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10 Boy’s Fireman Themed Birthday Party Activities

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Quite a few boy’s fireman themed birthday parties include a visit with real fire fighters and sometimes even a ride in a fire truck—kids love it! But what else is there to do after the cake and cupcakes are gone? We have some ideas to keep the party hopping!

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Fireman Birthday Part Activity Ideas

1. Obstacle Course: Brave firefighters must be able to dodge falling embers (dodge ball), walk on narrow ledges (a narrow board on the ground), carry and empty water buckets and whatever other obstacles are age appropriate for your group.

2. Hot Potato: All the kids except one are in a circle. The one stands in the middle of the circle and keeps his eyes closed while a red ball is passed around. When the one says “stop” whoever has the ball becomes “it” and moves to the middle.

3. Find the Hydrant: Either use mini plastic hydrants or laminate pictures of hydrants and hide them. Kids must find the hydrant.

4. From Loving My Nest: DIY Fire Truck Birthday Party – Kids love to play with cardboard boxes, right?  They REALLY love ‘em when they’re decorated to look like fire trucks! For this game, they wore their fireman hats and got in their trucks to race around putting out tissue paper fires that were tucked amongst logs in the yard.

5. From Diapered Daze and Knights: Fire Truck Activity Stations – This mom blogger is a former teacher so you know she has kidlet experience; it shows in the fun and educational party activity stations she designed.

6. From Glorrie Days: Jackson’s Fire Truck Birthday Party – Young party guests look quite entertained with duck, duck, goose (fireman style), water play, and fire hydrant ring toss games.

7. From Paper and Cake: Fireman Party Activity – Stick foam flames in the ground and have the kids put them out with their water packs.

8. From the Homespun Heart via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Fire Truck Birthday Fun – A crafting station is an engaging activity for little ones.

9. From Everyday Mom Ideas: Cardboard Fire Engine – How about a tutorial on how to make a cardboard fire truck?! Kids will love to play in this.

10. From DLTK’s Crafts for Kids: Crafts for Firefighting Kids – The toilet paper roll returns! This time, make it into a Dalmatian or a firefighter.

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What activity would your son love at a fireman themed birthday party?

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