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19 SpongeBob SquarePants Birthday Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Patrick Star Cookies
  2. 2. DIY Cupcake Hamburgers (Krabby Patties)
  3. 3. DIY Tissue Pineapples
  4. 4. Plankton Jell-O Cups
  5. 5. DIY Plankton Watermelon Fruit Bowl
  6. 6. SpongeBob Cake
  7. 7. Pineapple Shaped Pizza
  8. 8. DIY SpongeBob SquarePants Napkin
  9. 9. Patrick Star Watermelon
  10. 10. SpongeBob Rice Krispy Treats
  11. 11. Coconut Bowling Game
  12. 12. Green Seaweed Sugar Ribbons
  13. 13. Giant Plankton Piñata
  14. 14. Pineapple Cake Pops
  15. 15. DIY SpongeBob Party Bags
  16. 16. SpongeBob Birthday Party
  17. 17. Chum Bucket Utensil Holder
  18. 18. Bikini Bottom Photo Booth
  19. 19. Pin The Tie On SpongeBob
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These SpongeBob SquarePants birthday party ideas will make your house more happening than Bikini Bottom. Everyone knows who lives in a pineapple under the sea. But could you throw a party themed after this SquarePants character? Sure! Party supplies and decorating ideas are abundant in this post. Serve up Patrick Star watermelon or Plankton Jell-O cups. DIY your own Plankton piñata or SpongeBob party bags. And don’t forget to make your own pin the tie on SpongeBob game. There is so much inspiration to be found in the deep blue sea.

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SpongeBob Birthday party Ideas

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Patrick Starr Cookies

1. Patrick Star Cookies

Our first SpongeBob SquarePants party idea is a bit of a challenge, but only if you DIY it. If you’re not in the mood to get out your piping bag, why not take the design to your local bakery?

DIY Cupcake Hamburgers (Crabby Patties)

2. DIY Cupcake Hamburgers (Krabby Patties)

These are technically Cupcake Hamburgers, but you definitely won’t have any crabby kids with these Krabby Patties on the table.

3. DIY Tissue Pineapples

These DIY Tissue Pineapples are a fun, easy way to bring the SpongeBob theme to life, and they’re really simple to make.

A cake made to look like a cup, with Party and Birthday

4. Plankton Jell-O Cups

Aren’t these Plankton Jell-O Cups a fantastic idea? This grumpy little green character is a fun addition to your birthday spread, and the Jell-O cups are great to make ahead.

DIY Plankton Watermelon Fruit Bowl

5. DIY Plankton Watermelon Fruit Bowl

Get out the carving knife and a melon baller. This DIY Plankton Watermelon Fruit Bowl is an awesome way to bring something a little bit healthier to the party.

Spongebob Cake

6. SpongeBob Cake

If you have a little bit of extra time on your hands, then this intricate SpongeBob Cake is a great challenge. If not, it’s time to hit the bakery, photo in hand!

Pineapple Shaped Pizza

7. Pineapple Shaped Pizza

This is a delicious DIY, and a tasty way to bring your SpongeBob theme into the food. It should be pretty easy to put together at home and looks really impressive. Decorate with ham and pineapple if you dare.

DIY Spongebob Square Pants Napkin

8. DIY SpongeBob SquarePants Napkin

This is a super cute way to add a little bit of SpongeBob flare to your table settings, and it’s a great DIY to do ahead of time.

9. Patrick Star Watermelon

These Patrick Star Watermelon pieces are another great way to sneak some fruit into the party without anyone noticing.

A group of colorful blocks

10. SpongeBob Rice Krispy Treats

These SpongeBob Rice Krispy Treats are pretty darn cute and are a cinch to put together with some fondant. 

Coconut Bowling Game

11. Coconut Bowling Game

If you haven’t decided on your entertainment yet, why not give this Coconut Bowling Game a try? It’s an easy DIY that will keep kids well entertained, and it would work well for all kinds of different themes.

Green Seaweed Sugar Ribbons

12. Green Seaweed Sugar Ribbons

These Green Seaweed Sugar Ribbons wouldn’t look at all out of place in Bikini Bottom, but they’d look even better on your SpongeBob Party snack table.

Spongebob Party Ideas

13. Giant Plankton Piñata

We love having pinatas at birthday parties — they’re really easy to DIY, whatever your theme. Don’t you just love how mad this Giant Plankton Pinata looks?

Pineapple Cake Pops

14. Pineapple Cake Pops

These Pineapple Cake Pops look great, bringing a fun pop of bright lemon yellow to the snack table.

DIY Spongebob Party Bags

15. DIY SpongeBob Party Bags

We love how simple these DIY SpongeBob Party Bags would be to make ahead, making your life a little easier the day of the party. Aren’t those big googly eyes adorable?

Spongebob Birthday Party

16. SpongeBob Birthday Party

There are so many fantastic SpongeBob SquarePants birthday party ideas here, we don’t quite know where to start. Perhaps the banner might be a great idea, but there’s some stiff competition.

Chum Bucket Utensil Holder

17. Chum Bucket Utensil Holder

This is a great way to carry over your theme, but it’s also a clever way to keep your utensils tidy and organized. Win-win!

Bikini Bottom Photo Booth

18. Bikini Bottom Photo Booth

We think that this might be the most original SpongeBob party idea on the list. It’s a bit of a challenge, but would be a great DIY party activity if you have the time.

Pin the Tie on Spongebob

19. Pin The Tie On SpongeBob

Seeing as there are no donkeys in Bikini Bottom, why not pin the tie on SpongeBob instead? This is a great game that will keep kids entertained for ages.

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