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12 Super Bowl Craft Ideas We Love

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Even if your kids aren’t huge football fans (yet!), they can still join in the Super Bowl hoopla with these fun Super Bowl Crafts.

You might even want to make some of them pre-party to use as game day decorations.

Here’s the line-up: coasters, lace-up foam helmets, articulated football players, sticker embellished recipe cards, coozies, noise makers, Mason jar football cutlery holders, pennants, garlands, glittery foam fingers, and brown paper footballs to lace up with string or decorate with fingerprints. Game on!


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DIY Football Party Coaster Decoration Idea

1. Burlap Football Coasters

From Stitched by Crystal

Do you know a huge football fan? These burlap football coasters are the ultimate gift to give them! To make them, you cut out the football shapes and sew the edges to prevent the burlap from unraveling.

Then, paint on some stitching using a paintbrush and voila. These projects make for a great gift for birthdays, christmas, or a great addition to any Super Bowl Party.

2. Three Super Bowl Crafts for Kids

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

These 3 super bowl crafts are so much fun to make with kids! The first craft is a wearable football helmet you can make for your kids to wear during the game or during a kids football themed party.

The second is an articulated football player that can be drawn into your favorite football player! It can be made to kick, catch, throw, and make the touchdown.

The third craft are recipe cards that can be used to create awesome recipe cards or thank-you notes for the guests that attend your football or Super Bowl party.

Super Bowl party noisemaker craft idea
3. Game Day Noise Maker 

From Stephanie Lynn

Not everyone is able to cheer at a live football game, so these noisemakers will let your kids make noise and cheer alongside their favorite teams at home! These are made using colored rice inside of empty water bottles.

I like to personalize them by using food coloring to make the rice our team colors! Print out the free labels to customize them for your kids. When your team gets a touchdown, it is time to make some noise!

Super Bowl party craft ideas Astro Turf coozies
4. Astro Turf Football Coozies 

From Uncommon Designs

These are probably one of the most enjoyable crafts I have seen! They will keep your beer or soda cold, and your football spirit alive! To make them, cut your astroturf into strips and hot glue the ends together.

The instructions have the exact measurements, so you can make sure they will fit snugly around your cans.

These are perfect for the super bowl party you want to throw, or even to bring to tailgate parties.

Super Bowl craft ideas football cutlery holder
5. Mason Jar Football Cutlery Holder 

From The Cards We Drew

If you’re hosting a super bowl party, chances are you are preparing a game day spread for your guests. The cutlery for your delicious menu is probably going to get overlooked.

These simple mason jar football cutlery holders are beautiful, easy to make, and reusable for future parties. They’re made using paint and ribbon. Don’t worry, the paint is food safe. Once everything is dry, you’re ready to serve up your awesome food.

Super Bowl party craft ideas football pennants
6. Football Pennants 

From Chica and Jo

These football pennants are the perfect decoration to hang on your wall during your Super Bowl party. I like to hang these up close to my football snack table so everyone sees them while they are grabbing their food.

They are created out of grass carpet cut into triangles which is easily found at any home improvement store. The lettering and designs are cut out of white duct tape using an exacto knife. Then, just stick your cutouts to the grass carpet.

Create each yard line and add them all to a long strip of white duct tape, then hang it up in your house to finish these easy DIY decorations!

Super Bowl party craft game idea
7. Super Bowl Score It 

From Creekside Learning

This interactive game is so much fun for the kids. The object of the game is to shoot your paper football into the grass for a touchdown and through the goalpost for a field goal.

The goalposts are created from colored popsicle sticks and the grass is shredded green paper. You can either play this game in rounds, or in 60 second lightning rounds.

The footballs are folded out of paper and colored to resemble footballs. Remember to have a score keeper so you know who’s winning!

Super Bowl party craft pennant decoration idea
8. Football Pennant Garland 

From The Flair Exchange

Throwing a football party? This simple football pennant garland craft is easy to put together in just minutes, and looks just like classic footballs.

I like to hang this one up by the front door, so everyone who comes over knows exactly what the theme of the party will be inside.

The stitching on this garland is made using wraphia, because it is a lot flatter than traditional string and looks more like the stitching found on a football.

9. Glitter Foam Fingers 

From Studio DIY

These tiny foam fingers are an adorable way to celebrate your team during the super bowl! You can find the mini foam fingers online, and the only other things you need are glitter, and mod podge.

Cover your foam fingers in glue and glitter, let them dry, and enjoy. These will fit on a single finger, or can be stuck to skewers to avoid you dousing yourself in glitter – we all know how glitter likes to stick to everything you own.

Super Bowl party craft garland idea
10. Football Jersey Garland 

From Fiskars

This football jersey garland is such a cute addition to your super bowl party.

You can easily customize the jerseys to match your team colors, which will keep your spirits up on game day.

Everything is made using scrapbook paper and string, which means you probably have the materials needed to make this craft already at your house.

Super Bowl party craft fingerprint football idea
11. Fingerprint Footballs 

From Crafty Morning

These football fingerprints are the perfect craft to make with your kids, and don’t take too long.

They are made by cutting out football shapes with brown construction paper. Then, have your kids turn the paper into awesome footballs using washable white paint.

The best method to make these footballs is of course: your fingers. To avoid a mess, remember to put a tablecloth down before you bring the paint out.

Super Bowl party paper football craft idea
12. Brown Paper Football Lace-Ups

From Mom on Time Out

These adorable brown paper football lace-ups are surprisingly easy to make and so much fun for the family to play with.

Start by cutting football shapes into brown paper.

Then, hole punch around them and use white yarn or string to stitch them together. Fill them with stuffing, or something with a little more weight if you want to play pass with them.

The stitching is added to them using more yarn or string, and some hot glue to hold them onto the footballs.

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