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Is the Family Pet Suffering in Silence? #DentalPetFacts

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Ever since a summertime visit to my mom’s house, Sam has been begging for a puppy. Shortly before our arrival, she had adopted two darling Labradoodle puppies, Mia and Mystique. Sam could hardly contain his joy over the fluffy little creatures. I suspect he would have smuggled one home in his bag if he could have. Since coming back home, Sam has regularly persisted in asking Mike and I when we can adopt a puppy. We’ve taken him for visits to the local shelter to see dogs and donate food, but we haven’t made the big leap yet. I don’t know if we can resist much longer though! Mike and I are not on the same wavelength when it comes to size. Mike wants a big active dog that he can do training runs with. I want a dog that’s basically a glorified baby. Ha!

The Disease 85% of Dogs and Cats Over Age 3 Suffer From -- And You Might Not Even Know Your Pet Has It

Mike and I had a dog, Martha, before Sam was born. She passed four and a half years ago. We recognize that having a pet in the family is a big responsibility–there’s food, daily exercise and grooming and routine medical care. With our dog, we learned firsthand that pets can be good at hiding pain and that you might not notice the symptoms of serious health issues until they become big problems. Martha was an older rescue dog that had advanced cancer but hid the pain very well. In my work with Royal Canin, I’ve learned (and was surprised!) that the same instance of hiding pain can be true with dental diseases.

How to know if your pet is suffering in silence with dental disease

In fact, 85% of dogs and cats over the age of one have a dental disease. It’s also been linked in studies to serious health issues such as heart disease. Thankfully, regular and thorough annual exams with a vet can identify the disease before it’s severe.

I love their infographic “There is no Tooth Fairy for Pets.” A veterinarian’s exam can help diagnose dental diseases and then they can prescribe a treatment plan. Treatments can include brushing, a dental cleaning or a dental pet food diet. Head over to Royal Canin to receive a $10 rebate on Royal Canin Dental pet food.

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Disclosure: I work with Royal Canin on a number of social media programs but all opinions are my own. I believe in their company values and the quality of their product. I’m thrilled to be able to help them share the message about the the importance of visiting your vet to ensure good oral health in your dogs and cats.

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