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10 Milk Carton Crafts Boys Will Love

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Finding crafts we can make with items we already have around the house makes me feel so virtuous! These Milk Carton Crafts are fun to make and they afford a great excuse to talk about recycling with your kids.

This collection of ideas includes a milk carton bird feeder, a balloon ride, a tool caddy-style planter, a lamp, a dump truck, an owl-shaped bird feeder, playhouses, a chalkboard cityscape, and a boat.

And especially for moms (and maybe their little helpers), there’s also a cool intro to making handmade soap in milk carton molds.

Need to get some empty containers so you can get crafting? Check out these Dessert Recipes That Use Up Milk. 


See Also

Milk Carton Kids Craft Bird Feeder

1. Milk Carton Bird Feeder


Milk Carton Kids Craft Ideas

2. Milk Carton Balloon Ride

From Martha Stewart

MIlk Carton Planter Kids Craft Idea

3. Milk Carton Planter

From Disney

Kids Milk Carton Craft idea

4. Milk Carton Lamp

From Kids Chaos

Dump Truck Milk Carton Craft Idea for Kids

5. Milk Carton Dump Truck

From Karenika, Photo and Inspiration from Origami Mommy

Kids MIlk Carton Craft Ideas for Kids

6. Milk Carton Owl Bird Feeder

From Creative Jewish Mom

Milk Carton Planter Craft for Kids

7. Milk Carton Houses

From Joyful Mama’s Place

Milk Carton City Scape Craft Ideas for Kids

8. Milk Carton Chalkboard Cityscape

From Paper Plate and Plane

Milk Carton Boat Kids Craft Idea

9. Milk Carton Boat

From MollyMoo

Milk Carton Craft for Kids Ideas

10. Handmade Soap from a Milk Carton

From Garden Therapy

Get ready to make lots of fun crafts with these great supplies…

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  • Fibre Craft Sm’ART Parts
  • Bright Buttons
  • Plastic Alphabet Stampers
  • Crayola Washable Kid’s Paint
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  • Peel and Stick by Numbers

Keep kids busy with more fun craft ideas.

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