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19 Finding Dory Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Finding Dory Water Sensory Bin
  2. 2. Finding Dory Paper Plate Puppets
  3. 3. Finding Dory Octopus Cupcakes
  4. 4. Dory Party Hats
  5. 5. Fish Balloons
  6. 6. Finding Dory Treats
  7. 7. Finding Dory Sugar Cookies
  8. 8. Finding Dory Birthday Party + Free Printables
  9. 9. Finding Dory Parfaits
  10. 10. Finding Dory Party Favor Printable
  11. 11. Finding Dory Fruit Punch
  12. 12. Dory Cupcakes
  13. 13. Finding Dory Party Favor + Free Printable
  14. 14. Finding Dory Dipped Marshmallows
  15. 15. Finding Dory Cereal Treats
  16. 16. Finding Dory Party Drink
  17. 17. Nemo and Dory Cake
  18. 18. Beach Pail Favor Buckets
  19. 19. Finding Dory Snack Mix
  20. Thinking of planning an under the sea birthday bash? We think you’ll love these party sources put together by the Spaceships and Laser Beams crew.
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Finding Dory, the sequel to Finding Nemo, smashed the box office and has become another popular birthday and summer party theme.

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To help you get a jump start on the Finding Dory party theme, we’ve rounded up 19 of our favorite ideas! From Finding Dory Parfaits to Dory party hats, cupcakes, cereal treats, cake and more, you will be inspired to find Dory!

Finding Dory Birthday Party Ideas

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Finding Dory Water Sensory Bin

1. Finding Dory Water Sensory Bin

From Mom Inspired Life

Sensory bins are a great way to keep kids busy while still learning. This Finding Dory Water Sensory Bin is so easy to create and great for little hands. Grab a shallow bin, water, blue food coloring and of course Dory! Add in craft gems, textured items and other age appropriate items to complete your sensory bin. Kids will love to play and splash around out side and they wont even realize they are learning.

Finding Dory Paper Plate Puppets

2. Finding Dory Paper Plate Puppets

From Raising Whasians

Want a craft kids of ages will love to create? Check out these paper plate puppets using just the items in your home. All you need is paper plates and some markers. A few googly eyes would add the perfect touch! Re-create your favorite under the sea characters and scenes to put on a fun puppet show.

Finding Dory Octopus Cupcakes

3. Finding Dory Octopus Cupcakes

From Sunshine and Hurricanes

You cannot go wrong with these octopus cupcakes for your Finding Dory party. SImply bake up blue cupcakes topped with blue icing and mini white pearl sprinkles. Top with a gummy octopus with candy eyes for the perfect treat. Display the cupcakes with some green paper shred to look like seaweed.

Dory Party Hats

4. Dory Party Hats

From C’mon, Get Crafty

There is something about parties and party hats that kids seem to love! Take a plain blue party cone hat and add some oversized eyes, yellow fins and a mouth to create a perfect DIY Dory party hat.

Fish Balloons

5. Fish Balloons

From Writing Our Story

Balloons animals are so much fun and these fish balloon animals are no exception. These fish will look perfect “swimming” across the

A cake made to look like a train

6. Finding Dory Treats

From Oh My Disney

These Finding Dory Treats may just be too sweet to eat! But, I bet they are delicious. A twist on the tradtional candy apple treat, you simply take an apple, covered in caramel, dipped in white chocolate and rolled in blue sugar. Then using candy eyes and icing, decorate your apple treats to look just like Dory.

Finding Dory Sugar Cookies

7. Finding Dory Sugar Cookies

From A Sparkle of Genius

Complete your Finding Dory dessert table with these perfectly crafted Finding Dory cookies. Whether your a cookie novice or a pro, try your hand at these cookies or ask a baker or friend to create them. They look amazing, taste great and will make a great addition to your party.

Finding Dory Birthday Party + Free Printables

8. Finding Dory Birthday Party + Free Printables

From The Kiwi in the Clouds

Grab your snorkle and just keep swimming to this amazingly modern Finding Dory birthday party. Set against a bright white backdrop, vibrant blues and crisp oranges sparkle in the details of the drinks, candy and even the food. Dory sits atop this beautifuly simple white cake  accented by the blue and orange Dory cut outs on spread on the table.

Finding Dory Parfaits

9. Finding Dory Parfaits

From Raising Whasians

If Finding Dory is their favorite movie, then you have to make these Finding Dory parfaits. Made with only 4 ingredients like yogurt, cool whip and fresh blueberries, it will quickly become a household favorite. Plus, it’s topped with Dory marshamallows. How can you resist.

Finding Dory Party Favor Printable

10. Finding Dory Party Favor Printable

From Hello Splendid

Check out this printable Finding Dory Party Favor that will be perfect to gift your party guests. Just download, print and cut. How easy was that. Attach a Dory squirter toy and tie with bakers twine to complete your favor. Guests will rave at how cute this gift is plus they will love playing with this in the water at home.

Finding Dory Fruit Punch

11. Finding Dory Fruit Punch

From Mom on the Side

Share your love for Dory with this Finding Dory Fruit Punch. Made from blue Powerade, Sprite and even sorbet! The glass is even rimmed in sweet sanding sugar for that ocean feel. Kids and adults will love indulging in this sweet drink no matter the occasion. So grab a glass and sit back and enjoy.

Dory Cupcakes

12. Dory Cupcakes

From Kati’s Cupcakes

If you’re planning a Finding Dory themed birthday party, then you don’t want to miss out on these Dory cupcakes. Traditional cupcakes are used and topped with blue swirled icing and Dory is placed perfectly on top made from fondant. These will make a great addition to your dessert party.

Finding Dory Party Favor + Free Printable

13. Finding Dory Party Favor + Free Printable

From DIY Inspired

Little Dory lovers will love getting their hands on these Dory party favors that are also a fun game. Small bags are filled with licorice candy, goldfish crackers and gummy fish and a “hidden” Dory, topped with a printable tag.

Finding Dory Dipped Marshmallows

14. Finding Dory Dipped Marshmallows

From Raising Whasians

Look no further for a simple treat perfect for your Finding Dory party or just a fun themed snack. Take a few marshmallows and dip in blue and yellow candy melts, sprinkle some white pearl sprinkles to mimic bubbles around the sides and finish off with Finding Nemo and Dory gummy fruit snacks. Let sit and harden and serve!

Finding Dory Cereal Treats

15. Finding Dory Cereal Treats

From The Mom Creative

Make snack time fun with these Finding Dory Cereal treats. Made with just 3 ingredients, it’s sure to be a crowd pleasure. Marshmallows, butter and Finding Dory Cereal is all you need to create a delicious snack that you don’t even have to bake. It’ll make great treats to serve at a Finding Dory themed party, for snack time or just a Monday afternoon.

Finding Dory Party Drink

16. Finding Dory Party Drink

From Kid Friendly Things to Do

How cute is this Dory drink pitcher? Anyone can serve a blue drink at your party but why not decorate your pitcher to reflect your theme! Grab some craft supplies and tools and get crafting. Made with felt and half foam circles to create your own Dory themed drink pitcher.

Nemo and Dory Cake

17. Nemo and Dory Cake

From Cakes Decor

The details on this Finding Dory cake is simple amazing. Colorful fondant is crafted and made to look just like an under the sea coral reef. The dark blue, single tiered cake is simply a showstopper. The Finding Dory logo is used to create the birthday childs name and the main characters are placed perfectly on the top with a glittery number 2.

Beach Pail Favor Buckets

18. Beach Pail Favor Buckets

From Life on the Mom List

Send your guests home with these amazing beach pail favor buckets. Each bucket is filled with a fish printed washcloth, stickers, fish soap, and a fish ornament. You can even personalize each bucket by adding a custom gift tag or even adding each guests name on the sides of the bucket. A great gift for a beach or ocean themed party.

Finding Dory Snack Mix

19. Finding Dory Snack Mix

From Sunshine and Hurricanes

Snacks are always a must for any party. But, not just any snacks. Kids love munchie snacks and stuff they can graze on. Try your hand at this Finding Dory Snack Mix. Popcorn, pretzles, and blue chocolate candies make the perfect treat kids will love. Fill mini buckets or pails to serve at your party or place in baggies to send home as favors, these will be a hit no matter how they are served.

Thinking of planning an under the sea birthday bash? We think you’ll love these party sources put together by the Spaceships and Laser Beams crew.

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