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12 Awesome Indoor Activities for Kids

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No time for screen time? Here are 12 awesome indoor activities for kids that are perfect for snow days and hot summer days where no one can get outside.


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It looks like we may be in for another snow day in my neck-of-the woods. With the weather being so unpredictable all year round now, it means I’ve been trying to think of new ways to keep my kids entertained that don’t involve screen time!

I love it when I find activities that keep them busy in a productive way.

In my search I’ve discovered 12 awesome indoor activities for kids that are easy, fun, and educational: DIY Kinetic Sand, Easy Magazine Flowers, Fizzing Kool Aid Experiment, Leaf Imprinted Necklace, Cotton Ball Painting, Mess Free Finger Painting, DIY Rainbow Slime, Homemade Busy Bags, Indoor Bug Hunt, Ice Cream in a Bag, and Frozen Erupting Snowballs.

Ivy Kids Activities

1. Activity Kit :: Ivy Kids
Ivy Kids kits promote critical thinking and problem solving with hours of hands-on activities. Each month, kids will receive a book and over 10 fun, creative and educational activities to complete, based on the story and characters from the book. All subscription plans come with a monthly personalized item for the child and a gift in the first kit! Get 20% off your first Ivy Kids kit with code: IVY20

DIY KInetic Sand Party Craft Idea for Kids

2. DIY Kinetic Sand :: Parenting Chaos 
DIY your own kinetic sand for hours of fun, at a fraction of the cost of the store bought variety. Plus, there is relatively no mess and cleanup is easy.

Kids Easy Magazien Flower Craft Ideas
3. Easy Magazine Flowers :: Organized 31
These easy magazine flowers are a fantastic kid-friendly activity that help use up those magazines and catalogs you’ve got piling up at home. They make great gifts and/or party decorations and only require a few simple tools: scissors, hole punch and green pipe cleaners.

Fizzing Kool Aid Experiment for Kids Craft Idea
4. Fizzing Kool Aid Experiment :: Artsy Momma 
Hands-on learning is the best kind of learning and makes this fizzing Kool Aid experiment a perfect indoor activity for kids. Let your kids explore the basics of a citric acid (found in the Kool Aid) and baking soda reaction. It’s colorful, hands-on fun.

Kids Leaf Imprinted Necklase Craft Idea
5. Leaf Imprinted Necklace :: Happy Hour Projects 
Kids will love making nature-inspired jewelry in a few easy steps. All you need to make this leaf imprinted necklace is a little bit of polymer clay, leaves, a jump ring and chain and some acrylic paint and sealer (optional).

Cotton Ball Painting Craft Idea for Kids
6. Cotton Ball Painting :: Domestic Mommyhood
This kids’ painting activity focuses on creativity and developing fine motor skills. No paintbrushes required! Separate washable paint into the cups of a muffin tin and let kids use clothespins attached to cotton balls to dab paint onto their paper canvases.

Mess Free FInger Painting Party Craft Idea for Kids
7. Mess Free Finger Painting :: Hippie Housewife 
So long messy finger painting! This mess-free option for encouraging pint-sized Picassos to paint uses gallon sized Ziploc freezer bags with paint and paper safely contained inside and taped to a table. This clever way of painting will have you smiling and wondering why you didn’t think of this sooner.
8. DIY Rainbow Slime :: Learn Play Imagine 
You’re three simple ingredients away from one awesome indoor activity for kids—rainbow slime. It’s almost as fun to make as it is to play with and lasts for a long time. Rummage through your cupboard for liquid starch, school glue and some food coloring (or liquid water color paint) and get ready to fall in love with slime.
9. Homemade Busy Bags :: Teach Beside Me 
Create your own homemade busy bag to keep your children engaged in fun activities throughout the day. Items in a busy bag could include puzzle cards, matching games, color sorting activities, bead lacing, playdough and a chalk and chalkboard.

Indoor Bug Hunt Craft for Kids
10. Indoor Bug Hunt :: No Time for Flashcards
I scream. You scream. We all scream for making ice cream in a bag? Yes! As the weather heats up, follow this easy-to-make recipe for ice cream in a bag. It’s a fabulous indoor activity for kids that results in a tasty treat.

Ice Cream in a Bag Party Food Craft Idea
11. Ice Cream in a Bag :: Simply Designing 
I scream. You scream. We all scream for making ice cream in a bag? Yes! As the weather heats up, follow this easy-to-make recipe for ice cream in a bag! It’s a fabulous indoor activity for kids that results in a tasty treat!

Kids Frozen Erupting Snowballs Craft Ideas
12. Frozen Erupting Snowballs :: Learn Play Imagine
A great sensory play activity, these frozen erupting snowballs will keep children entertained indoors as they watch vinegar interact with balls of frozen baking soda playdough. Frozen movie lovers will especially get a kick out of the fun colored snow balls and watching them erupt.

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