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19 Father’s Day Handprint Gift Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. Take a peek at these 19 Father’s Day handprint gift ideas!
  2. 1. “We Have a Hero We Call Him Daddy” Sign (+ free printable)
  3. 2. “I’m Hooked on Daddy” Canvas Gift
  4. 3. “Daddy is King of the Grill” Tray
  5. 4. Handprint Craft Art with DIY Clip Frame
  6. 5. Handprint Baseball Keepsake
  7. 6. Handprint Nemo Card
  8. 7. Handprint Fish Mugs
  9. 8. Helping Hands Gardening Gloves
  10. 9. Father’s Day Tree Art
  11. 10. Father’s Day Handprint Mold
  12. 11. Handprint Star Wars Card
  13. 12. Father's Day Handprint Shirt for Grandpa
  14. 13. Father’s Day Handprint Art
  15. 14. Fingerprint Dandelion Card
  16. 15. Superhero Father's Day Handprint Art
  17. 16. Monster’s Inc Inspired Father’s Day Art
  18. 17. Handprint Dinosaur Father’s Day Card
  19. 18. DIY “Best Dad Hands Down” T-Shirt
  20. 19. Handprint Key Hook
  21. Kids will love creating a handmade masterpiece for dad with these great craft sources gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  22. Don't miss more great gift ideas perfect for dad on Father's day...
  23. Plus, check out 16 DIY Father's Day Gifts...

Take a peek at these 19 Father’s Day handprint gift ideas!

Give Dad a hand [print] for all that he does! Not only do they make great presents, they are meaningful keepsakes for years to come.

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From a “king of the grill” tray to an “I’m hooked on Daddy” canvas to a “best Dad hands down” t-shirt, you’ll surely find a super gift idea.

19 Father's Day Handprint Craft Ideas from Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Handmade gifts are such a great way to show a special father you love and appreciate him!

Father's Day idea reminds dad he's a hero. Try this We Have a Hero We Call Him Daddy Sign (+ free printable)

1. “We Have a Hero We Call Him Daddy” Sign (+ free printable)

From Shanty 2 Chic

Even heroes need to be reminded on occasion, how great we think they are. This custom wood sign proudly displays the free printable with this awesome sentiment: “We have a hero we call him daddy.” Cream colored acrylic paint is used to help each family member add their handprint to the sign.

Does dad love fishing? This "I’m Hooked on Daddy" Canvas Gift will remind any father of his hobbies and his kids.

2. “I’m Hooked on Daddy” Canvas Gift

From Glued to My Crafts

If you’re looking for a way to honor a special man in your life for Father’s Day, this “I’m Hooked on Daddy” canvas gift may be just what you need! Especially well-suited for a man that loves fishing, your child’s handprint in paint becomes the fish! A 6” x 8” canvas, variety of paints and paint brushes, stickers and baby wipes are all you need.

This practical gift will remind dad how special he is every time he barbecues.

3. “Daddy is King of the Grill” Tray

From The Painted Pig Studio

Don’t just tell your dad he’s king of the grill, show him! Deck out a grilling tray for dad this Father’s Day. Imitate the look of a lion by criss-crossing orange and yellow handprints to make a lion’s mane. Add facial features and text using a paint pen or marker.

This simple craft art handprint with DIY Clip Frame is something Dad could keep on his desk.

4. Handprint Craft Art with DIY Clip Frame

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

This farmhouse inspired DIY clip frame is an awesome gift to make for Father’s Day. Clip a simple example of handprint artwork to the board for display.

Does dad love baseball? The perfect Father's Day gift has to be this commemorative handprint Baseball Keepsake

5. Handprint Baseball Keepsake

From downhome inspiration

Is the dear old dad in your home a baseball fan? This easy-to-make aged baseball keepsake, features a child’s handprint! It is a winning gift idea for Father’s Day.

Does your child love their dad like Nemo loves his? Make this fishy father-child Father's Day card.

6. Handprint Nemo Card

From Kix Cereal

Freeze your child’s handprint in time with this precious handprint Nemo card perfect for presenting to a father for Father’s Day. Trace both a father’s handprint and the son’s handprint on orange construction paper to create two Nemo inspired clownfish! Not only is this a creative gift, it’s also a memorable way to compare hand sizes year after year!

These handprint fish mugs are cute, and dad can use them every day as he drinks his morning coffee and thinks about his kids.

7. Handprint Fish Mugs

From Postris

Boring & plain white ceramic mugs, be gone! These handprint fish mugs will definitely catch a special father’s attention! Create the fish using a handprint and the little bubbles using fingerprints! Genius

These Helping Hands Gardening Gloves are the perfect gift for the gardening father this Father's Day.

8. Helping Hands Gardening Gloves

From Jennifer Perkins

Celebrate a father who loves to garden with a new pair of gardening gloves! Add a set of your own helping hands, created from paint.

Use your children's handprints to make these fun tree Father's Day presents.

9. Father’s Day Tree Art

From Taylor Made Creates

If you’ve got a Silhouette machine, whip it out for this Father’s Day tree art! You’ll need it to precision cut the tree and lettering for this project. Then a little paint and some adorable children & their hands are needed to give the leaves some greenery!

Celebrate Father’s Day by making Handprint Molds as a keepsake

10. Father’s Day Handprint Mold

From Support for Stepdads

If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive Father’s Day craft to make, this is it! It doesn’t get much cheaper than crafting up a project with materials you probably already have at home:  flour, salt, water, paint and ribbon (optional). What makes this Father’s Day handprint gift idea especially fun is that it can get a little messy! Keep in mind, it does require you to bake the finished project on 200 degrees for 2 hours to help it set.

Does Dad love Star Wars? Make this handprint yoda Father's Day card!

11. Handprint Star Wars Card

From I Heart Arts N Crafts

This Father’s Day, give dear Dad a card that is out of this world! Using the palm of a hand and thumb, Yoda will make an appearance on this card. How else can you tell Dad “Yoda best dad”?

Grandpa also needs love on Father's Day! Show him you care with this handprint shirt.

12. Father’s Day Handprint Shirt for Grandpa

From Sugar Bee Crafts

Don’t forget dear old grandpa this Father’s Day! This handprint shirt reminds everyone that “Grandpa deserves a pat on the back.” Of course it should include “pats on the back” from all of the grandkids, made with paint!

Best Dad Ever? This gift is perfect for Father's Day.

13. Father’s Day Handprint Art

From Catch My Party

If you know a man who is “hands down the best dad ever”, this Father’s Day handprint art project is for you! Simply download and print the free printable, and grab some blue tempera paint. Coat your child’s hands and let them get to stamping!

Let your kids use fingerprints to make these cute Dandelion Father's Day cards

14. Fingerprint Dandelion Card

From Crafty Morning

“I think you’re dandy, and I’m not lion.” It sounds like a great card sentiment, doesn’t it? Your kids will love getting their hands messy in finger paint to create the dandelions that go on such an adorable card for dad.

Let kids tell dad he's their superhero with this fun foot- and hand-print card.

15. Superhero Father’s Day Handprint Art

From Glued to My Crafts

A father is definitely a superhero in the eyes of his child(ren). This superhero father’s day craft is a fun way to recognize that super father! Can you believe that a footprint from your little one is used to create the body, while the handprint is used to create the cape? Talk about a super use of a canvas board and paints!

This Monster’s Inc Inspired Father’s Day Art is adorable and fun

16. Monster’s Inc Inspired Father’s Day Art

From I Heart Arts N Crafts

What dad wouldn’t love to receive custom made artwork from his little monsters? This Monster’s Inc. inspired Father’s Day art projects turns painted footprints and handprints into the famed characters Mike and Sully from Monster’s Inc.!

This Handprint Dinosaur Father’s Day Card is perfect for a dinosaur-loving dad

17. Handprint Dinosaur Father’s Day Card

From Crafty Morning

Do you know a “roarsome” daddy? Honor him this Father’s Day with a handprint dinosaur card! This project is simple! Start by cutting out a dinosaur from green construction paper! Add green paint to your child’s hands to stamp spikes! Finish off with some googly eyes and a hand-written “You are RoarSome Daddy” note!

DIY Best Dad Hand's Down T-Shirt. Dad's sure to love this crafty Father's Day gift.

18. DIY “Best Dad Hands Down” T-Shirt

From Coffee, Cups and Crayons

Do your kids have the best dad in town? You know it, but now you can let everyone know it with these DIY “Best Dad Hand’s Down” t-shirts! This is a great family project and only requires a cotton t-shirt, fabric paint and markers, a paintbrush or sponge and a piece of wax paper (to help keep paint from seeping through the layers of the shirt).

19. Handprint Key Hook

From Free Kids Crafts

Help a special dad keep track of his car and house keys with this awesome handprint key hook! This makes a great gift for Father’s Day! You’ll need a wood round, acrylic paint, clear spray varnish, stencil letters, paint brushes and a wood knob. All of these materials can be purchased at your local craft store.

Kids will love creating a handmade masterpiece for dad with these great craft sources gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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  • Washable Glitter Pens
  • Fibre Craft Sm’ART Parts
  • Bright Buttons
  • Foam Stickers
  • Plastic Alphabet Stampers
  • Crayola Washable Kid’s Paint
  • Crayola Washable Watercolors
  • Plastic Pony Bead Mega Critters Bucket
  • Peel and Stick by Numbers
  • Fused Bead Kit
  • Easter Themed Wood Cutouts

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16 DIY Father's Day gift ideas from Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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