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An American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party

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  1. Plan a ninja birthday party with these party supplies:
  2. Don't miss out on 17 American Ninja Warrior Party Ideas...
  3. More popular boy themed birthday party ideas.

Are you looking for a unique boy birthday party theme idea? Talented graphic designer Donna Martin, of Swish Printables, flexed her party-planning muscles when she designed the printables for — and styled — her son’s American Ninja Warrior-themed birthday party.

Inspired by the television show where men and women face some of the most amazing strength tests as they compete in classic obstacle courses, this party is really innovative.

You will love the printable decorations, the perfectly chosen party games, plus the simplified dessert table that includes party favorites like cupcakes and popcorn!

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I love seeing unique themes, especially when the birthday honoree himself has picked it. 

Using the TV show logo as inspiration, Donna added in a few traditional ninja elements and created a fabulous printable suite in a red, white, and black color scheme. Stripes, stars, and starburst patterns were combined with chevron for an eye-catching style.

Because Donna’s son had been taking gymnastics at a local gym, she combined his love for gymnastics with his interest in ninja warriors and held his party at the gymnastics center. 

Pairing chevron and red fabric with a printable “Happy Birthday” banner, the dessert table background really popped. 

Donna set up a stylish dessert table that packed a lot of punch while sticking to dessert table favorites. 

Having the party in the middle of the day meant Donna kept food and drink to the essentials:  water bottles decked out in custom labels; cupcakes in coordinating wrappers and printable toppers; and a mini popcorn bar with bright red and white striped boxes for munching.

What’s an American Ninja Warrior birthday party without an obstacle course? The gymnastics coach organized a course that was just enough of a challenge for party guests, followed by free play in the gym.

Just imagine how much fun a group of boys had climbing, jumping, hanging, and diving around the play space!

At the conclusion of the party, each child was awarded with an adorable cookie medal made by the talented Bea from Auntie Bea’s Bakery. They were made to match the printable invitations and they were a hit!

Plan a ninja birthday party with these party supplies:

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  • Ninja Warrior Party Plates
  • Foam Ninja Swords
  • Rubber Ninja Stars
  • Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters
  • Candy Striped Straws
  • White, Black & Red Party Balloons
  • Red and White Striped Popcorn Boxes
  • Red & White Serving Bowl
  • Large Mason Jar
  • Black Cupcake Stand
  • Numbers Candy Mold
  • Red Swirl Pops

Don’t miss out on 17 American Ninja Warrior Party Ideas

A display in a store

More popular boy themed birthday party ideas.

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