes, and sugar-dusted alfajores (a wonderful cookie sort of confection).

Hot Air Balloon Themed Baby Shower Party Cupcake ideas

Detailed cake stands display polka-dotted cups of chocolate mousse (love those striped wooden spoons) and vanilla cupcakes in blue and white striped wraps with sweet blue flags.

Boys Hot Air Balloon Party Cookie Ideas

Sugar cookie clouds and hot air balloons are suspended on sticks propped up by small bowls of green-as-grass pearl candies.

Boys Hot Air Balloon Party Food Candy Ideas

Glass jars filled with gumballs and chocolate kisses, as well as plates of airy meringues and French macarons, surround the show-stopping two-tier baby shower cake created by Jovadiel Cake Designs.

Hot Air Balloon Themed Boys Baby Shower Cake

Fondant hot air balloons and delicate white clouds add adorable detail.

Hot Air Balloon Themed Party Drink Ideas

Water bottles reinforce the theme with custom labels featuring hot air balloons and white and blue straws decorated with cute cloud cutouts.

Boys Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Decor Ideas

Carol created large hot air balloons to elevate the room’s decor—a great photo opportunity for babies or a special birthday child. They’re decorated with rosettes, ribbons, and clusters of white balloons. I love how Carol added the smaller balloons at the basket base to further the illusion of flight.

Hot Air Balloon Party Decor

A fluffy white rug grounds the gift opening area. A rocker with a thoughtfully placed monogrammed pillow makes a comfy spot for mom-to-be.

Boys Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Table Decorations Centerpiece

Even the guest seating is bright and airy. Tables are covered in blue and white striped, silky tablecloths. Miniature hot air balloon centerpieces are a fun way to add fresh flowers to the space and reinforce the party theme. Any mom-to-be would be on cloud nine with this whimsical hot air balloon party!

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Plus, don’t miss 19 Hot Air Balloon Party Ideas:

Hot Air Balloon Party Ideas

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