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14 Games to Play at Your Super Bowl Party

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How do you keep energetic kids happy when all the adults who want to really watch the Super Bowl are hushing them? My first answer: engage a responsible someone to help watch them! I know that isn’t always practical however and even if you do have a sitter, they still need activities to keep them busy while the game goes on…and on. Plan some Super Bowl fun geared toward the younger set; everyone will thank you! This round-up of activities should help inspire anticipation instead of groans when the Super Bowl is mentioned. Some of these game ideas are for adults; most activities are geared for the kids; they all look FUN!

14 Games to Play at Your Super Bowl Party

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1. From She Knows: TV BINGO — this version integrates commercials and game plays.  

2. From Style Me Pretty: TV BINGO — another version to print:  

3. From Studio DIY: COMMERCIAL RATING PLACARDS — we all talk about the commercials; see what everyone thinks when they hold up their free, downloadable placards.  

4. From Holidays Central: GUESSING GAME — some questions to get your list started, mainly for adults.  

5. From COMMERCIAL COUNT, GAME TIME I SPY, GAME TRIVIA — here are some good ways to keep kids interested in the game.  

6. From Playtime With Mommy: BEAN BAG TOSS — visual inspiration for a football field inspired game of bean bag touchdown and FOOTBALL MATH—move that ball down the field by tossing it on the right answer.  

7. From Rust and Sunshine: PIN THE FOOTBALL between the goal posts—easy fun!  

8. From The Teachers Corner: WORD SCRAMBLE — choose the (football) words you want the kids to look for and this scramble maker will do the rest (free).  

9. From We Grow by our Dreams: CRAFT IDEA — gather up supplies before the party so the kids can make felt football coasters for everyone.  

10. From DLTK Crafts for Kids: FACE MASK — get yer game face on with this one.   From Lady and the Blog: NOISE MAKERS — how to make a noise maker, but only if you’ll let them use it!  

11. From Fun Family Crafts: FIELD GOAL GAME — how to make this easy pencil and goal post game.   From No Time for Flash Cards: PAINT AND STUFF FOOTBALL — easy, even for little ones.  

12. From Mom on Time Out: LACING FOOTBALL — a little paper, a little yarn: easy!   From She Knows: PENNANTS, JERSEYS, FOOTBALL AND A GAME — all made from paper.  

13. From DLTK Crafts for Kids: TOILET PAPER ROLLS CHEERLEADER and FOOTBALL PLAYER — what else should a kid do on bowl day? Also from DLTK Crafts for Kids: over a DOZEN additional Super Bowl related crafts.  

14. From The Sewing Rabbit: FABRIC POMS — Mom, you’ll need to help with this project, but it’s EASY and CUTE (no sewing involved if you use a rubber band).   

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What games will you play at your super bowl party?

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