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DIY LEGO NINJAGO Movie Character Masks

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Make these easy DIY LEGO NINJAGO Movie masks.

I knew it would happen again. I’ve heard others talking about it too. Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, somewhere between losing diapers and growing teeth, an amazing creature emerges: It’s a LEGO fan! I now have two of them! And if you have some of these awesome guys, you know the excitement a new animated adventure generates. So get ready for some hubbub—The LEGO NINJAGO Movie will be in theaters September 22—and use our free printable LEGO NINJAGO Movie character masks for your ninja warriors.

DIY LEGO NINJAGO Movie Character Masks

Somehow those tiny LEGO Minifigures contain huge personalities. This time around they star as secret ninja warriors. LEGO and ninjas? My boys think that is SO COOL and they can hardly wait to see the movie.

Young Master Builder Lloyd, aka the Green Ninja, and his friends are in a battle for NINJAGO City. Will they be able to defeat the evil warlord Garmadon, The Worst Guy Ever…who also happens to be Lloyd’s dad?

Maybe…if they listen to wise-cracking but full-of-wisdom Master Wu. But the undisciplined team of modern-day ninjas must learn to check their egos and pull together as a team to unleash their fierce inner Spinjitzu power.

Can they do it? Will they do it? It’s an epic showdown!

Jay Ninjago LEGO Movie Mask

It’s just the kind of stuff that sparks a kid’s imagination. I think that calls for a little hands-on help to prime imaginary exploits.

DIY Ninjago Masks

These LEGO NINJAGO Movie character masks are just the thing.

How to Make Ninjago Movie Mask

You can print them off HERE, cut them out, and mount them on paper plates for extra stability. Easy!

Kai Mask for Ninjago Movie

Use a hole punch on opposite sides of the paper plate and insert string for tying the mask on. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, trim off any extra plate that shows on the edges.

LEGO Ninjago Movie Costume Ideas

Right before your eyes your little guy is transformed into a legend in his own mind. 🙂

LEGO Ninjago Masks

Pretty tough looking, huh?


Mark the calendar for September 22 and take your LEGO fans to see The LEGO NINJAGO Movie in theaters Get ready for some amazing moves!


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