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How to Make Homemade Lego Soap

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What little boy doesn’t love a set of Legos?  Legos may be some of the most played with toys and we moms can use that to our advantage; these Homemade Lego Soap Bars are going to have the kids begging to wash their hands again and again just for the pure enjoyment! The micro mini Legos are securely placed in bars of olive oil soap and will leave hands squeaky clean.  These are perfect for washing hands, using in the shower as well as displaying for decorative purposes.  I placed these in our guest bathroom and I get tons and tons of comments on a weekly basis from our guests.  Best of all, they’re so easy to make that even the kids can whip up a batch!


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Grab a medium sized mixing bowl and drop your 4 squares of glycerin soap in it.  Place your bowl in the microwave for 40 seconds and remove, giving it a good stir to make sure all the soap is smooth.

Homemade Lego Soap

Put your handful of Lego blocks into the soap mixture and begin stirring.  You want to stir to ensure all of the Legos are covered in the olive oil soap mixture.

Homemade Lego Soap

Now it’s time to pour your Lego mixture into the silicone mold cavity containers.  Let it set for 2 hours.  Homemade Lego Soap

After 2 hours, you can pop those soaps out and they’re ready to rock with the kiddos!  Tip: Due to the size of these Legos being so micro mini, this soap is best used by children aged 4 and older and should not be used as a toy.

Homemade Lego Soap

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