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15 DIY Halloween Costumes Perfect for Boys

Table of Contents
  1. 1. A Lego Costume
  2. 2. Lego Indiana Jones Costume
  3. 3. Astronaut Costume
  4. 4. Up Costumes
  5. 5. Train Costume
  6. 6. Viking Costume
  7. 7. Toy Army Man
  8. 8. Peter Pan
  9. 9. Marshmallow Man
  10. 10. Clark Kent
  11. 11. Strongman Costume
  12. 12. Charlie Brown
  13. 13. Stick Figure Costume
  14. 14. Cowboy Costume
  15. 15. Dwight Schrute (The Office)
  16. Make Halloween fun with these craft supplies:
  17. Don't miss these great ideas for fun Halloween DIY's and crafts:
  18. Plus, check out 14 Halloween Kids' Crafts Made From Toilet Paper Rolls...

Has your boy decided what he wants to be this Halloween? Halloween is a favorite holiday in this household because we all get to be someone we are not for a day (and let’s face it, any excuse to eat candy and cupcakes is a good one!).

Some of the most fun Halloween costumes are the ones you can make at home with easy-to-find supplies.

What themed costumes can you make? Well, anything from a Toy Army Man,  Indiana Jones, an Astronaut, a cowboy, a train, a Viking, Peter Pan, and a Marshmallow man, to Clark Kent, Charlie Brown, Up characters, a Lego piece, a Strongman, Dwight Schrute (from The Office) or a Stick Figure.

Here are some of the best DIY Halloween Costumes for Boys from around the web.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Boys

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DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas for Boy Lego Costume

1. A Lego Costume

From Country Living

If your boy loves Legos, then why not be one for Halloween? Let him pick out his favorite color Lego brick and get to work on making this super easy costume. With a some boxes and a little spray paint, you can have a great looking and super fun costume in no time!

Boy DIY Lego Indiana Jones Halloween Costume Idea

2. Lego Indiana Jones Costume

From Instructables

If he’s a lover of Legos and adventurers, this costume is perfect. This DIY costume may take a little work, but the results are sure to pay off when your favorite boy has the best costume on the block.

If he’s not into Indiana Jones, then have him pick his other favorite Lego characters and get started on creating one of the coolest costumes out there.

DIY Boy Halloween Astronaut Costume Idea

3. Astronaut Costume

From Stitch Craft

Create an out of this world spacesuit with an old snowsuit and some duct tape. Who would have thought those two would come together to make such a cool costume that your boy is sure to love?

Not only is this costume cool to look at and DIY, but it doesn’t cost much either. That’s a score in my book.

UP DIY Boy Halloween Costume Idea

4. Up Costumes

From More than Words can Describe

How adorable is this?! If you’re looking for a fun costume idea for your little guy, look no further.

This Russell costume from Disney’s Up is full of detail from the patches on the sash to the balloons. Bonus points if you turn it into a family costume and dress up as other characters such as Carl from the movie.

Boy DIY Train Halloween Costume Idea

5. Train Costume

From The Ophoffs

Have a little one who’s just obsessed with trains? This DIY costume would be the perfect choice then! Easily put this costume together with some boxes and spray paint.

Also, the wheels are simply paper plates, meaning you may already have some of the items in your home. Affordable and adorable–two of my favorite things.

DIY Boy Viking Halloween Costume Idea

6. Viking Costume

From I am Momma Hear me Roar

If you need a last minute costume or maybe your boy loves vikings, this costume is for you! Put this costume together with basic pieces from your child’s wardrobe such as a plain colored shirt and pants.

The viking hat would be an easy find at any costume store, or maybe even the dollar store. All of the components for this costume come together easily for a fun costume.

Toy Army Man Boy DIY Halloween Costume Idea

7. Toy Army Man

From Wild Ink

This unique costume idea would be perfect for a toy army guy obsessed boy in your life. By gathering all of the items together and spray painting everything green, you get your costume. It’s that simple.

Boy Peter Pan DIY Halloween Costume Idea

8. Peter Pan

From Make It & Love It

Perfect for the little boy that you might not want to grow up. This cute Peter Pan costume is highly adorable and highly easy to make. The tunic is simply a cut piece of felt.

So easy to put together, you can have it done in no time. This would also be a good costume to put together if you’re in need of one at the last minute!

DIY Boy Marshmallow Man Halloween Costume Idea

9. Marshmallow Man

From Costume Works

I can’t get over how adorable this costume is. Really, just how cute is this? Turn your little guy into the marshmallow man with this easy DIY costume. You’ll be sure to get plenty of “aws” along your trick-or-treat route.

Boy DIY Clark Kent Superman Halloween Costume Idea

10. Clark Kent

From Costume Works

For the little superhero in your life. This costume is easily put together by getting a Superman shirt, or even making your own, and sticking it underneath regular clothes.

Find some glasses to up the cuteness factor, and your costume will be ready to go.

DIY Boy Strongman Halloween Costume Idea

11. Strongman Costume

From Oh Amanda via Tip Junkie

For this DIY costume, you probably already have most of the items needed in your home. This means you can put this costume together in a snap if needed.

The adorable muscles for this costume are created by little basketballs — how crafty. Use some clothing you already if you don’t want to find the striped shirt, and you’re all set. How easy is that?


12. Charlie Brown

From Smart Fun DIY

This famous character is perfect for a costume and so easy to create. Find a yellow shirt and go to town with a black marker making those infamous zig zags. Your child might have fun coloring his own clothes on purpose.

The only other parts of the costume you’ll need to make is the sign, which is super easy as well. This costume is creative and simple, perfect for DIY.

Boy DIY Stick Figure Halloween Costume Idea

13. Stick Figure Costume

From All for the Boys

This costume takes the cake for creativity! Not only is it super creative, but it’s also super easy to put together. With some black electrical tape and white clothes, you’ll have a stick figure in no time.

Your boy is sure to love how fun this costume is and none of his friends will have it either.

Boy DIY Halloween Costume Cowboy Western Horse Idea

14. Cowboy Costume

From Made for Mums

The cowboy outfit for this costume can be put together with a few simple items from his closet. Of course, every cowboy needs his horse, right? Put this pony together with a few cardboard boxes and paint.

You’ll have a creative and crafty costume that he might even want to play with over and over again!


15. Dwight Schrute (The Office)

From Costume Works

If you’ve seen The Office, then you’ll know that Dwight Schrute is one of the most lovable and funny characters on the show. Why not turn your toddler into him? With the classic yellow button down and the perfect tie to match, all he’s missing is the signature glasses!

Make Halloween fun with these craft supplies:

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Don’t miss these great ideas for fun Halloween DIY’s and crafts:

Plus, check out 14 Halloween Kids’ Crafts Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

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