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How to Make a DIY LEGO Sign

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DAP Products Inc. for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Our new house is becoming home. We lived in our last city for 11 years and it never felt right. I can’t put my finger on it exactly but it wasn’t a good fit. However, we had to be there because it was tied to my husband’s job.

How to Make a DIY LEGO Sign

We’ve been in our new city for such a short amount of time and it already feels like home. Sam’s new school, our new neighborhood, our new neighbors and our new house have all turned out to be more than we could have dreamed. It’s funny because I actually wasn’t in love with the house when we bought it. The housing market here is insane and we ended up just buying “something” in the neighborhood we wanted.

But as soon as I started placing our furniture, I realized what a diamond in the rough we have. We’ve been painting, unpacking, arranging. I’m also thinking of a few extra pieces of furniture and artwork that only exist in my imagination!

There are four bedrooms in the house but one of them is TINY. It can barely hold a twin bed. We decided to make that Sam’s playroom so the multipurpose area in our basement could eventually be a dedicated office and studio workspace.

Easy DIY LEGO Ideas

When we were working on Sam’s playroom I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of LEGO pieces he unpacked. And unpacked. I’m pretty sure I am part owner of the company. While we have spent a small fortune over the years in toys, I wanted the room decor in his playroom to be fast, easy and inexpensive.

Play Room Decoration Ideas

As I was looking at a bare wall in Sam’s room it occurred to me that I should use a few of those LEGO pieces (he’ll never miss them) to make a sign for his wall. Bright, happy colors. Lots of pieces to choose from. Yup. Original art and no trip to the store necessary. My kind of project.

1. For our sign, first I attached a hanger on the back side of a scrap piece of wood. Then I flipped it over and painted it with leftover black paint.

2. I built the letters from the LEGO.

Rapid Fuse

3. When the board was dry, I used DAP® RapidFuse™ All Purpose Adhesive, which you can find at most home improvement stores, to mount the letters on the wood. You can basically use RapidFuse™ to bond almost everything to anything. That means plastic, wood, rubber, metal, glass, tile, stone, concrete, fabric, broken toys, etc. It’s twice as durable as super glues and 40 percent stronger than polyurethane. Love that. Check out the DAP Facebook for more ideas.

 Easy DIY LEGO Sign

4. I let it set for 30 seconds (it cures in 30 minutes). There’s no clamping needed for fast projects like this. The RapidFuse™ doesn’t get foamy and will dry clear — so it makes projects look professional. I’ve used DAP® products before—they’ve been making caulks, sealants and adhesives for ages, like 150 years—so I’m expecting this project to last.

LEGO Playroom Sign

Next up, you might find me raiding Sam’s toy box. I’m thinking shadow boxes with once-favorite superhero toys might be in our future too!

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