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Boy’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday Party

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  1. Recreate the look in this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday with these party supplies:
  2. Get more boy birthday party inspiration from these ideas:
  3. Plus, don't miss out on 5 Awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Parties...

Little boys are mesmerized by action-packed fun.

Is it any wonder that a 4-year-old would request a Ninja Turtle party theme to celebrate?

The owners of MudPie Parties, who also happen to be the birthday boy’s parents, are known for their active parties full of whimsy and imaginative play.

They came up with the brilliant idea to include “Ninja Turtle training” as the party focus.

Don’t miss one of the colorful and creative details in this turtle-y awesome “Master Splinter Training Academy” photographed by J.Kushneryk Images.

Turtle power can be seen in high impact decorations and mystical sewer-inspired treats, including an impressive cake, complete with the well-known TMNT resident experts.

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Welcoming little ninjas to a birthday party with a pop art inspired sign was a fun beginning.

I am big on “dressing the part” when a party theme allows, so you can imagine how much I loved that guests got to pick out a felt shell and colored eye mask upon arrival.

I bet that made their experience in the bouncy house (waiting for other guests to arrive) even more satisfying.

Just imagine all of the ninja moves and kicks executed in between bounces!

Ninja Turtle inspiration was everywhere. Did you notice that even the balloons had a mutant makeover?

What an awesome DIY detail to add masks to green balloons.

There’s never a dull moment at a party done by MudPies. A visit from Raphael made the training exercises extra exciting.

Little Ninja Turtles-in-training got to defeat Turtle archenemy Shredder too!

In addition, two photo booth areas were set up for pictures.

Guests could pose in front of a cloud-embellished city skyline backdrop or poke their head through a painted Ninja Turtle cutout in front of a faux brick background. How fun!

There’s nothing quite as exhausting as summoning strength, courage and determination to beat a foe.

All of the training academy effort definitely worked up the little ninja’s appetites. It’s a good thing those little ninjas werent the only ones saving the day.

MudPies came through in a big way with an incredible dessert table.

Using a printable skyline backdrop (designed by Anders Ruff) repurposed from a previously held superhero party, Ninja Turtle themed desserts were displayed for guests to enjoy.

I am floored by the incredible details on the cake and cupcakes.

I especially like the Ninja Turtle heads peeking out of the sewer lid. Did you notice the pizza details at the base of the cake?

Equally impressive, the cake pops and cookies by Whimsical Cake Studio were an amazing addition to the dessert table. There certainly wasnt a shortage of turtle treats.

MudPie Parties made the awesome cake pop stand out of the top of a wood stool, with painted details, to create a sewer lid for the display. I love the ingenuity!

Inspired by Cruzs favorite turtle “Donatello” the party tables were created with purple and green accents. Letters that spelled out Cruz were painted and covered in Ninja Turtle comic book paper.

A green painted number was embellished with a TMNT mask to make a festive centerpiece.

White plates and green napkin-wrapped utensils popped against purple table linens. Aren’t those printable napkin wraps perfect?

Guests enjoyed feasting on Michelangelos favorite pizza and star-topped fruit kabobs. MudPies even added custom printable “Cruz Pizzeria” signs to the pizza boxes for a finished, coordinated look.

The addition of customized beverage wrappers with turtle designs dressed up water bottles.

Cruz thanked his guests by sending them home with turtle inspired favor bags made by his mom. She used her own turtle powers to adhere smiles and masks to bright green gift bags. They look just like their TMNT friends, don’t they?

Watch for more action from MudPies parties. You can follow them on their Facebook page!

Recreate the look in this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday with these party supplies:

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Get more boy birthday party inspiration from these ideas:

Plus, don’t miss out on 5 Awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Parties

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