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A Minecraft Boy Birthday Party

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What do you do when your son asks for a Minecraft birthday party and you know very little about the game?

You take a deep breath and do what creative mom, Nadia Fante, of MaMeMima, did: dig deep and mine the internet for Minecraft party gems of inspiration.

Nadia decided to focus her attention on the distinctive pixelated characteristic of the game and the well-known Minecraft colors of greens, browns and black; she coordinated party details by making everything pixelated.

Party invitations, decorations and even food items were created in squares to allude to the game.

Boy Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

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Boy Minecraft Birthday Party Backdrop Ideas

DIY moms always impress me.

Nadia is one of those moms.

She transformed her party space by creating her own refreshment table backdrop from alternating colors of crepe paper in Minecraft colors.

Not only is this a budget-friendly idea, the impact is big!

Boy Minecraft Birthday Party Garland Ideas

Using leftover scraps of coordinating cardstock, Nadia created garlands for the front of her wood table by cutting squares and running them through her sewing machine.

Paired with a custom birthday banner, the table décor really set the tone for the whole party.

Boy Minecraft Birthday Party Food Ideas

Nadia came up with genius ideas for snacks and treats inspired by elements from the game. Each snack and treat was cleverly labeled with corresponding name tags glued on to silver favor boxes.

Some of my favorite food ideas included grass rice krispy treats decorated with tinted coconut, blue Jello “water” and square “dirt” brownies.

Several other crowd pleasing snacks were also served.

Of course, Nadia used a variety of green and white square plates to serve from, keeping with the theme and pixelated look.

Boy Minecraft Birthday Party Food Idea


Boy Minecraft Birthday Party Decor Ideas

Boy Minecraft Birthday Party Decor Idea

Being resourceful, Nadia upcycled some empty diaper boxes and used more cardstock scraps to create Minecraft heads.

These added so much in the way of décor to the table and also created a great display for the “Creeper Juice” and “TNT” favor boxes.

Nadia made these using printables to include that custom, coordinated touch.

Boy Minecraft Birthday Party Decor Idea

Boy Minecraft Birthday Party Decor Idea

To add more décor to the party, Nadia covered a bookcase in layers of Minecraft colored plastic tablecloths to create a background, which resembled the Minecraft world.

A pixelated “9” was made using pictures of her son Levi to signify his 9th birthday.

Nadia also created a “Keep Calm and Play Minecraft” poster and a Creeper face out of a green paper plate for additional interest.

Boy Minecraft Birthday Party Favour Idea

I adore Nadia’s party favors! She and her husband created a Minecraft music CD for guests.

I’m sure the partygoers enjoyed reflecting on the party, long after it was over.

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