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21 Dinosaur Crafts Ideas for Boys Party

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Whether you’re planning a dinosaur themed boy birthday party or just have little guys who like dinosaurs, you’re going to like these great ideas for dinosaur crafts: Easy to Make Paper Dinosaur, DIY Dinosaur Hat, Paper Plate Dinosaur, Dinosaur Bones Fossil, and Dinosaur Track Flip Flops. Plenty of these crafts can do double duty as party decorations or party favors that the boys can make and take home, such as the Dinosaur Frozen Fossils Game, Fossil Dough, Make Your Own Lava Lamp, and Printable Dinosaur Coloring Pages. The DIY Dinosaur Plate Craft, Free Printable Dinosaur Puppets, and Hand Print Volcano Card are great for younger boys, while How to Make Dinosaur Fossils, How to Make Dinosaur Feet, Make a Giant Dinosaur out of Toilet Paper Rolls, and the Clothespin Dinosaur Crafts are ideal for older boys. All boys will have fun making the Box Dinosaur Hat, Paper Plate Stegosaurus Dinosaur, DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat, and the Cardboard Dinosaur. Phew! That’s a lot of dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Craft Ideas and Activities

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