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23 Easter Desserts with Peeps

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Adorable Easter desserts made with PEEPS – the colorful marshmallow candies both kids and adults love!

Trying to come up with a cute, clever and delicious Easter dessert? The great news is you can accomplish all three goals with those quintessential Easter candies called PEEPS!

From chocolate dipped PEEPS to PEEPS candy bars and brownie nests to pudding pops and even cake (or cupcakes), these recipes will absolutely delight you, your family and friends.

Easter Desserts made with Peeps

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PEEPS Pudding Pops

1. PEEPS Pudding Pops

From Oh My! Creative

These PEEPS Pudding Pops are perfect for Easter — cute, delicious, and super easy to make! All you need is pudding, PEEPS, popsicles sticks and a little bit of colorful coconut and you’re in business.

Easter PEEP-Za

2. Easter PEEP-Za

From Cooking Channel
Ever tried a dessert pizza? What better time to try than Easter, with these Easter PEEP-zas. Why not have a PEEP-za party this Easter?

Mini Pavlova PEEPS Nests

3. Mini Pavlova PEEPS Nests

From Crazy for Crust
How adorable are these Mini Pavlova PEEPS Nests? Meringue is super easy to make from scratch, and it’s a great Easter dessert to get the kids involved with.

4. PEEPS Pudding Cups

From Love From the Oven
These PEEPS Pudding Cups just give you so many options to customize, perfect if you have a few picky customers this Easter. Plus, you can even get some fruit into your Easter dessert with the PEEPS Fruit Cup Parfaits.

Layered PEEPS Crispy Rice Cereal Treats

5. Layered PEEPS Crispy Rice Cereal Treats

From Yellow Bliss Road
I just love the colors of these super creative Layered PEEPS Crispy Rice Cereal Treats, don’t you? A great subtle Easter dessert, and all you need is butter, crispy rice cereal and, of course, PEEPS!

Spring PEEPS Truffles

6. Spring PEEPS Truffles

From The Java Cupcake Blog
Rich, decadent and fun, these Spring PEEPS Truffles are a great Easter treat for the grown ups this Easter.

Peeps Centerpiece Cookies

7. PEEPS Centerpiece Cookies

From The Baked Equation
Super easy, gorgeous and fun, these PEEPS Centerpiece Cookies would look awesome on any Easter table. And if you want to get the kids involved, this is another great Easter dessert they can help with.

Chocolate Peanut Butter PEEPS Skillet S’mores

8. Chocolate Peanut Butter PEEPS Skillet S’mores

From How Sweet It Is
Have you ever heard of anything more delicious than Chocolate Peanut Butter PEEPS Skillet S’mores? Um, I think not! Easter just got a whole lot tastier.

Easter PEEPS Pops

9. Easter PEEPS Pops

From Love From the Oven
These candy-coated Easter PEEPS Pops will guarantee you a happy, mess-free Easter. All you need are straws, a candy coating, a shimmer sixlet for the little tail, and our beloved bunny-shaped PEEPS. Yum!

PEEPS Easter Garden Cake

10. PEEPS Easter Garden Cake

From Betty Crocker
Into the woods? Nah. Into the garden! This PEEPS Easter Garden Cake is perfect if you’re having an outdoor Easter party or if you want to bring the outdoors in.

Chocolate Peeps

11. Chocolate Dipped PEEPS

From Tastes Better from Scratch
How do you make PEEPS even more delicious? Dip them in chocolate, of course! Plus these Chocolate Dipped PEEPS are as easy as they are delicious — a perfect Easter recipe.

Easter Bunny Dirt Cake

12. Bunny Dirt Cake

From Easy Foods
Let the PEEPS have their own garden Easter egg hunt with this Bunny Dirt Cake. The kids will love decorating this one, and it’s easy enough for them to decorate on their own.

Easter PEEPS Dirt Pudding Cups

13. Easter PEEPS Dirt Pudding Cups

From Diary of a Recipe Collector
Speaking of Dirt Cake, why not try these Easter PEEPS Dirt Pudding Cups? Cute, super easy to make and really delicious — what more could you want?

14. PEEPS Kabobs

From A Thrifty Mom
Looking for an Easter dessert with a little more spring in its step? These PEEPS Kabobs are the perfect spring craft, and are a great make-ahead Easter treat.

Peek a Book PEEPS Cookies

15. Peek-a-Boo PEEPS Cookies

From In Katrina’s Kitchen
Peek-a-Boo PEEPS – try saying that three times! These Peek-a-Boo PEEPS Cookies are so clever, and are really cute and easy to make. If you don’t have Biscoff spread, try using your favorite cookie butter.

No-Bake Easter Treats

16. No-Bake Easter Treats

From Living Locurto
These little No-Bake Easter Treats are perfect if you have any kids obsessed with cars or racing — they’re really simple to make, using a Twinkie as the racecar and a pretzel as the steering wheel!

Rainbow PEEPS Trifle

17. Rainbow PEEPS Trifle

From Shake Bake and Party
If you’re looking for an Easter dessert to use as a centerpiece rather than lots of individual portions, then this Rainbow PEEPS Trifle is for you.

Bunny PEEPS in a Blanket Brownie

18. Bunny PEEPS in a Blanket Brownie

From Life, Love and Sugar
These Bunny PEEPS in a Blanket Brownies are just too cute. This is a little more of a labor-intensive recipe, but it’s still really easy and just too darn cute not to make this Easter.

PEEPS Sunflower Cake

19. PEEPS Sunflower Cake

From Raining Hot Coupons
This has got to be one of the most creative PEEPS recipes I’ve seen — I just love this PEEPS Sunflower Cake! It’s the perfect way to bring a little sunshine to your Easter, even if the weather isn’t playing ball quite yet.

Peeps Candy Bars

20. PEEPS Candy Bars

From The Domestic Rebel
This recipe for PEEPS Candy Bars is so simple and delicious, perfect if you’re looking for something impressive that doesn’t take too much time. Just choose your favorite chocolate cake mix, cover with PEEPS and pop into the oven, sprinkling with speckled M&M’s as you set it down to cool.

PEEPS Brownie Nests

21. PEEPS Brownie Nests

From Betty Crocker
These PEEPS Brownie Nests are an ideal Easter dessert if you’re after something to impress your guests.

PEEPS Eclair Cake Cups

22. PEEPS Eclair Cake Cups

From Inside Bru Crew Life
Apparently this pudding tastes like cake batter, so we’re definitely going to be making these PEEPS Eclair Cake Cups for Easter!

PEEPS bunnies in Chocolate Easter Eggs

23. PEEPS Bunnies in Chocolate Easter Eggs

From The Decorated Cookie
These PEEPS Bunnies in Chocolate Easter Eggs are just too cute to handle. They’re a little more work than a lot of the Easter desserts on this list, but they’re definitely worth it!

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