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9 Monster Truck Party Ideas

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Where else but Spaceships and Laser Beams are you going to find a round up of monster truck party ideas? Since we’re aiming to be THE source for boy party ideas, we’ve put together nine cute monster truck parties (yes, they’re out there), cakes, favors and more.

1. This Monster Truck Birthday Party was created by a party loving mom named Charlene, who has created a number of fabulous events for her sons. From the supplies she used to the dessert table to the styling, tt’s hard to believe but she made me put monster truck and beautiful in the same sentence.

2. When Carrie from A Sweet Spot: Home was asked by her son to throw a second monster truck themed birthday party (BOYS!), she decided to take a mega machines approach.

3. How fantastic is this monster truck birthday cake from Jessicakes? She made it to celebrate her son’s forth birthday. There are even tutorials on her blog.

4. This monster truck dessert table was part of a birthday party thrown by Shae of Eventful Possibilities for her own son’s fifth birthday. She had four different stations including the dessert table – one for drinks, one for food and one for candy as well.

5. Loving this “wonky” monster truck cake from Rose Bakes.Topsy-turvy cakes and monster truck parties go together like peanut butter and jelly!

6.Adorable, right? I don’t think there’s any other way to describe these cardboard box monster trucks from a party thrown by Poppysmic Bowties.

7. Speaking of adorable, the personal touches in this monster truck themed third birthday party from Buggie and Jellybean are just that. I also LOVE the yellow and turquoise color palette.

8. And there’s lots of great ideas from this monster truck birthday party as well.

9. These monster truck party favor boxes are so simple and so cute. Check theme out at the blog 12 Balls are Better Than 11.

UPDATED: Bonus #10 Monster Truck Party Idea

We recently featured the most amazing monster truck birthday party. Check it out!

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