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50 Free Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Table of Contents
  4. Check out more great ideas perfect for moms.
  5. Help your kids create they're own masterpiece for Mother's Day with these great craft ideas sourced by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  6. Plus, don't miss 16 Free Mother's day Printables...

Are you stumped about what to give Mom this year? Whether your mom (grandmom, aunt, big sis) is one of those who “has everything” or your wallet “has nothing”, I’ve got 50 free Mother’s Day gift ideas to inspire you. Oh, alright. I admit nothing is totally free because there is at least effort involved — gifts of time, service and love have their own cost — but that’s what makes the gift so precious. Wrap yourself in a bow and declare Happy Mother’s Day!

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A potential to consider: although you’ll want to do the presenting for Mother’s Day, the actual accomplishment won’t necessarily be that day, which opens up a wider range of seasonal helps you can gift. So, if you decide you’’d like to present your gift in coupon form, check here.

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1. Homemade Cookie-of-the-Month for a year (or ice cream, special dessert, gourmet meal).
2. Breakfast in bed.
3. Host a family meal get-together; Mom is not allowed to cook or clean-up.
4. Prepare extra when you make your meals and freeze a couple of portions for her.
5. Make her favorite dishes for dinner.
6. Tea for two. Make it pretty!
7. Do a month’s worth of menu planning for her; include weekly ingredient lists.


8. Give Mom a massage: rubbing neck and shoulders or hands and feet are pleasant options if a whole body massage isn’t practical.
9. Remember how good it feels to have your hair brushed? Do it for Mom.
10. Wash and style her hair.
11. Do a manicure. And how about a pedicure?
12. Home spa day (ideas for scrubs/soaks here).
13. Style makeover. Everyone gets in a rut; help Mom put together a few, new outfit combos with items already in her wardrobe.
14. Play chauffeur and drive her to appointments.
15. Do her laundry –maybe even include ironing if you remember how!
16. Organize her closet/bureau.
17. Spring/fall house clean.
18. Wash windows.
19. Do some chore she hates to do.
20. Paint a room/s.
21. Weed her flower beds/garden.
22. Mow the grass.
23. Rake leaves.
24. Shovel snow.
25. Fill her bird feeders.
26. Clean out her car.
27. Be her personalized clip service for a specified time and collect coupons.
28. Take her grocery shopping and carry all the bags.
29. Balance her checkbook.
30. Set up a spreadsheet to help her budget.
31. Style her living quarters/home.
32. Do her Christmas decorating.
33. If you’re more techie than Mom, help her with her cell phone, computer, TV or appliances. Don’t laugh at her —  unless she’s laughing.
34. Teach her a new skill.
35. Tackle her pile of mending.
36. Organize all of those old photographs.
37. Make her something: knit, crochet, sew, paint, craft, or sing!


38. Take Mom to a beautiful public flower garden, museum, art gallery, etc. University settings are often free.
39. Go on a picnic. Blow bubbles or release colorful balloons when you’re done.
40. Find a book at the library you think you’d both enjoy and take time to read aloud to each other. Discuss the book’s particulars.
41. Go on a bike ride together — remember to pack a brown bag lunch.
42. Make a regular phone date and meet for tea and talking.
43. Make her a joke-a-day jar or compile words of faith and encouragement or words of appreciation.
44. Facilitate a get-together with friends she hasn’t seen in a while.
45. Is Mom a gamer? Fix popcorn/a treat and make an evening of playing games.
46. Plan a crafting activity and do it together.
47. Pick a bouquet of flowers from your yard (or a friend’s who doesn’t mind sharing); wrap the stems in a pretty fabric or lace scrap and present them to Mom.
48. Gift Mom with something you already own that would be meaningful to her.
49. Do something she has always wanted you to do that you didn’t ever do.
50. Spend uninterrupted time talking/listening to each other.

Check out more great ideas perfect for moms.

Help your kids create they’re own masterpiece for Mother’s Day with these great craft ideas sourced by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Plus, don’t miss 16 Free Mother’s day Printables

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