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Baby Boy Baptism Reception (Christening)

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  1. Plus, check out 11 Baptism and Christening Reception Ideas...

This gorgeous baby boy’s baptism (Christening) was sent to me by Rita of Simply Sienna. We’ve previously featured her work including this sweet vintage baby shower.) There are so many great decorating ideas for anyone planning a baptism reception — even at a smaller scale. Rita’s client wanted to create a celebration with a travel theme — and used the poem footsteps to tie it altogether. When a baby is baptised it begins their journey of faith. Check out the details on the dessert tables, reception table and tablescapes – everything is exquisite for this rite of passage.


  • Sweet baptism


Design, styling, flowers, Framed favours by Simply Sienna
Baby photography in framed by Presta Photography

Plus, check out 11 Baptism and Christening Reception Ideas…

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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