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DIY Baby Lamb Halloween Costume

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DIY Baby Lamb Halloween Costume.

This post is sponsored by Serta.

Have you figured out your kids’ Halloween costumes this year? Big kids have opinions but moms get to choose for the littles. Bwahaha. I figure they might hate it when they’re older but the photo ops are just too great to pass up! This DIY baby lamb Halloween costume, inspired by the iconic Serta Counting Sheep, is brought to you by Serta, the same people who sponsored this post. Cause sheeps got style.

I present to you the most ridiculously adorable DIY Serta Counting sheep inspired costume.

DIY Baby Lamb Halloween Costume

And if you’ve never believed the adage, “like mother, like son,” you will now. This throwback inspiration is me.


My older sister was dressed as Little Bo Peep that year.

Throwback Halloween Costume

I couldn’t convince my older son to recreate the experience.

Boy's Halloween Costume Ideas

But when a little lamb is this sweet, what does it matter?

DIY Halloween Costume Boy's Lamb

I had so much fun making this stinkin’ cute costume and it really is easy. The most difficult part was being patient while everything dried.

Step 1 Easy DIY Halloween Lamb Costume

I could hardly wait to have Dax model my creativity.

Step 2 Easy DIY Halloween Lamb Costume

Side note—have you ever noticed how much easier it is to feel creative when you feel rested?

Step 3 Easy DIY Halloween Lamb Costume

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Step 3 Easy DIY Halloween Lamb Costume

So put the world on pause with Serta, the #1 mattress manufacturer in the United States.

Step 4 Easy DIY Halloween Lamb Costume

And with a good night’s rest, maybe you’ll find the world’s answers. At least you’ll feel more creative.

Step 5 Easy DIY Halloween Lamb Costume

Then you can make this costume. And take pictures.

Step 6 Easy DIY Halloween Lamb Costume

And keep them for future blackmail. Bwahaha.

Boy's Halloween Costume Ideas



  • white t-shirt
  • fabric glue
  • white hat/beanie
  • cotton balls
  • felt
  • marker
  • scissors
  • cardboard

How To

1. Insert cardboard into shirt (into the torso and sleeves).
2. Start by applying glue around the collar of the shirt.  Press cotton balls onto the glue.  Work your way down the shirt, on the front and the back until the shirt is covered with cotton balls. Allow to dry.
3. Fold felt in half and draw an ear; cut out.
4. Fold the hat to where the stitches are in front; glue felt ears onto hat.  Let dry completely before applying cotton balls to the top.
5. Once dry, apply the glue to the top of the hat and add cotton balls around the top quarter of the hat.  Let dry completely.

Note: The shirt was a little stiff from the glue, I’d suggest loosening the shirt a tad before putting it on.

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