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17 American Ninja Warrior Party Ideas for Any Age

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Don’t miss these 17 creative American Ninja Warrior party ideas sure to help you pull off a kickin’ celebration! If you’ve ever seen the popular television show, American Ninja Warrior, then you know why adults and kids alike are obsessed. The feats of strength and skill competitors accomplish are amazing! You’ll definitely feel inspired to challenge party guests to their own warrior competition with ideas for a backyard obstacle course, including a DIY for the popular Quintuple Steps. Reward party competitors with American Ninja Warrior medal cookies or cake. Plus, check out the free printable American Ninja Warrior certificate of completion.

American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party

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American Ninja Warrior Birthday Cake

1. American Ninja Warrior Cake :: FitMomma

Not just any cake will do for an American Ninja Warrior birthday party.  This American Ninja Warrior cake shows how to ramp up excitement by including elements of the popular obstacle course in your cake design!

An American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party

2. An American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party :: Swish Printables, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

American Ninja Warrior meets classic ninja in this action-packed birthday party held at a local gymnastics center. You’ll love the party activity ideas, fun printable decorations and simplified dessert table with a popcorn bar and cupcakes.

Backyard American Ninja Warrior Course

3. Backyard American Ninja Obstacle Course :: Fancy That Design House

Turn your backyard into an obstacle course fit for a band of American Ninja Warriors! Eight feats of strength DIY—learn how here.

American Ninja Warrior Cake

4. American Ninja Warrior Cake :: cakesbyziodiz, as seen on Imgrum

Another take on an American Ninja Warrior Cake, this one showcases two edible obstacle courses.

American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party Invitation

5. American Ninja Warrior Medal Cookies :: TSweetTreats, as seen on Cake Central

What better way to recognize little ninja warriors at the conclusion of the party than with American Ninja Warrior inspired medal cookies?

DIY American Ninja Warrior Shirts

6. DIY American Ninja Warrior Shirts :: Namesake Design

Help generate some competitive spirit by DIYing American Ninja Warrior shirts!

Free Printable American Ninja Warrior Certificate

7. Free Printable American Ninja Warrior Certificate of Completion :: Squats and Snickerdoodles

Print out certificates of completion to recognize your American Ninja Warrior party guests for competing in the birthday challenges.

DIY American Ninja Warrior Backyard Course

8. DIY American Ninja Warrior Backyard Obstacle Course :: Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Here’s another take on the DIY American Ninja Warrior obstacle course. From PVC pipe hurdles to balance beams and stepping stones, you’ll have guests entertained for hours.

American Ninja Warrior Cake

9. American Ninja Warrior Cake ::  Namesake Design, as seen on Project Nursery

Featuring an edible feat of strength, the only challenge with this cake is having to eat such creativity! Aren’t the licorice ropes a clever addition?

Free Printable American Ninja Warrior Bottle Wrapper

10. Free Printable American Ninja Warrior Water Bottle Wrapper :: Squats and Snickerdoodles

Outfit your water bottles with free printable American Ninja Warrior-inspired labels.

American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party Invitation

11. American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party Invitation :: Swearingen Family

Create a ticket-style invitation challenging guests to tackle some birthday obstacles with you.

American Ninja Warrior Cupcakes

12. American Ninja Warrior Cupcakes :: Swish Printables

The over-the-top cupcake challenge can easily be met by printing out American Ninja Warrior themed cupcake toppers, complete with personalization.

American Ninja Warrior Inspiried Steps

13. American Ninja Warrior Inspired Quintuple Steps :: Whitehall Brangus

Make your own “Quintuple Steps” challenge with some 2x4s and old doors.

American Ninja Warrior Invitation

14. American Ninja Warrior Invitation :: SweetDesignsbyRegan

Are you the next American Ninja Warrior? Guests will be excited to discover the answer to that question after receiving one of these perfect-for-a-birthday party invitations!

American Ninja Warrior Printable Cupcake Toppers

15. American Ninja Warrior Printable Cupcake Toppers :: 3 Sweet Memories

Take your birthday party cupcakes to the next level by adding American Ninja Warrior printable cupcake toppers.

American Ninja Warrior Headband Favors

16. American Ninja Warrior Headband Favors :: FavorWrap

Guests can more easily channel their own American Ninja Warrior with handmade headbands that match the theme! Plus, they make a pretty awesome party favor.

American Ninja Warrior Cake Topper

17. American Ninja Warrior Edible Cake Topper :: rbcreation

Now your American Ninja Warrior wannabe can be the star of his own cake! Add an American Ninja (edible) photo topper to your cake and challenge guests to a piece of cake!

Plan your own ninja themed birthday party with these great party sources put together by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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