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22 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

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Ready to kick your Easter egg decorations up a notch? There are so many creative ideas here to use for Easter party décor or fun at home. Pastel dyes are lovely on their own but there is much more to do with an egg.

Did you know you can use shaving cream, melted crayons, nonpareil sprinkles, washi tape, paintbrushes, lace, stencils, stickers, glitter, flowers, decoupage, gold leaf or chalkboard paint on eggs?

Peruse these suggestions for unique egg decorating effects that range from lovely to quirky to just plain awesome. The Easter Bunny is going to have his best year yet! Check out these tips for planning the perfect Easter egg hunt and add this Easter bunny cake to your celebration.

22 ways to decorate Easter eggs from Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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1. Dying Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream

From Katie’s Crochet Goodies & Crafts
What do shaving cream and neon food coloring have to do with dying Easter eggs? The combination is magic and results in some pretty awesome Easter eggs covered in swirled patterns rich in color.

Melted crayon Easter egg decorating. Get the kids involved in this fun project.
2. Easter Eggs with Melted Crayons

From Jenna Burger Design
Normally I like to avoid melted crayons at all costs, but not with this awesome Easter egg decorating idea. For this Easter egg decorating method, you just need hard boiled eggs, fresh from the stove (still hot), and color crayons.

Doodling on the eggs results in the crayon melting and a totally cool effect.

Nonpareil Easter egg decorating ideas. Unusual fun decorations.
3. Nonpareil Sprinkle Easter Eggs

From Studio DIY!
Easter eggs and sprinkles? Sounds like a winning combination, doesn’t it?

A quick coat of tacky glue may render these Easter eggs inedible, but the result once rolled in the nonpareil sprinkles will be worth the sacrifice of only being able to see the beautiful and delicate eggs.

Pastel painted Easter eggs will give your festive table a classic look.
4. Brushstroke Easter Eggs

You’ll need to channel your inner Picasso to make these fun brushstroke Easter eggs. Gather your painting tools (acrylic paint, paint palette, and brush) and some hard boiled eggs, and you are ready to decorate some Easter eggs.

Use washi tape to create fun, easy patterns on your festive eggs.
5. Washi Tape Easter Eggs

From Lovely Indeed
You can unleash your creative side and go to town crafting up washi tape Easter eggs. While the end product is awesome, decorating the eggs is surprisingly easy.

Doily stenciled Easter eggs. Use doilies to create beautiful lace patterns on pastel eggs.
6. Doily Stenciled Eggs

From Urban Comfort
Who knew that doilies make amazing stencils for decorating Easter eggs? A little spray of adhesive keeps the doilies in place while you paint.

Golden egg decoration ideas - this marble technique will have visitors wondering how you achieved it.
7. Golden Marbled Easter Eggs

From SheKnows
These stunning golden marbled Easter eggs will take your Easter decorations to a whole new level. And this tutorial takes the guesswork out of gold leafing.

8. Botanical Easter Eggs

From Martha Stewart
Little pieces of greenery and herbs make these botanical Easter eggs something extra special. This multi-step decorating process utilizes an egg white application process and nylon stocking dyeing process for best results.

Simple double dyed eggs using electrical tape.
9. Tape and Dye Easter Eggs

From Indie Fixx
Electrical tape may just be your new favorite crafting tape! These Easter eggs are made by taping an egg before the first dye drop followed by removing the tape and reapplying in another direction prior to the second dye drop.

Subway art Easter egg decorations. Festive and trendy.
10. Subway Art Easter Eggs

From Lil’ Luna
These subway art inspired Easter eggs are awesome! Create subway style words from vinyl and adhere to your eggs before painting. So fun!

Polka dot glitter Easter eggs - pretty and unique
11. Glitter Easter Eggs

From A Pumpkin and a Princess
Imagine the fun of creating glitter Easter eggs without the mess of glue! Glue dots are used in this tutorial and makes the process of creating something gorgeous and glittered so much easier!

Silhouette Easter eggs. These uniquely festive eggs look great.
12. Sticker Silhouette Easter Eggs

From Spaceships and Laser Beams via The SITS Girls
Stickers and dye are the only items (in addition to eggs) you’ll need to get going on these sticker silhouette Easter eggs. They are easy enough for kids to make.

DIY flower Easter egg ideas
13. DIY Flower Easter Eggs

From Pizzazzerie
These DIY flower Easter eggs are practically mess-free. No paint or dye involved! You’ll love the ease of pinning faux flowers to foam eggs.

Easter egg bling, for the most fashionable of Easter bunnies.
14. Easter Egg Bling

From Landeelu
Give old faux Easter eggs new life with a fresh coat of paint and a little Easter bling. These Easter eggs are given the wow factor with vinyl and paint accents and gem embellishments.

Fashionable monochromatic eggs are simple and classic.
15. Black and White Easter Eggs

From Obviously Sweet
Black and white Easter eggs look classy, don’t they? Pick up black permanent ink markers (Sharpie brand works well) in two different tip sizes to create endless patterns.

16. Lace Easter Eggs

From Celebrating Everyday Life
These beautiful lace Easter eggs are easier to make than you might think. Raid your lace stash, and grab some acrylic craft paint for some Easter fun.

17. Quick and Easy Easter Eggs Decorations

From Better Homes and Gardens
If you’re stumped for new ways to decorate Easter eggs this year, check out these quick and easy Easter egg decorating ideas. There are some fun tips for tissue speckled eggs, string-wrapped eggs, margarine marbled eggs. and more.

Super Mario Brothers-themed Easter eggs! What could be more fun?
18. Super Mario Brothers Easter Eggs

From Imnopea, Instructables
Are your children obsessed with Super Mario Brothers? Turn ordinary eggs into exciting Super Mario Brothers Easter eggs. Pencil a quick outline of your intended design before filling it in with acrylic paint.

Using napkins to decorate Easter eggs means upcycling your favorite napkin patterns!
19. Decoupage Easter Eggs

From Dizzy Maiden
If you want pretty Easter eggs to match your kitchen décor or Easter place settings, consider making decoupage Easter eggs. Pick out pretty fabric colors and prints and cut out shapes you like. Adhere the fabric shapes with craft glue.

20. Lines and Letters Easter Eggs

From Martha Stewart
If you want pretty Easter eggs to match your kitchen décor or Easter place settings, consider making decoupage Easter eggs. Pick out pretty fabric colors and prints and cut out shapes you like. Adhere the fabric shapes with craft glue.

21. Bright and Crafty Easter Eggs

From Hostess With the Mostess
Don’t be afraid to break out those craft supplies when it comes to decorating your Easter eggs this year! These bright and crafty Easter eggs were made by dyeing eggs in deep hues and decorating them with a variety of festive craft supplies like ribbon, scrapbook paper, faux flower and stickers.

Chalkboard Easter eggs are fun and crafty
22. Chalkboard Easter Eggs

From Oleander and Palm
Go old school by DIYing your own chalkboard Easter eggs. A little chalkboard paint added to paper mache eggs means these Easter eggs can be used year after year. Plus, how fun to add your own chalk decorations year after year.

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