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Owl Themed First Birthday Party

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  1. More owl birthday party ideas:
  2. Plus, check out these woodland themed party ideas for even more inspiration...

You and your party guests can have a real hoot with an owl themed first birthday party.

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Hazel, of the blog Hazel Loves Design, provides plenty of inspiration in these photos of the dessert table she created for her son’s owl themed birthday party.

The vibrant aqua blue and green color palette is preppy and fun—a nice twist to more subdued woodsy tones seen in many trending owl birthday parties.

You’ll get a near birds-eye view of the sweet treats—including an awesome owl birthday cake—birthday party favors, and the super sweet owl themed birthday decorations.

A birthday cake

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The first question on guests minds’ was surely, “’Whoooo’ made the amazing cake?” A single round tier, this cake was covered with incredible fondant details.

Colored fondant polka dots and leaves decorated the sides of the cake, while a darling fondant owl sitting on his perch served as the awesome topper.

Additionally, party bunting, and dots made from fondant were cake embellishments. To complete the festive cake, “Happy Birthday” was spelled out in fondant on the top of the cake.

A cute 3D mini owl was perched at the base of the cake.

While the owl birthday cake was impressive on its own, it was just one element of the dessert table.

Notice the addition of several ceramic owls displayed on the table as part of the decorations, the largest of which housed the balloon bouquet centerpiece.

Hazel put together a beautiful refreshment spread that included not only sweets, but some healthy offerings too.

Can you spot the individually portioned veggie cups with dip? Serving snacks in individual portion-sized cups is a fabulous idea at a child’s birthday party. It speeds up the serving time, and helps cut down on mess.

Hazel also served small treat cups filled with popcorn.

Darling owl sugar cookies were a perfect choice for a coordinating owl themed treat. I’m always impressed by the skilled work of the cookie designer and the ability he or she has to show such artistic talent on such a small edible canvas.

Hazel left these packaged in cellophane bags tied up with green ribbon and displayed them on a white square platter.

What a beautiful (and I’m sure, delicious) take home treat. Sugar cookies are always a coveted birthday dessert table staple.

Children love Jell-O, perhaps because of its simplicity and the fun, jiggly texture. It’s such an easy dessert to prepare, and comes in so many different colors making it a great addition to a dessert table.

Hazel used mini trifle dishes which she filled with layers of blue and green Jell-O. What a creative way to tie in the colors of the party.

Other treats displayed on the owl birthday party refreshment table included ramekins filled with small color-coordinating candies and biscuit cookies.

It’s always nice to provide several treat options to meet the varying tastes of party guests.

In addition to the candy, cupcakes topped with the perfect shade of frosting were an option in lieu of, or in addition to cake. 

Cupcakes are a great on-the-go party dessert, especially for little hands.

Coordinating party ware with the color palette and/or theme of a birthday party is a nice touch. Hazel found cute party plates and napkins for this owl themed first birthday party and styled them on the table making self-service an option.

She dressed up glass beverage jars with ribbon and festive paper straws and also displayed them on the refreshment table for easy access.

Striped blue party favor bags and party hats were neatly arranged on the dessert table. They served as a mini décor background for the refreshments until guests arrived and claimed them.

When party favors can serve double duty, you get twice the bang for your buck.

What lovely inspiration for anyone throwing an owl themed birthday party. The details, while simple, are well-executed, and doable on just about any budget.

More owl birthday party ideas:

Plus, check out these woodland themed party ideas for even more inspiration…

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