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Fun Halloween Front Door Ideas

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BOSEbuild for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Someone recently asked me what surprised me the most about babies when I first became a mom. I had to think back…it has been an amazing journey and there have been a lot of discoveries, but I think I was especially surprised at how totally dependent and demanding babies are (what did I expect?!) and how immediately, completely I was in love.

Fun Halloween Front Door Ideas

I also remember being amazed that my tiny, fuzzy-haired first-born son wasn’t a non-entity like I thought newborns were—he came with a very expressive personality!

It’s been so fun to watch Jorryn grow. He has always been curious and clever. He is sensitive and very loving, but he is definitely a rough-and-tumble sort of boy. I think that’s an awesome combo.

At a very young age he started making up jokes and puns—good ones that actually make you laugh and not just because you’re Mom.

Jorryn loves to make music, too. When he was younger, it was air guitar but he’s actually a very good drummer now.

Of course that means we’ve been hearing rhythms pounded out on books, counters, tabletops, walls—you name it—we’ve heard it played.

How to Use Bosebuild

He also amazes me with his ability to visualize and build models. And if I have a new toy for one of his little brothers, I can count on Jorryn to figure out how to put it together.

Do I sound like a proud mama? I am!

Bose Build Speaker Cube

When I first saw the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube Kit, I knew it would be the kind of thing Jorryn would like. From discovering how to put it together to jamming with the music, it is a really cool build for kids.

How to Build a Bose Speaker Cube

There’s a gamified mobile app that guides kids in figuring out how a simple magnet and coil can produce music and then the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube can be personalized with their choice of LED lights, silhouette covers and clip arrangements.

Bose Speaker Cube

It’s a great choice for curious kids who are learning how the world works. And then they end up with an actual Bose quality product that can be used and appreciated for years so it’s a boon to their I-can-do-it ego, too.

And if you have a REALLY good kid who will share for an evening, you’ll also have a great way to play music and add atmosphere to your porch décor for Halloween.

Halloween Front Door Decoration

It doesn’t take a clever kid to turn tissue, paper plates and duct tape into fun decorations—but it helps. I love how easily a door morphs into the Brother of Frankenstein!

Music for Halloween

The tissue paper poms can be purchased ready-made or you (and your clever son) can easily make them by folding a few pieces of tissue paper accordion style, tying them in the middle with heavy-duty thread, trimming the corners off and fluffing. Monster hair!

Simply cut out two black circles and use glue dots to adhere them to white paper plates for eyes. I’m quite certain someone with a red marker will end up making them look bloodshot. 🙂

Black duct tape works great for eyebrows and mouth “stitches”.

Bose Speaker Cube

And of course you’ve got to have pumpkins, leaves and straw bales for fall décor. Cute, huh?

Halloween Door Decorating

I’m thinking you’d probably want to hide the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube behind the decorations on Halloween, just in case there are any tricksters in the neighborhood. Boys will be boys and all that.

The BOSEbuild Bluetooth Speaker Cube can be ordered online for a great Build-it-yourself experience. Fabulous sons have to be home-grown.

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