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Rotel Dip

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A pizza sitting on top of a plate of food
Made with just three ingredients -- Velveeta, Rotel and Hamburger -- this Rotel dip has the perfect amount of spicy heat in each bite. 
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  3. How to Store Velveeta Rotel Dip
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This quick and easy homemade Rotel dip is loaded with cheesy goodness, ground beef and spices. Best of all, with only three ingredients, it’s ready to eat in minutes.

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Feeding a crowd? My family also loves this  bacon cheddar cream cheese dip, cold crab dip and buffalo chicken dip.

A close up of a plate of food, with Cheese and Velveeta

Rotel Dip

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Rotel dip is an easy dip recipe made with meat, cheese, and Rotel Tomatoes, which are petite, diced tomatoes with green chilis and spices. (It’s almost like salsa.)

This Rotel dip recipe never lets us down. It’s always a crowd pleaser– it has the perfect amount of spicy heat in each bite. You can dip just about anything into it. I usually serve it alongside tortilla chips, bagel chips, crackers, or veggies.


A slice of cake on a plate, with Cheese and Ground beef

You Will Need:

  • 16 ounces of Velveeta
  • 10 ounce can of Rotel
  • 1 pound of hamburger


MEAT: If you substitute spicy sausage for the ground beef, it takes the heat up another level.

CHEESE: You can add an 8-ounce brick of cream cheese — the result will be extra creamy.


The ultimate appetizer, Rotel Dip couldn’t get any easier to make:

  1. Start by browning your hamburger in a skillet until cooked through.
  2. As it’s cooking, cube the Velveeta cheese.
  3. Once the meat is thoroughly cooked, stir in the cubes of Velveeta cheese and the Rotel.
  4. Stir regularly as it melts and then it’s ready to serve.

How to Store Velveeta Rotel Dip

IN THE FREEZER: You can freeze rotel dip for up to 3 months, just make it’s stored inside a freezer safe container. When you’re ready to eat, just pop it into the fridge to thaw, then heat through before serving.

A plate of food on a table, with Cheese and Beef


Rotel Dip

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A pizza sitting on top of a plate of food

Rotel Cheese Dip

5 from 76 votes
Made with just three ingredients — Velveeta, Rotel and Hamburger — this Rotel dip has the perfect amount of spicy heat in each bite. 
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 12


  • 16 ounces Velveeta
  • 10 ounce can Rotel
  • 1 pound hamburger


  • Brown hamburger in a skillet until cooked
  • Add cubes of Velveeta cheese and the can of Rotel
  • Stir thoroughly until melted
  • Serve with chips, crackers, or veggies



Calories: 130kcal
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  1. donna anderson says

    I save a big piece of my meat loaf cause its full of flavor for the meat, also 1 8oz cream cheese as well and 1 can mushroom and my velveeta and rotel every one loves it

  2. Diane Hintzmann says

    5 stars
    My daughter and I both enjoy this dip. We brown the burger and spice it up with cayenne pepper. We then mix in the tomatoes, jalepenos, and black olives. Then we transfer it to a slow cooker set on high and add the chunks of Velveeta, mixing it as it melts. Once the cheese is all melted, we turn the slow cooker down to low. Deliciousness at its finest!

  3. E Miller says

    I’ve made this for decades, but it seems like they’ve changed the Velveeta and it’s not the same texture. I’ll try adding cream cheese – thanks for the suggestion!

    • Shawn says

      You can totally make this in the crock pot, we do it all the time! Brown your meat, throw in the cubed velveeta and rotel, set to high for a hour, then turn to low or warm(keep an eye on it). I usually add a quarter cup of half and half to thin it out just a little, it’ll reduce some if you’re holding it the crock pot for a while. Hope this helps.

  4. Rhonda says

    I make this a lot! Especially when I have a short amount of time! It’s quick and easy and ALWAYS a hit! Only problem is there’s never any left over🥰

  5. Nedra Williams says

    I really wanted to see your cold crab dip besides the Velvetta/Rotel.
    Thanks. I love to email these recipes to myself and then print them. Nice and neat instead of the scribble copying. 😊

    • Layne Kangas says

      If you use a high fat meat, I would suggest draining it and then seasoning it if you wish, then adding the cheese and Rotel. When I use a low fat ground beef, I often don’t need to drain it! Enjoy 🙂

  6. Brianna says

    5 stars
    This recipe is always such a big hit to whatever gathering I bring it to! I’ve made it multiple times for get-togethers, and it’s always completely gone before the night is even halfway through, even after doubling it! For the cheese, I love using a mix of Queso Blanco and Mexican blend, or just Mexican blend for something a little bit more bold. I like adding a bit of minced garlic and some Adobo seasoning while making my ground beef, to give it that perfect flavor!

    Highly recommend making this! One of my favorite dips 🙂

  7. Rikk says

    My family has been making this for over 40 years….. kick it up a little add a hint of cumin and a can of slightly drained ranch style beans..

  8. KoalaGurl 🐨 says

    5 stars
    My mom makes this for parties & things like that….& it’s ALWAYS the best!! & she always does the New Orleans style Rotel Dip…MMM….so good 👌🏾😋

  9. Savannah says

    5 stars
    Sounds yummy!! I have been making mine with a block of cream cheese instead of the Velveeta and it is sooooo good!!!!

  10. Sarah says

    5 stars
    This was so good! I grew up on this when I was a kid, but my dad thought we had seasoned the beef, but no matter what I tried it didn’t come out right. I dropped the seasoning (aside from a pinch a salt that I add to everything) and it was great! Sometimes less is definitely more. Homemade tortilla chips (or close to it) are a perfect pairing. Thanks for the easy recipe!

  11. Erin Montgomery says

    5 stars
    I make this several times a year, especially during football season. I also brown my meat with taco seasoning for more flavor. I also add some milk once I put it in a slow cooker (always with a liner) to thin it out some as it seems to thicken quickly. Super yummy!

  12. Rita Rolen says

    5 stars
    I tried this with HOT pork sausage. Added a block of cream cheese and some of the sausage drippings. Oh my goodness! Yep ! It’s our new favorite!

  13. Susan - vegetarian dip, Rotel no meat! says

    5 stars
    Am not eating…meat…right now so looked up rotel directions with velveeta ,
    Found your instructions using saucepan on the stove, great warm dip in a
    warmed up tortilla, nice for Christmas Eve

  14. Billie says

    5 stars
    This is like what my Dad made years ago! Although no meat in his and he added lots of green chilies. I’m looking forward to making this, snd will add green chilies,
    When or if we ever had leftovers, this chilled next day made a great sandwich spread!

  15. Kimberly G says

    5 stars
    Simple and easy recipe!! I’ve of my favorites and now Rotel makes so many great flavors you can change it a little! Great for entertaining!

  16. Tracey Dees says

    5 stars
    Love this dip…classic for football Sundays! I like both hamburger and sausage added but prefer just the cheese and Rotel with super crispy tortilla chips!
    This queso is also yummy poured over tamales!
    I’ve never added cream cheese but might give it a try!

  17. Michelle says

    5 stars
    My very favorite great aunt taught me this recipe! Although, we have never used hamburger in the recipe, I guess that makes it even quicker! We always used tortilla chips with ours and there was always a good game of cards!

  18. Susan Lacy says

    5 stars
    I like to add cream cheese. I find it cuts the heat just a touch and makes the dip nice and creamy.

  19. Tracey says

    I love it extra spicy! Haven’t tried with cream cheese but definitely going to try it tonight! Thanks!!

  20. Laura says

    5 stars
    This is a HUGE hit with family and friends! Served with Fritos scoops is the best! There’s never any leftovers 😁

  21. Debbie says

    5 stars
    This is a great dip. I have made it for years. Sometimes with meat and others without. I like to use half ground beef and half Italian sausage.

  22. Olivia says

    5 stars
    Love this dip! I like to make it with cheese and ground beef. Can’t do spicy so mild for me with tortilla chips. I can make a meal out of it!

  23. Donna M Wood says

    5 stars
    We love this recipe and have made it for years … everyone loves it !! The only thing we do different that you mention is, we always use mild sausage … but I am sure the hamburger version is very good too. The mild sausage just gives it a bit more kick, but not too spicy … the kids even like it too which is always a winner !!!

  24. Linda A says

    5 stars
    I have always used cream cheese instead of velvetta. Cannot stand velvetta. Can also make you own cheese sauce with real cheeses (Monterrey Jack, white cheddar, queso blanco). Tastes no much better. If you use cream cheese, after it sits in the fridge overnight, the flavors really meld and it goes great with Fritos. Or as a spread for a turkey sandwich. I use Rotel Mild but my son uses the hot version,

  25. JUDY HEIDLAGE says

    5 stars
    I make my Rotel Dip with sausage instead of hamburger for more zing! (also I use crock pot).

    How else can I add spice?

  26. Nancy A. says

    5 stars
    My family loves this dip! So creamy and good!!! We use tortillia chips and sometimes veggie strips. I haven’t tried using hamburger, but may now. They would love that and it is especially great around holidays and birthdays. It is gone in no time!

  27. Bob Dickerson says

    5 stars
    My favorite dip. I like mine with a little heat, so I use spicy sausage and a diced jalapeño ( with seeds).

  28. Noreen Thompson says

    I will definitely be making this for tomorrow’s picnic. Sounds really yummy and not to Spivey.

  29. Julie LARSON says

    5 stars
    I love this for my Super Nachos; I was taught this go-to staple by my Texan mother-in-law YEARS ago, so I guess it’s on track and on trend for vintage. But I like ours simple: 2 cans Rotel with onions or chili in it already to 16 oz velveeta. Perfect consistency and flavor for nachos. Double for a larger group.

  30. Erin Probst says

    5 stars
    This recipe is so close to one I already use. Salsa, velveeta, cream of chicken soup, and hamburger. I do prefer hamburger over sausage.

  31. Jennifer Abrams says

    5 stars
    I would love to try this with sausage!! My kids love it extra spicy, so I make 2 different batches!!

  32. Leslie says

    5 stars
    We love this BUT I make it with bulk sausage instead. I double the recipe so that there is enough left over to put over top of scrambled eggs the next morning.

  33. Tigger says

    Rotel dip is amazing. We dip rotel with everything and it’s very good. We all like either spicy or not. Will make again with some friends for cook out.

  34. Stephanie says

    5 stars
    I have never made this before & I think when I do try it I will use half and half of sausage & hamburger 😋😋😋

  35. Meredith Leonard says

    5 stars
    I make this recipe three different ways and my family likes them all.
    1. Use ground beef cooked with taco seasoning.
    2. Use spicy pork sausage made fresh at a local grocery store.
    3. Use 1/2 pound of each type of meat.

  36. Brian says

    I have not tried it yet, but I would definitely use ground beef and maybe some black or pinto beans, maybe some taco seasoning and cumin. I would use plain Doritos or lime Doritos.

  37. Penny says

    5 stars
    Legendary favorite especially around football season. Hailing from New Mexico, I do a few things different with great results.
    Do you like your Rotel dip extra spicy? Yes, add a can of jalapeno’s or better yet, NM green chiles (the best)!
    Would you make with hamburger or sausage? I add equal amounts of both using hot sausage (versus mild)
    Do you add cream cheese to your Rotel dip? No, but a surprise ingredient of a can of cream of chicken soup. Makes it extra velvety and complex tasting. Try it – you won’t look back.

  38. Joan C says

    5 stars
    I use spicy sausage instead of hamburger. I also add a block of cream cheese. My family adds hot sauce to their servings. (Just a little to spicy for me). Great with homemade corn tortilla chips.

  39. Lois Imel says

    5 stars
    I have made this Rotel Dip with hamburger & sausage, but I haven’t tried the cream cheese. Will give it a try next time I make it. Thanks, for the awesome idea.
    Enjoy this site & all the recipes.

  40. Renee says

    5 stars
    I’ve made this for years!!! Love it! But I use jimmy dean sausage instead of hamburger. Tastes much better! ( if you like sausage) and I put it in a crock pot


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