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Little Man Bow Tie Themed Birthday Party

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An occasion as significant as a boy’s first birthday party needs a theme with special details. This darling “Lil’ Man” celebration by Valerie Gimre, of Charming Touch Parties, doesn’t disappoint! A gorgeous bow tie birthday cake stars on a magnificently appointed dessert table that offers enough sweets to fuel anyone’s dreams! This winter event will warm your heart as you peruse the ideas and inspiring decorations captured by Jennifer Kaye Photography.


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You’d never know baby Coleton’s birthday is close to Christmas from this party’s décor. The decision was made to include references to winter but keep the focus on the birthday boy instead of the holiday season. Charming bow ties, silhouettes and a sprinkle of snowflakes came together beautifully, with graphics and printables by Beth Kruse Custom Creations.

Boys Bow Tie Themed Birthday Party Dessert Table

Even with the shine of satin ribbon, sparkly snowflakes and white floral bouquets, this beautiful tablescape still manages to look boy perfect because of birch-look containers, bow tie embellishments, and terrific color choices. The busy mix of chevron, dots and snowflakes were kept cohesive by effectively limiting the color palette to aqua, grey and white. The bold black silhouette on the dessert table backdrop offers a fabulous contrast that is repeated on the table in smaller versions. I love the cheerful banner and bunting duo that proclaim Coleton is the Little Man of the Day!

Bow Tie Themed Birthday party food cake ideas

Boys Bow Tie Themed Birthday Party Cake Pop Ideas

The gorgeous centerpiece birthday cake and cake pops are by Bake It! Notice the framed presentation? Looks super.

Boys Bow Tie Party Food Cookies Boys Bow Tie Party Cookie ideas

The cookies by NatSweets are really amazing. Since I’ve been learning to decorate cookies myself, I really appreciate the fine detail work.

Bow Tie themed birthday party candy ideas

Boys Bow Tie Themed Cupcakes Boys Bow Tie Themed Candy Birthday Party

Fondant topped (Edible Details) cupcakes are always popular, as are chocolates and candies, especially when they’re displayed so enticingly!

Boys Bow Tie Themed Drink Party Boys Party Bow Tie Drink Ideas

Of course there is always coffee and tea and in this case, adult beverages, but it’s a great idea to include a milk bar with all the sweets. Garner extra hostess points when beverage glasses are as party perfect as these!

Bow tie themed boys birthday party centerpiece

Guest table centerpieces repeat the party colors and patterns, which gives the event a polished look.

Boys Bow Tie Themed Photo Decoration

Boys bow tie themed wish tree Boys Bow Tie Themed Birthday Party wish tree tags

A first year photo collage is a great way to generate conversation, as is something like this pretty keepsake wishing tree (Floral Wonders, who also did the flowers).

Boys Bow Tie Themed Birthday Party Hat Boys Bow Tie Themed Birthday Party

The special birthday hat was from Shawna Brockmeier Styled Events. The birthday boy looks adorable in his bow tie onesie from Million Ayres. I understand little Coleton stole all hearts as he laughed, played and giggled his way throughout the entire celebration!

Boys Bow Tie Themed Birthday Party Favor

Take-home cookie favors were a sweet way to end the party.

Wonderful decorations, a bountiful dessert table and a perfectly charming one-year-old? Sounds like a successful first birthday celebration!

Getting ready for your own little man party? Check out these supplies sourced by the Spaceships and Laser Beams team!

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