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18 LEGO Hacks We Are Obsessed With

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. DIY LEGO Key Holder
  2. 2. LEGO Mini Figure Cord Holder
  3. 3. DIY LEGO Pencil
  4. 4. DIY LEGO Utensil Holder
  5. 5. DIY LEGO Magnets
  6. 6. DIY Mason Jar LEGO Guy
  7. 7. DIY LEGO Chess Game
  8. 8. DIY LEGO Marble Run
  9. 9. DIY LEGO Wall Art
  10. 10. DIY LEGO Travel Cases
  11. 11. DIY LEGO Maze
  12. 12. DIY LEGO Purse
  13. 13. DIY LEGO Book
  14. 14. DIY LEGO Picture Frame
  15. 15. DIY LEGO Kitchen Island
  16. 16. DIY LEGO Play Table
  17. 17. DIY LEGO Storage Container
  18. 18. DIY LEGO Soap
  19. Plus, check out 57 LEGO Themed Party Ideas...

Kids LOVE LEGO, and I’ll admit, I have some fun with them. When you see these LEGO hacks we are obsessed with you might want to play with them too!

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These fun ideas all begin with LEGO: a key holder, a mini figure cord holder, a pencil, utensil holder, magnets, Mason jar LEGO guy, chess game, marble run, wall art, LEGO travel cases, a maze, a LEGO purse (is this my favorite?), LEGO book, frame, a LEGO kitchen island (or is this my favorite?), a play table, LEGO storage container, and a LEGO soap dispenser. It’s time to raid the toy box!

1. DIY LEGO Key Holder

From Minie.Co

Grab some LEGO’s and give everyone in the family a way to show off their inner “block builder”. With each person getting a different color to hang on their keychain, this DIY LEGO Key Holder will save you a whole lotta hassle. Add a favorite LEGO figure or character to personlize each one. 

2. LEGO Mini Figure Cord Holder

From Modernistic Design

Keep phone cords, wires and cables organized and tangle free with a little helping hand. This LEGO Mini Figure Cord Holder is definitely a LEGO hack that is so simple to create, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.

3. DIY LEGO Pencil

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Create your own LEGO pencil by simply attaching a small LEGO piece to the end of a pencil. Then choose the LEGO head to suit your mood or your passion, like a set of Stormtrooper pencils for the Star Wars fan in your life. The hardest part in making this is deciding which LEGO character to use. 

4. DIY LEGO Utensil Holder

From Anna and Richard Wright via Houzz

This is LEGO hack is for the grownup geeks among us. Give your kitchen some quirky style and get playful with this DIY LEGO Utensil Holder. You know you’ll have the best time building it and showing off your “hard” work.

5. DIY LEGO Magnets

From Drew’s Directions

LEGO’s don’t have to be used strictly to build. Add some small magnets to the back of these LEGO bricks to create magnets. Hang artwork on the fridge, play games, or just build. Such a simple craft but makes a fun statement.

6. DIY Mason Jar LEGO Guy

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Re-use old mason jars to create this DIY LEGO Guy. It would be great for a LEGO themed party, for a piggy bank or even for LEGO storage or party favor… The possibilities are endless plus, it’s really easy to create.

7. DIY LEGO Chess Game

From 100 Directions

Did you know you could create a chess board with LEGO’s? Chess is a tough game but creating a chess game doesn’t have to be.

Just take a single LEGO square with lots of little squares and add your LEGO minifigure collection. That’s it!

Grab a chess parter, or LEGO fanatic, and start your game. Check mate! 

8. DIY LEGO Marble Run

From The Crafty Mummy

This DIY LEGO Marble Run would be a fun craft for kids to do themselves. Have them create turns and directions with long, skinny pieces, add a marble and it gives them a game that will entertain them, and you, for far longer than you’d expect.

9. DIY LEGO Wall Art

From Hello Ben Teoh

Are you looking for great way to decorate your LEGO fans room or maybe even your game room? This simple DIY LEGO Wall Art a nice DIY way to bring a little bit of colorful LEGO style into your space. Using just a deep set fram, LEGO square, and your favorite LEGO figures, you can create your own perfect LEGO decor.

10. DIY LEGO Travel Cases

From Mommy Testers

This DIY LEGO travel case is a lifesaver if you have a kid to entertain while one the go. Whether you’re stuck waiting for an appointment, traveling or sitting in the car, this DIY LEGO Travel case will keep all your LEGOs contained (so it doesn’t get lost and cause heartache), and offer a surface to play on.

11. DIY LEGO Maze

From Controlling Craziness

Create a fun LEGO maze for your figures or even a marble to run through. They will love using their imagination to create paths, dead-ends, routes and the design for the maze. Plus, as soon as they finish creating, let your LEGO people journey through. They will have fun long after it’s complete and finding new ways to transform the maze. 

12. DIY LEGO Purse

From I Love to Create

Are you a hardcore LEGO lover? Then this DIY LEGO purse is for you. Carry all your personal belongings with you while you show off your love for LEGOs. Creating this LEGO purse will take some time and dedication from start to finish, but if you stick it out until it’s complete, you’ll be glad you did. 

13. DIY LEGO Book

From Moonlight Bindery on Etsy

Ever seen a LEGO book? Nope, me neither. But after seeing this, I’m surprised they’re not more common! This is a great way to get LEGO fiends into writing and drawing, and you can change the design whenever you want. Simply grab some LEGO squares and add some paper to create a fun activity everyone will love. 

14. DIY LEGO Picture Frame

From Speedy Creativa

This DIY LEGO picture frame is actually a useful craft for kids and adults alike (though lots of crafts are fun, not all leave you with a useful/usable product!). It would be great for kids rooms and you could even tailor the LEGO figures to match the theme of the photo. Just grab some extra LEGOs laying around, because there always are, and glue them a simple frame.

15. DIY LEGO Kitchen Island

From Munchausen Design via Dwell

Okay, so this LEGO kitchen island is not for the faint of heart, but isn’t it awesome?! Actually, I’m kind of obsessed — this is a major LEGO hack. Kitchen remodel, anyone?

16. DIY LEGO Play Table

From Centsational Girl

The one problem with a LEGO obsession is the clutter that it brings. Control the chaos with the DIY Lego Play Table — such a useful LEGO hack and can be made with items already around your house. Attach LEGO squares to the top of a table and store your loose LEGOs in bins on the shelf underneath or on the floor. 

17. DIY LEGO Storage Container

From ObSEUSSed

Upcycle and re-use large plastic snack containers by turning them into large LEGO heads. They’d be great for a LEGO themed party or to store all those lose LEGOs and pieces you’re not sure what to do with. Plus, these would make perfect decoration ideas for your next LEGO themed birthday party. 

18. DIY LEGO Soap

From The Rockin Boys Club

Do your kids need a little encouragement to wash their hands? To be honest, what kid doesn’t? Try this DIY LEGO Soap — it actually looks pretty great, and might just get your kids washing their hands without you needing to nag!

Plus, check out 57 LEGO Themed Party Ideas…

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