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A LumberJack and Jill Joint Boy-Girl Birthday Party

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Throwing a joint girl and boy birthday party is an awesome way to celebrate two birthdays that are within a week or two of each other. Jennifer Perkins planned this incredible Little LumberJack and Jill party for Baxter and Tallulah, whose birthdays are a mere 9 days apart.  I’m in love with the lumberjack themed breakfast menu, natural decorations scavenged from the great outdoors and the DIY log cabin! You’ve got to check out the party for all of the creative detail ideas!

Lumberjack and Jill Birthday Party

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There are so many things to love about this unique party, most of which Jennifer dreamed up and did herself!


First off, I love the natural décor Jennifer used throughout the styling, including salvaged wood stumps and moss.  She created several tableaus using these natural elements and a few well-chosen props.



Take, for instance, the dining room corner that she spruced up with moss, monogram letters, repurposed branches, and a vintage lantern. And of course, Jennifer added that festive birthday touch with a pinecones-and-pictures banner she made using photos of the birthday honorees.

Lumberjack Themed Birthday Party

Lumberjack themed Birthday party

Next, I love Jennifer’s lumberjack themed menu! Her kitchen table was full of delicious breakfast items like silver dollar pancakes, candied bacon on a stick, mini quiche, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit, cheese and nuts.  I definitely think I could convert to the lumberjack lifestyle if these kind of breakfasts are the norm.  And is that tree stump/ax centerpiece great or what?

Lumber Jack Birthday Party Dessert table

Lumberjack Themed Birthday Party

The favor table is adorable!  The banner hanging above the rustic log-inspired font is perfect: “Little Lumberjacks and Jills”.  And the centerpiece of the table was awesome—a log cabin made from Lincoln Logs!  How clever are those “log cabin” favor bags? Jennifer filled them with rubber ducks dressed as lumberjacks, pancake mix and bubbles.  Adults were gifted with CDs whose playlist included hits like “Feed the Tree” and “Lumberjack”.

Lumberjack Birthday party

Jennifer knows kids and how to keep them entertained.  She planned for some awesome activities including a lumberjack themed sensory bin. It was full of birdseed, wood pieces, scoops, nets, a toy saw and moss.

She also had a DIY log cabin playhouse made of cardboard.  Isn’t it amazing?  I know kids loved playing in it.

Lumber Jack and Jill Felt play board


Another fun party activity was the felt story board station. Kids made up their own stories while they played with the felt story board props.

The plaid party hats were another DIY. They are adorable and totally theme appropriate!

Unique party themes are always so fun to inspect.  I love the ingenuity and creative ideas Jennifer came up with for this joint boy-girl birthday party!

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