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19 Incredible Nerf Birthday Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Nerf Cake
  2. 2. Nerf Cookies
  3. 3. Nerf War Party
  4. 4. Spinning Nerf Targets
  5. 5. Nerf Gun Push Pops
  6. 6. Nerf Party Gear Bags
  7. 7. Nerf Party Candy
  8. 8. DIY Nerf War Battlefield
  9. 9. Nerf Party
  10. 10. DIY Nerf Gun Target
  11. 11. DIY Nerf Wars Battlefield
  12. 12. Nerf Snack Food
  13. 13. Nerf Party Table
  14. 14. DIY Dart Belt
  15. 15. Nerf War Party
  16. 16. Tissue Paper Nerf Target
  17. 17. Nerf Target Pizza
  18. 18. Nerf Party Dessert Table
  19. 19. Nerf Cake
  20. Planning a boy's Nerf birthday party? We've rounded up some on target birthday party supplies:
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Prepare for battle…a Nerf battle, that is. Arm yourself with these 19 incredible Nerf birthday party ideas, and you’ll be on target for one awesome Nerf-inspired celebration.

Find suggestions for creating a Nerf cake, cookies, push pops and an entire dessert table. Select from several great ideas for fun Nerf-inspired party favors and games.

You can even learn how to DIY your own Nerf battlefield. How cool is that?!

19 Nerf Party Ideas

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Nerf Cake

1. Nerf Cake

From Cake Centra

Ready. Aim. Fire. This Nerf cake is perfect for a Nerf party. I love the simplicity of the 3-tiers covered in fondant.

Plus, how cool are the Nerf bullets surrounding the bottom tier?

I especially love them protruding from the cake like they were shot towards the fondant target.

Nerf Cookies

2. Nerf Cookies

From Janis Bakes

If you want your Nerf party dessert table to hit the mark with your party crowd, consider making these Nerf cookies.

They look just like the real Nerf guns, but no misfiring with these edible guns. Who doesn’t love a delicious sugar cookie?

And the detailing with royal icing makes these Nerf cookies all the more cool.

You could even package them and send them home as a party favor!

Nerf War Party

3. Nerf War Party

From Connie E, as seen on Catch my Party

When camouflage and Nerf collide, you get an exciting Nerf war party theme.

It’s all the fun of Nerf, paired with the intensity of battle.

You’ll love the camouflage decorations (backdrop, table cover, cups, etc.…) that bring in that Nerf battle vibe, while the traditional orange, black, and yellow colors of Nerf guns and bullets are incorporated via the food and dessert table offerings, and party favor bags.

Spinning Nerf Targets

4. Spinning Nerf Targets

From Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Target intended Nerf party guests with these ultra-cool printable Nerf party invitations.

They can be personalized with your guest of honor’s name and all of the party details.

Then, just print them from home or your favorite print shop prior to delivering to your party guests.

Nerf Gun Push Pops

5. Nerf Gun Push Pops

From Hello My Sweet

Add this super cool Nerf dart push pops recipe idea to your Nerf party.

You’ll need push pop containers and stand, blue raspberry Jell-O, vanilla pudding, vanilla frosting, orange and blue food coloring and blue-tinted mini whoopie pies.

The layered cake, pudding and frosting results in a dessert that looks very much like the Nerf Elite darts.

Nerf Party Gear Bags

6. Nerf Party Gear Bags

From Everything That I Need

Guests can gear up for all the fun they are bound to have at your Nerf party by way of this awesome party favor idea. Make Nerf party gear bags.

These are created by rolling down brown grocery bags to give that rustic look. Next, fill them with essential gear for a Nerf party.

Ideas could include, a bandana, packs of Nerf bullets, a Nerf gun, and protective eyewear.

Guests can use their gear for the party, and take it home as a thank you from the guest of honor.

Nerf Party Candy

7. Nerf Party Candy

From Michelle Paige Blog

Candy makes for an easy addition to any birthday party, but is especially great for a Nerf party.

Be sure to get creative with the labeling of your candy, as well as the packaging.

A few examples featured here, include gumballs labeled “sticky bullets” and Sixlet candies labeled “candy bullets”.

Dipped marshmallows are cleverly named “bullseye bites”.

DIY Nerf War Battlefield

8. DIY Nerf War Battlefield

From Steam Powered Family

You’ll be the hero at your child’s Nerf party if you DIY this awesome Nerf War battlefield.

It’s an amazing way to upcycle materials and provides an incredible engineering challenge for kids.

Plus, just think of all the playtime that will result.

Items needed to construct this Nerf war battlefield include things like: wood pallets, old tires, long screws.

Nerf Party

9. Nerf Party

From Anders Ruff Custom Designs

Coordinate the details of your Nerf party using a printable invitation and decoration package from Anders Ruff Custom Designs.

There’s everything from a printable party backdrop poster, custom cake toppers for embellishing a store bought cake, personalized beverage wraps, party favor tags, party flags for straws, thank you tags, and customized gum and candy wrappers.

You’ll love the tips for quickly setting up decorations for a coordinated party in less than 30 minutes.

DIY Nerf Gun Target

10. DIY Nerf Gun Target

From Inspiration Made Simple

Get ready to create something epic for your child’s Nerf party! This DIY Nerf gun target idea is so cool.

To create the frame for the targets you’ll need: PVC pipe, elbow connectors, tee connectors, and end caps.

The actual targets are made from chipboard and Gorilla glue with binder clips used to fasten the targets to the PVC piping.

Nerf Wars Battlefield

11. DIY Nerf Wars Battlefield

From Made It. Ate It. Loved It.

Engage guests at your Nerf party in a Nerf wars battle.

You can DIY the battlefield by getting creative with upcycled wood pallets, stacked tires, water barrels and wood.

Adding coordinating paint and vinyl Nerf logos to the various battlefield features can really make the party come alive.

And don’t forget to add targets all over the war zone for shooting practice.

Nerf snack food

12. Nerf Snack Food

From Go Food

Kids love snacking on creative food at a party. When throwing a Nerf party, make these genius veggie Nerf bullets. You’ll just need baby carrots and olives.

Just cut the olives in half to create the tip of the carrot bullet. Genius, right? These are sure to be a hit.

Nerf Party Table

13. Nerf Party Table

From Darleen Meier

Set up a Nerf party table perfect for refueling your party guests. Use plates, napkins, favors and décor that coordinate with a Nerf inspired color palette.

Add fun bullseye wraps to napkins and utensils, and beverage wraps to colorful drinks. “Refuel Fluid” sounds so much more fun than Gatorade or water, doesn’t it?

Set packages of Nerf bullets, protective eyewear, and a Nerf gun by each plate to create excitement, but also function as a party favor.

Add colorful Nerf inspired cookies, jars of colorful candy, and a cake embellished with Nerf printables for guests to enjoy.

DIY Dart Belt

14. DIY Dart Belt

From Fireflies and Mud Pies

With this easy DIY Nerf dart belt hack, kids can keep up their arsenal of darts for easier loading and reloading during a Nerf War.

You’ll love that no prep time is required!

Just grab a roll of packing tape and loosely wrap some around your child’s waist (with the sticky side out) to create a holder/belt for their Nerf bullets.

Nerf War Party

15. Nerf War Party

From The Yummy Paper Company, as seen on Catch My Party

Fun will be had by all at a Nerf war party. This party boasts an amazing dessert table, with fabulous DIY ideas.

Bullseye sugar cookies, a chocolate explosion cake, Nerf pops, target cupcakes, energy juice and plenty of color coordinating candy were just a few of the not-to-be-missed details.

Tissue Paper Nerf Target

16. Tissue Paper Nerf Target

From Holy Craft

For this fun Nerf party game, you’ll be making a tissue paper Nerf target.

You’ll need tissue paper (yellow or orange would match best), black paper plates, and a black frame. Additionally, you’ll need a paper punch, tape and string to finalize construction.

Begin by cutting out the center of the paper plates. Cut squares of tissue paper that will cover the hole and tape them to the back of your plates.

Punch holes from which you can attach string for hanging from the frame. As targets are hit, replace with more tissue paper.

17. Nerf Target Pizza

From Celebrate and Decorate

Get creative with your Nerf party food.

You can DIY your own Nerf target pizza by getting creative with the placement of your sliced olives and pepperoni. I’m pretty sure all eyes were on this target.

Nerf Party Dessert Table

18. Nerf Party Dessert Table

From LeAnne N, as seen on Catch My Party

Aim high when styling a Nerf party dessert table. This one boasts a smorgasbord of orange and yellow candy for guests to enjoy.

Little take out boxes are in piles for guests to fill with their favorite picks. And check out the focal point Nerf inspired cake.

The fondant bullets and target are awesome.

Nerf Cake Idea

19. Nerf Cake

From Second Generation Cake Design

You can get the look of a designer cake for less. This DIY Nerf cake was created for less than $30.

Printable cake toppers were added to sucker sticks and inserted into the top of a store bought cake.

A personalized name logo was added to the front. The base was decked out in orange gumballs. I’d say this cake hits the mark, wouldn’t you?

Use it as inspiration for DIYing your own designer cake.

Planning a boy’s Nerf birthday party? We’ve rounded up some on target birthday party supplies:

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  • Green Camouflage Netting
  • NERF N-Strike Blasters Foam Targets
  • Dart Tag Party Supplies Posters
  • NERF N Strike Blaster
  • NERF Refill Bullet Darts
  • Clear Plastic Safety Glasses
  • Plastic Camouflage Binoculars
  • Camouflage Camo Party Supplies
  • Camo Camouflage Invitations
  • Camouflage/Chunky Candles
  • Camouflage Face Paint
  • Military Squirter Set
  • Camo Gear 8 Count Party Favor Loot Bags
  • Green Camo Cupcake Wrappers

Be sure to check out more boy’s birthday party ideas here.

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