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11 Thanksgiving Handprint and Footprint Crafts

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Handprint Mayflowers
  2. 2. Handprint Turkey Keepsakes
  3. 3. Fall Handprint Wreath
  4. 4. Paper Bag Turkey
  5. 5. Footprint Turkey
  6. 6. Hand Gobbler
  7. 7. Thanksgiving Handprint Tree Craft
  8. 8. Thanksgiving Cards
  9. 9. A Tree of Gratitude
  10. 10. Toeprint Acorn Craft
  11. 11. Thanksgiving Place Cards
  12. Thanksgiving craft ideas:
  13. Create a festive and fun kids' table this Thanksgiving with these great ideas full of inspiration.
  14. Plus, check out 12 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids...

Handprint and footprint art is a popular craft for kids these days. A little messy, yes, but you create fun décor and you end up with sweet keepsakes.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve rounded up several witty ideas for Thanksgiving Handprint and Footprint Crafts.

How great are these projects?

  • Handprint Mayflowers
  • Handprint Turkey Keepsakes
  • Fall Handprint Wreath
  • Paper Bag Turkey
  • Footprint Turkey

For perfect Thanksgiving dinner table décor, I’m voting for the Thanksgiving Handprint Tree Craft, Thanksgiving Cards, Tree of Gratitude, Toeprint (ha!) Acorn Craft, and Thanksgiving Place Cards.

Hands down, best foot forward and all that—boys love staying busy and they’ll gobble up time with you!

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See Also

1. Handprint Mayflowers

From Tippytoe Crafts

Teach your kids about the history of Thanksgiving while having fun painting and crafting with this adorable Handprint Mayflower craft.

Your children’s handprints get dipped in brown paint and then stamped on light blue construction paper.

A few more creative paper details and their handprint is transformed into the magnificent Mayflower ship.

2. Handprint Turkey Keepsakes

From Things to Share and Remember

Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving without a classing hand print turkey. Take a little twist on the classic craft using trendy burlap.

Along with some cardboard, paint, dyed noodles, and construction paper, these sweet little turkeys make a beautiful addition to your Thanksgiving decorating and a cute keepsake for the future.

3. Fall Handprint Wreath

From Evolving Motherhood

This fall handprint wreath is perfect for the multitasker or lazy decorator in your life. It works perfectly as a wall or door decoration for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Help you little ones decorate a paper plate wreath with faux fall foliage and painted handprints cut out of construction paper in the best fall colors.

4. Paper Bag Turkey

From Cherry Blossom Midtown

Another classic Thanksgiving craft that cannot be forgotten about is the paper bag turkey. It’s practically a tradition to make these in our house at the beginning of November.

These paper bag turkeys are easy to make with an assortment of crafting materials you probably already have on hand. They would be fun to make with the kids before Thanksgiving dinner, too.

5. Footprint Turkey

From Rantin’ & Ravin

6. Hand Gobbler

From Katherine Marie, Craft from Free Preschool Crafts

A turkey a day keeps the doctor away, at least around Thanksgiving. This adorable hand gobbler craft is easy to make and little different than the classic handprint turkey.

Cut out your child’s handprint using cardstock paper, then stand it up with wooden clothespin legs. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with feathery decorations and googly eyes galore.

7. Thanksgiving Handprint Tree Craft

From Katherine Marie

Just the mention of Thanksgiving conjures up a handful of wonderful family memories. Make more amazing memories and start a family tradition by making these Thanksgiving Trees as a family every year.

Use the template to cut out the outline of a tree and several fall-colored leaves. Each family member is given a leaf to write down one thing they are thankful for.

8. Thanksgiving Cards

From Katherine Marie

It is a whole family full of turkeys! Get your whole family together to make this adorable keepsake craft perfect for gifting to grandparents and other family members on Thanksgiving.

Trace everyone’s hands in an accordion style fashion, then add cute little details like beaks and feathers.

These cards also work great as a table decoration.

9. A Tree of Gratitude

From Katherine Marie

The Gratitude Tree makes an adorable keepsake or gift, and it is the perfect activity for Thanksgiving.

Three handprints make the perfect tree branches full of leaves, then every branch gets decorated with words representing what your child is thankful for.

This craft also doubles as a great character lesson. Teach kids about thankful, loving words!

10. Toeprint Acorn Craft

From Katherine Marie

Create these cute little toe print acorns with your kids for a Thanksgiving keepsake craft that you will cherish every autumn for years to come.

A little bit of brown paint and creativity can go a long way.

Decorate two brown paint toe prints with some acorn hats and turn the page into a beautiful oak tree. This craft is fun and kid friendly.

11. Thanksgiving Place Cards

From Katherine Marie

These little guys are absolutely adorable, making a perfectly festive place card holder or homemade decoration for Thanksgiving.

A recycled toilet paper roll gets spruced up with the help of patterned scrapbook paper, some googly eyes, handprint feathers, and an adorable message sign.

Start collecting your toilet paper rolls now!

Thanksgiving craft ideas:

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  • Colorful Paper Magic Color Scratch Leaves
  • Fall Stickers
  • Color Your Own I’m Thankful for Thanksgiving Placemats
  • 3D Pumpkin Wreath Craft Kit
  • Paper Plate Scarecrow Craft Kit
  • Wreath Of Thanks Craft Kit
  • Turkey Coaster Craft Kit
  • Design Your Own Giant Thanksgiving Sticker Scenes
  • Handprint Fall Keepsake Craft Kit

Create a festive and fun kids’ table this Thanksgiving with these great ideas full of inspiration.

Plus, check out 12 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids


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