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Baby Shower Games You Can Play with Just a Roll of Toilet Paper

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  1. Check These Ideas Out:

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We love a fun-filled baby shower to celebrate a mama-to-be. You get to showcase your creativity as much through the baby shower games as you do through the baby shower decorations. And some of my favorites prove that you can showcase that creativity and still keep on budget: they all use rolls of toilet paper and nothing else. Whether you want to break the ice or keep the party moving, check out these ideas.

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Here are some of our favorite ideas for budget-friendly games that guests will enjoy. They’ve all been proven tried and true at many a shower I’ve hosted or attended. In addition to the fun factor, what makes them so great is that they involve only rolls of toilet paper – which is great when you’re pulling the party together in a rush. I am loving the brand new, super durable Cottonelle Triple Roll toilet paper from Target, which is perfect for these games because of the quality and the quantity you get with each roll.

Check These Ideas Out:

1) Sometimes it can be awkward at the beginning of a shower if all the attendees don’t know each other. A great ice breaker is to pass around a roll of toilet paper and have them take off as many squares as they would like. But don’t tell them why. Then you break the news that for every square they need to tell one thing about themselves to the group. You may need to be a little forgiving to those people who take a lot.

2) We all know what a challenge finding great maternity clothes can be. To help your pregnant friend feel extra stylish, have each guest create a beautiful dress for the new mummy using your Cottonelle Triple Roll toilet paper. Extra points for puffy sleeves, bows, and sashes. If you have lots of guests, you could have them break up into teams to work together to create their dresses.

3) Have each guest take a wager at how many squares of toilet paper it will take to get all the way around the mama’s pregnant belly. Whoever is closest wins a prize — plus bragging rights!

4) Now what do you do with all of this toilet paper after the games are done? There’s a quick and easy way to make rosettes out of any size sheet. Use them to create a sash for the mom-to-be – rather than making her wear the gift wrap bows as we have seen at some showers. It looks much cuter. Making the rosettes is actually rather easy. As you make the rosettes, you adhere them to a longer piece of toilet paper to make the sash. Just use a good quality double-sided tape and it does the trick.

For a limited time, while supplies last, you can also print a special Cottonelle coupon to use while shopping at Target! PLUS, when you buy Cottonelle Triple Roll 12 pack or larger you’ll get a FREE Box of Kleenex!

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