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23 Awesome DIY Wood Pallet Ideas

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Recycling and upcycling is not only thrifty these days, it’s trendy too. If you have access to wood pallets (many stores give them away free!!), boy have we got great news for you: we’ve rounded up 23 awesome DIY wood pallet ideas! You’ll be crafting up pallet walls, sofas, beverage stands, clocks and so many different things. The only downside is trying to decide which of these awesome inexpensive projects to start with first!


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1 Pallet Roman Numeral Clock

1. Pallet Roman Numeral Clock :: Little Red Brickhouse

This Pallet Roman Numeral Clock is a great DIY to start with, as it has really clear instructions. This clock brings a rustic, classy charm to your home.

2 Pallet Wall

2. Pallet Wall :: Project Nursery

This pallet wall makes a great accent, bringing a bit of texture and character into the room without costing much at all.

3 Pallet Board World Map

3. Pallet Board World Map :: The Merrythought

This Pallet Board World Map is especially great for less experienced DIY-ers, as not too many tools are required.

4 Pallet Garden

4. Pallet Garden :: DIY Passion

Wanting to make an outdoor space a little more usable, but don’t have much square footage? Go vertical with this Pallet Garden idea.

5 Pallet Bookcase

5. Pallet Bookcase :: Made with Love

I love this pallet bookcase — it’s rustic but extremely practical and easy to put together

DIY pallet headboard

6. Pallet Headboard :: Cathey with an E

This Pallet Headboard brings a lovely character to the bedroom, and you can customize the stencil to fit with whatever design theme you’re going with (though I must say, I do like the birds!).

7 Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

7. Pallet Coffee Cup Holder :: One Little Bird Blog

This is another great space saving idea. If you don’t have much cupboard or storage space, use the vertical space in your kitchen by hanging mugs on this Pallet Coffee Cup Holder.

8 Pallet Sofa

8. Pallet Sofa ::

Ever think you’d make your own sofa? I’m guessing not, but this Pallet Sofa truly is, as they say, magic. Definitely going to be trying this one!

Potting Table Made from pallets

9. Potting Table made from Pallets :: Beyond the Picket Fence

Get ready for spring planting with this fabulous potting table made from pallets that will help make gardening a breeze.

10 Pallet Coffee Table

10. Pallet Coffee Table :: Sustainable Decor

This Pallet Coffee Table has built in storage, making it ideal if you’re trying to minimize clutter around the house. It’s also on wheels, so it’s really versatile.

11 Pallet Console Table

11. Pallet Console Table :: Kleinworth & Co.

A Pallet Console Table like this  is perfect for beginners — it’s easy to put together, doesn’t need too many skills or tools to put together, and looks pretty darn professional.

12 Pallet Wine Rack

12. Pallet Wine Rack :: The Kurtz Corner

This Pallet Wine Rack would be perfect for a bar area, or just for storage in the kitchen.

13 Pallet Planter Box

13. Pallet Planter Box :: Live Laugh Rowe

If you want to upgrade your outside area with a few plants and rustic furnishings, then this planter box is perfect for you. The instructions for this one are really clear, which makes it a good project for experienced and new carpenters alike.

14 Outdoor Patio Furniture from Pallets

14. Outdoor Patio Furniture from Pallets :: Sassy Sparrow

This Outdoor Patio Furniture from Pallets would definitely upgrade any yard, stoop or veranda. It would definitely be a good first project for a newbie, but you do need a lot of pallets to get started.

15 Fold-Up Pallet Desk

15. Fold-Up Pallet Desk :: Thistlewood Farms

If you’re short on space and cash, but need a place to work, then this Fold-Up Pallet Desk may well be just what you’re after.

16 Pallet Swing Bed

16. Pallet Swing Bed :: The Merrythought

Imagine a long, sunny summer’s day, swinging on this on a bed in the sun… Sounds like a dream, but you could definitely make it happen (well, we might not be able to help you with the sunny day, but we can definitely help you make the swing bed).

17 Pallet Deck Cooler

17. Pallet Deck Cooler :: Fox Hollow Cottage

If you spend a lot of time entertaining outdoors, then a Pallet Deck Cooler like this would definitely be worth the effort.

18 Pallet Herb Rack

18. Pallet Herb Rack :: Maikin Mokomin

This Pallet Herb Rack would be another great way to use vertical space and bring a bit of useful greenery to your outside area.

Strawberry Pallet Planter

19. Strawberry Pallet Planter :: Lovely Greens

Build a planter to help keep your strawberries grow strong and keep dirt from erroding with this simple DIY strawberry planter.

Pallet Serving Tray

20. Pallet Serving Tray :: Beyond the Picket Fence

Use your pallet scraps to create this beautiful serving tray to serve up breakfast or add decor to your space.

21 Pallet Lemonade Stand

21. Pallet Lemonade Stand :: The Clueless Girl

This Pallet Lemonade Stand is definitely the most adorable wooden pallet idea on the list. And for only $3, I’m sold.

22 Pallet Bed

22. Pallet Bed :: Santiago DIY

This is probably the cheapest and simplest DIY bed out there, so it’s definitely worth trying if you’re on a tight budget.

23 Pallet Serving Tray

23. Pallet Serving Tray :: Live Laugh Rowe

If someone would bring me sweet tea on this Pallet Serving Tray while I’m lying on my Pallet Swinging Bed, I’d be in heaven.

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