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14 Fun Things To Do With Kids This New Year’s Eve

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Table of Contents
  1. New Year's Eve Ideas for Kids
  2. 1. New Year's Resolution Worksheet
  3. 2. 3 New Year's Eve Ideas for Families
  4. 3. Easy Maracas Party Craft
  5. 4. New Year's Eve DIY Party Hat and Blower
  6. 5. 15 Fun New Year's Eve Ideas for Kids and Adults
  7. 6. Fireworks In a Jar
  8. 7. New Year's Eve Balloon Pop Game
  9. 8. New Year's Time Capsule
  10. 9. New Year's Countdown Bags
  11. 10. Edible Party Horns
  12. 11. New Year's Scavenger Hunt
  13. 12. DIY Balloon Drop
  14. 13. Easy DIY: New Year's Eve Party Popper
  15. 14. 16 New Year's Eve Goodie Bag Ideas
  16. Count down to the new year with these great party sources gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  17. Celebrate with more great ideas for a kid friendly New Year's Eve party.
  18. Plus, check out 20 New Years Eve Crafts for Kids...

New Years is one of my favorite holidays because it means a fresh start, a clean slate. No matter what kind of year you’ve had, on New Year’s Day you can write down your goals and get ready for a great new beginning!

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Before that happens though, it’s time for some fun on New Year’s Eve. With that in mind, I want to share fun New Year’s Eve activities to do with your family on this festive holiday.

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New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids

Here’s a quick rundown of the ideas: resolution worksheet; 3 great New Year’s Eve ideas for families, easy DIY maracas, DIY party hat and blower, 15 Fun New Year’s Eve ideas for adults and Kids, fireworks in a jar, balloon pop, time capsule, countdown bags, edible party horns, New Year’s scavenger hunt, party bath for kids, goodie bags, DIY noise maker, New Year’s Eve sensory bin, personalized New Year’s cups, and a New Year’s wishing tree.

1. New Year’s Resolution Worksheet

From Jinxy Kids

Self-reflection is an integral part of my New Year’s every year. New Years is a perfect time to think about the things we want to accomplish in the coming year, and set goals for ourselves.

These printable activity sheets are perfect to help your kids set resolutions and goals for the next year, and are broken down into 4 categories: home, school, caring, extra credit to help them out. What a great idea to get your kids excited to accomplish their goals!

2. 3 New Year’s Eve Ideas for Families

From A Mom’s Take

Whether you are having a quiet family night or a big extravagant party, these new year’s eve tips are perfect to make sure you have a kid-friendly celebration.

Remember to follow these awesome tips to make sure you and your kids get the most out of your new year’s celebration this year!

3. Easy Maracas Party Craft

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

These maracas are such a fun idea! They use leftover plastic Easter eggs, which I always have laying around the house. You can have your kids help decorate the eggs too when you make these, which is a great way to keep them entertained until the countdown!

My kids loved helping decorate them with the crepe paper. When midnight hit the maracas were in full action!

4. New Year’s Eve DIY Party Hat and Blower

From A Mom’s Take

Whether you need to customize items for your big New Year’s Eve soiree, or need ideas for things you can make with your kids, these homemade party hats and blowers are perfect!

My kids loved decorating their party hats with fun glitter glue designs. These hats and blowers are easily customizable for your attendees if you are hosting a NYE bash too! Change the colors up, and even print some names or designs onto them!

5. 15 Fun New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids and Adults

From How Does She

These ideas for New Year’s Eve are awesome! I love playing games to pass the time while I am waiting up until the countdown. I love the idea to create a time capsule as well as the scavenger hunt for kids!

If you’re looking for party ideas or activities, check this out!

6. Fireworks In a Jar

From I can Teach my Child

These jars are perfect for kids who are fascinated by bright colors and fireworks. You will most likely have everything you need for them already at home! All they need are oil, water, and food coloring.

All you need to do is mix food coloring and oil together, and pour it into a jar of water. The food coloring will leech out of the oil and into the water creating a beautiful spectacle all contained in a jar in your living room!

7. New Year’s Eve Balloon Pop Game

From Craftibilities

It’s no surprise that it can be difficult to keep your kids up until the countdown at midnight. Creating fun activities to keep my kids entertained has become an unconventional tradition for me around here!

Just create these activities and balloons after your kids go to bed, put the activities in the balloons and write the times on them. When each time is met, your kids get to pop a balloon and do the activity in it!

8. New Year’s Time Capsule

From Women Living Well

These time capsules are easily made from repurposed oatmeal canisters. At your New Year’s Celebration, have everyone who attends write down their favorite memories from the last year, and some goals and resolutions for the coming one.

You can add anything into the time capsule, from vacation photos, to report cards, business cards, or sports memorabilia! Tuck the time capsule away until the next year, then pull it out and see how much has happened in the last year!

9. New Year’s Countdown Bags

From East Coast Mommy

Another great way to keep your kids entertained until the big countdown is goodie bags! These printable clocks are so cute. Just get your new year’s eve activities and some lunch bags, cut out the clocks, and add them to each bag.

You can personalize each bag for different kids and age groups too!

10. Edible Party Horns

From Cooking with My Kid

These edible horns are made with bright sprinkles and store-bought ice cream cones. They look just like real horns, but are completely edible.

You just dip them in melted chocolate and roll them in different colored edible sanding sugars, sprinkles, or anything you have that is colorful, then let them dry. My kids loved decorating these for New Year’s.

11. New Year’s Scavenger Hunt

From No Time for Flash Cards

This New Year’s scavenger hunt brings back all of the memories you captured throughout the year in photos. You create the photos and hide them around the house (if you want to hide outdoors, use plastic Ziplock bags).

Next, they need to be put in chronological order before you figure out who wins! I asked my kids to pick their favorite memories and share why they are their favorites after the hunt was complete. Their answers were seriously cute.

A group of people in a room

12. DIY Balloon Drop

From Been There, Pinned That

If you’re celebrating with kids this year, it’s important you keep them entertained until the big countdown. This balloon drop is easy to make using a table cloth, balloons, and confetti. Your kids will have so much fun pulling the lever and having the confetti and balloons explode everywhere when the clock strikes midnight!

13. Easy DIY: New Year’s Eve Party Popper

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Party poppers are the perfect way to bring excitement into your New Year’s Eve Celebration. These party poppers use leftover toilet paper rolls so you can feel even better about recycling!

The flashy gold screams new year’s. You can even have your kids help decorate them in the hours leading up to midnight!

14. 16 New Year’s Eve Goodie Bag Ideas

From Inner Child Fun

It’s no surprise that a lot of kids have trouble staying awake and entertained until midnight. These goodie bags will keep their excitement up to each hour, so they stay up each hour!

Each goodie bag contains an activity you and your kids can do to make the race to the countdown a fun one!

Count down to the new year with these great party sources gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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  • Prismatic Party Horns
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Celebrate with more great ideas for a kid friendly New Year’s Eve party.

Plus, check out 20 New Years Eve Crafts for Kids

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