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20 Awesome Minecraft Party Supplies

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Grass Tablecover Party Accessory
  2. 2. Foil Gold Bar Favor Boxes Party Accessory
  3. 3. Tnt Pinata Handcrafted Custom
  4. 4. Tissue Paper Grass Mat
  5. 5. Minecraft Birthday Cupcake Topper Set
  6. 6. Royal Blue Acrylic Diamonds
  7. 7. Minecraft Box Creep Heads
  8. 8. Mining Fun Birthday Party Supplies Set
  9. 9. Pixelated Balloons
  10. 10. Minecraft Papercraft Overworld Deluxe Set
  11. 11. Minecraft Birthday Party Invitations
  12. 12. Green Box Pinata
  13. 13. Lime Square Paper Lunch Plates
  14. 14. Gold Chocolate Rocks Candy Nuggets
  15. 15. Green Plastic Bags
  16. 16. Green Polka Dot Table Cover
  17. 17. Emerald Green Paper Cups
  18. 18. Mini Green Popcorn Boxes
  19. 19. Minecraft Party Bag Fillers
  20. 20. Stone Wall Backdrop
  21. Look no further for more great party supplies gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  22. Check out more great Minecraft party ideas you'll love!
  23. Plus, don't miss 22 Minecraft Birthday Parties for Boys...

Minecraft is taking over the world. At least my sons’ world, and if your kids love Minecraft as much as mine do, you know what I mean.

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These 20 Awesome Minecraft Party Supplies will set the stage for an unforgettable Minecraft themed birthday and they’ll make your next party a hit.

Check out ideas like the Grass Tablecover Party, Foil Gold Bar Favor Boxes, Royal Blue 25 Carat Acrylic Diamonds, Green Box Pinata, and Mini Green Popcorn Boxes to make your party all it can be.

Check out our Minecraft cake ideas if you need even more inspiration on baking – or buying the perfect cake.

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1. Grass Tablecover Party Accessory

Find on Amazon

Make your party tables look like they’re part of of the Minecraft world! This table covering will do just the trick, making it look like each table is covered in grass, just like the Minecraft world. This will be a little addition that will make all the difference.

2. Foil Gold Bar Favor Boxes Party Accessory

Find on Amazon

Send your guests home with their very own gold. They won’t have to spend all their time mining for it like you would in the game of course. These would be a fun way to pop in some fun party treats and give them to your guests as a thank you!

3. Tnt Pinata Handcrafted Custom

Find on Amazon

Have a blast at your Minecraft party with this explosive piñata! It looks just like the TNT blocks within the game. Fill it up with Minecraft-themed little toys or your boy’s favorite candies. The birthday boy will have a great time trying to get this open.

4. Tissue Paper Grass Mat

Find on Amazon

Create some fun decorations with these grass mats. They will add some fun texture to your party decor and be perfectly themed. Grass is everywhere in Minecraft, so you for sure need some at your party.

5. Minecraft Birthday Cupcake Topper Set

Find on Amazon

Add some of the characters and creatures from the game right on top of these cupcakes. Pipe some green grass right on top for some extra theming if you want to add a special touch. These will look like they popped right out of the Minecraft world and on to your dessert table.

6. Royal Blue Acrylic Diamonds

Find on Amazon

Use these as decorations or incorporate them into your party favors for some shiny fun! Fill up some containers and pop some cake pops in for some extra special decorations on your dessert table. The boys will be delighted to find such a rare element from the game so easily!

7. Minecraft Box Creep Heads

Find on Amazon

These are sure to be super fun at your party! The boys can wear these around and pretend to be characters from the game. Grab a few of different characters and let them pick out who they want to be. Let each of the guests pick their favorite and take them home as a fun party favor.

8. Mining Fun Birthday Party Supplies Set

Find on Amazon

These would be perfect for your party treats to sit on! Perfectly themed to look like scenes right out of the game, these will look great. With a knight and a dragon as well, these will add some fun to your decorations.

9. Pixelated Balloons

Find on Amazon

What’s a birthday party without birthday balloons? These will make your party complete. With their vivid greens, they’re bright and festive. They also include the most important tool from the game, the pickaxe. Your boy is sure to appreciate these balloons!

10. Minecraft Papercraft Overworld Deluxe Set

Find on Amazon

This would be a fun gift for the birthday boy or even a fun activity to play with during the party. With different characters and elements from the game, this paper set has it all. Kids will be able to let their creativity run wild with this set and create whatever they want from the game in real life.

11. Minecraft Birthday Party Invitations

Find on Amazon

How will anyone know when your perfect party is planned for without an invitation? These invitations have you covered. They look like a block of grass from the game, making sure that not only your party has tons of references to the game, but even the invitations do too.

12. Green Box Pinata

Find on Amazon

The blocks of grass are prominent throughout the Minecraft world. This fun piñata brings those infamous green blocks to life. Let the birthday boy and his friends bust open this piñata at the party! Find a plastic sword or pickaxe for them to use to make it even more fun!

13. Lime Square Paper Lunch Plates

Find on Amazon

If you’re looking for something simple, but still fun to put your fun party treats on, these plates are for you. A simple solid green square is reminiscent of the green grass cubes in the game. This would be a perfect touch!

14. Gold Chocolate Rocks Candy Nuggets

Find on Amazon

Don’t worry about having to dig up some boring, old party favors. These gold nuggets would be a fun treat to add into your party favors. The birthday boy and his guests would love to find these treats at the end of their fun-filled day.

15. Green Plastic Bags

Find on Amazon

These would be the perfect bags to put your favors in for your guests. Pop some candies, like the gold chocolate rocks mentioned above, or some little Minecraft-themed toys. These would be a fun-themed treat to hand out at the end of the party.

16. Green Polka Dot Table Cover

Find on Amazon

If you’re looking for something a little more elegant, but still on theme, this table cover will have you covered. The polka dots are fun, but it still has the green that you would find all over the Minecraft world. There are also matching table settings and paper products that will go along with this table cover to make sure you’ll be all set.

17. Emerald Green Paper Cups

Find on Amazon

You can’t forget about the drinks! Make sure your drinks are themed as well with these simple green cups. They’ll match the rest of your grassy decor at your party.

18. Mini Green Popcorn Boxes

Find on Amazon

Serve up some tasty party treats with these little popcorn boxes. Put in some popcorn, chocolate gold nuggets, or whatever fun treats you can come up with. Be sure to let them grace your snack table at your party!

19. Minecraft Party Bag Fillers

Find on Amazon

Don’t forget to say thank you to your guests! These would be the perfect way to fill up your party favors. With fun activities and wristbands, your boy’s friend will love these thoughtful favors.

20. Stone Wall Backdrop

Find on Amazon

Be sure to take plenty of pictures at your party! This stone wall backdrop would be the perfect place to capture memories at your party. Set up some photo props such as the character box heads above or some pickaxes or swords.

Look no further for more great party supplies gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Check out more great Minecraft party ideas you’ll love!

Plus, don’t miss 22 Minecraft Birthday Parties for Boys


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